Bad move, sad move: Kid dies while trying to emulate WWE’s Jeff Hardy

Posted by Andy Durham on April 16, 2009 at 9:28 am under Professional | Read the First Comment

This is a sad way to break open one of our first stories of the new day, but it has happened again, as a young boy trying to copy one of his heroes from a video game has died while attempting a stunt/jump.

The child was trying to make a move just like Jeff Hardy from the WWE and the young boy’s decision to attempt this stunt turns out to be a fatal mistake. Who is to blame?

Read the details from Jason Powell and and I am sure you will formulate some very quick opinions.

Nine year-old Damori Miles died on Tuesday after jumping off the roof of his apartment wearing a homemade parachute. “He tried to do a swan dive like Jeff Hardy [mistakenly listed as “Jeff Harding”] does on Smackdown,” explained best friend Shakar Murrell. “(WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009) was his favorite game. He played it all the time. That was what he was trying to do.” To read the full story, visit

Jason Powell’s POV: Sad story. I’m sure WWE officials are already holding meetings and planning their public relations spin. I don’t blame WWE in this case. There are plenty of big stunts on other television shows and movies that children can emulate. The story also notes that the boy’s mother left him at home while she went to the store. Furthermore, the door to the roof was unlocked and an alarm that should have sounded was broken.

  • kay-ci collins said,

    if anyone tries to blame this on the wwe or jeff hardy they are stupid and hipocritical.the kid was stupid for attempting a move that is performed by a trained athlete, who can handle the pain and knows how to do the move safley because he getts the hell beat out of him everyday.