Did Dudley do right?

Posted by Andy Durham on April 26, 2009 at 12:04 pm under High School | 85 Comments to Read

If nothing is proved to be wrong then you just carry on, but what do you think based upon today’s most recent story in the N&R on the investigation into Guilford County High School Athletics?

There have been quite a few inquiries, but very few reprimands or penelties.

Here’s the latest installment at today’s www.news-record.com .

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  • John John said,

    I really think Stan at this point will try to do anything to keep his job. With this quick jab to Price he is trying to say everyone else is doing too. I can’t believe the nws and record would print statements from a man who was just fired and a man who is banned from his job, like the statements are absolute truth. The credibility of these 2 guys is like 0. Then the statement from Stan that says he turned Price in for recruitng last summer but didn’t hear anything from the county ( BS ), because the county AD at the time (not even a year ago) doesn’t recall Stan filing any complaints. That puts his credibility with me in the negatives.

    The more this guys Stan K. talks, the worse he sounds. He just needs to take his punishment and move on.

    Misery loves company.

  • james said,

    They have 24 academically ineligible athletes?!!?
    WOW! 24

  • Richard C. said,

    Who has 24? Northern, Dudley, Page or who?What is your source for this?If it is true it is very useful information.

  • james said,

    In the news and record article it says the county is investigating if two dozen northern athletes are academically eligible.

  • robert jones said,

    i am glad it’s not Dudley, especially after being rebuked by one of Mrs. Kerr’s ( sic! )former students @ Dudley, better known as “The Guardian of Grammar”. I could not imagine there being any concern whatsoever regarding the stellar academic reputation of the Academy @ James B. Dudley High School.

  • Think NG Situation may be a bit different said,

    Regarding the comments about the Dudley Coach by the NG Coach, I have heard similar comments about Dudley that may or very well maynot be true. I have heard though that he is a good coach and have heard the same about the NG coach from many. I have no idea about any of it. However, I will say that for there not to have been a response and for the former County A.D. to say he does not recall a complaint of that magnitude being made as described by the NG coach, it certainly makes you wonder about both the legitimacy of the quote in the paper by the NG coach and the timing of it. I am sure some folks chuckled about the NG coach quote stating how hard it is to prove recruiting and how frustrating it is. However, maybe he is telling the truth. If so, I can’t believe the county A.D. did not respond as that is something that should have been responded to. I do agree that there will likely be some major overhaul of the athletic situations in Guilford County and perhaps further investigations at other schools. I do believe though that the situation at Northern is either different and more severe or the new superintendant is simply going to crack down where past ones have not. I think one has to figure at this point, given that the superintendant is an attorney who has dealt with this stuff before, for the two NG administrators to resign and the custodian’s firing, the county must feel they have some serious stuff. I don’t know if they will have anything concrete on NG or not, but regardless of how fair or unfair it is, and I am not sure if it is fair, there will be new football and basketball and baseball coaches at NG next year. Again, may not be fair to those coaches, but they won’t be renewed. They won’t be fired, but they won’t be coaching. That is a done deal. Lawsuits may happen, but any lawsuits by non-faculty coaches will be thrown out due to the legality of how their appointments are set up. It may end up being a huge mess and lawsuits filed, but the ones by non-faculty coaches will be dismissed in court.

  • Just Curious said,

    why would anyone want to coach in this county as a non-faculty volunteer anyway? let the staff coach and let the administration succumb to the pressure. with budget cuts, the school system is in pretty dire straits anyway—too many admiistrators ( many who cannot carry on an intelligible conversation ), too many over-involved parents, and a poorly managed county school system. How much did we really save when we combined the systems? IMHO, we lost more in the way of quality education than we could have ever gained in cost savings!
    Guilford county is totally dysfunctional and has more misplaced priorities than anywhere I have ever lived before ( 8 differents staes and municipal governments)–never seen such a revolving door at the highest management levels with absolutely “zero” accountability that I have ever experienced.
    Now, we are wasting the taxpayers money with the mess? I hope these “leaders” have a visdion for the future and a strategy for our arrival, but to this point, it’s not evident!!!!!!!!

  • Niño brown said,

    Has anyone seen new jack city???? stan in niño brown!!! If u haven’t seen it u only need to watch the last 5 minutes!!
    Niño brown is a huge drug dealer that gets caught! He gets on the stand to testify and says, “if I go Down everybody
    Else is going Down with me”!!! What a snitch!!!!! Stand up and take your punishment like a man. Don’t try to implicate other people
    Let’s be honest, if guilford county had a complaint on Dudley, they would have been investigating the next day.

    Ps stan the timing is horrible!! If price is smart he would slap u to sleep with a defamation of character suit.
    You know all about those! LOL enjoy the championship for another couple of weeks before nchssa comes and snatchesit!!

  • joe said,

    I’m not taking up for this guy or Northern but Coach K has not been fired. And it says they are investigating 2 dozen athletes. It doesn’t say they are ineligible. In fairness, let this play out.

  • Northern supporter ----------'s Dad said,

    Yeah coach………….I RATTED YOU OUT. My son worked his *** off to earn a spot on the basketball team this year, only for it to be taken away for that one “transfer” that suddenly came in. I guess from now on, your practices will be closed to the public wherever you wind up coaching.

    Loose lips sink ships………….state championSHIPS, that is!!

  • Think NG situation may be a bit different said,

    And he won’t be fired. No such thing with non-faculty coaches. He will not be renewed. Not sure they will find anything to strip them of the title, though. Again not saying it is fair. Just saying what will happen.

  • John Speaks said,

    I think Alan A. from GBC is correct–playing time and selfish parents can hurt any program where they put themselves above the team. I only saw NG 3x, but if your kid was denied a spot on the team over a bunch of kids who sat on the bench, then I would say your kid was better off–especially if he worked as hard as you indicated.
    Just my opinion.
    John Speaks
    PS. For what it’s worth, all my kids were female soccer players and that’s worse than
    any men’s basketball parents!!!!!!

  • Andy said,

    What happened to working your butt off and beating out the new transfer if comes into your school. Nobody is guaranteed a position. You have to work for it and the coaches always said to us, “I don’t care if you have been here four years or six years, you don’t own nothing”.

    I can’t see coaches showing favoritism if they have set out to win every game and that is the name of the game.

    The only way I know of to beat the system is to out-work it…..If you come in and want my spot I don’t care where you moved in from, you not getting my spot without a fight and I mean in major practice or game competition.

    If you out-work me and you get the spot you deserve it. In in the end this deal isn’t about you or me, it is about the team. Nothing wrong with a little inter-team competiton. The only thing we have been promised is a chance….

    In today’s competition you better be working out 5-6 days a week year round. Weights:Monday-Wednesday-Friday and running Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.

    I’m not telling you what to do, but if you don’t do it, you’re not going to play. Period.

    Think somebody’s gonna give you something. Not going to happen. They’re not going to give you nothing but a bad name.

    And on another point, you are lucky if a coach does help you try and get a scholarship. This time of the year the high school football coaches are looking at rising seniors. The juniors and the under classmen will make up next year’s team and you better have your college plans sort of in place by now. Seniors, you are former players and the coaches have to get the 2009 plan in place.

    You’re lucky if you have a head coach or an assistant that has stepped in and is still helping you prepare for college. Most of the coaches must now make sure that the kids on next years team are in training…..

  • pat said,

    Hey Andy, I was just wondering, What Instrument did you play in the band? I’m sorry but that win one for the gipper is a little to much. I think in life and in this entire situation it’s best if you have “walked a mile in my shoes” before you past judgement. I do believe that the best kids should play, no question but it would be tough if your kid got cut. Lighten up. What instrument,really?

  • Robert Jones said,

    Dear Pat,
    Before you pass judgement on Andy’s little post, may I say that I hope you are not a product of the Guilford county school system—-it’s “passed” judgement, not “past” judgement unless you were referring to a judgement Andy had made in the past—and I doubt that happens to be the case.
    Give him a break!!!! You should not take yourself so seriously. If I may suggest to you, that your child play golf, tennis, or another individual sport. That way he can work hard and the mean old coach won’t make any type of subjective decision on whether or not he makes the team. All he will have to do is prove himself in the weekely qualifiers and ladder challenges , but my supposition is that you will find something unfair in the timing of the challenges or qualifiers that would prevent him from performing up to his peak.
    I don’t even know you or your child, and I’ll bet I’ve nailed it!!!! I’ve met hundreds of people just like you, so I don’t need to know you ( or have any desire to know you ).
    PS. Andy, I really liked your little “Dudley do right” intro… to the story. It’s best to keep a sense of humor, isn’t it?

  • Andy said,

    I got kicked out of the band room for playing basketball before school instead of my trumpet. Maybe I should have stuck with the band. Those woodwinds would have been a lot easier than those windsprints.

    I did my fair of hard work. Came to the school at 150 pounds and left out at 200. No steroids but the rumors did abound. It was all about hard work and a few good sessions at the Tex and Shirley’s Restaurant. If I had a good Universal weight machine, I think I could still hoist that 250 pounds about 8-10 times on Tuesday.

    But this is not about me….Good luck to the kids and the parents. The strong will survive.

  • kbenton said,

    When you have a transfer situation the best thing you do is go compete. It’s not the first time it will happen in your life and won’t be the last. I think what bothers everyone is how the transfer got there, ie…………was he or she recruited? Are they eligible? etc.

    Robert, you sure seem to know a lot about people on the internet, including Pat.

  • Hey Panther Lovers said,

    Hey Panther fans — what’s the matter? A little scared now that Coach K. said what everyone has known for the last 20 years. You have been outed and you can bet that he will prevail. I have got to imagine that the N&R gave Price a chance to respond and he must have chose not to. That is an admission of guilt if he declined to comment.

    All of you on the witchhunt for NG will pay, mark my words.

  • pantherlover said,

    blah, blah, blah…
    this is still about northern and coach k! you may feel a little better now that coach k did to someone else what NW AD did to him (make accusations). Now when NW AD made statements about stan it was a serious problem with stan, so much so that he tried to sue NW AD. but now that stan is in trouble it’s ok for people to make accusations about others.
    stan… you are something else. why did you and lawson even make that statement to the news and record. i hate to say it but the more we find out about you the more we see you are not fit to be a coach or more importantly a role model for the student athletes you work with.

    i am very disappointed in coach k.

  • Lynn said,

    I am also disappointed that the News & Record would put that story about the Dudley coach on the front page of the paper. Northern is being investigated not Dudley. I once felt sorry for Mr. Lawson until I read todays article. He is caught up in a mess with Northern. It is obvious what happened. That is why the Principal and AD resigned. He needs to be quiet until the air is cleared. Why bring Dudley into this mess.

  • misery loves company said,

    If Dudley was recruiting it would have been put on blast a loooooong time ago. Dudley doesnt have to recruit. K needs to stand up like a man and take his punishment. K wont coach at a public hs in NC ever again. The way the article read, it was like Robert Bell had facts not speculation. I wish I was Price, I would have my lawyer on the case and we would be slapping Robert Bell/News-record with a suit.

  • Richard said,

    It is true that Coach K is under siege and is possibly trying to deflect some of his wrath toward others. However it is pretty much common knowlege about who has been recruiting longer. Coach K’s new kids on the block got caught. Coach Price and his have not YET. I hope they ALL get caught and we can go and play in our proper school districts from now on.

  • Panther Pride said,

    Come on Dudley fans, we all know that Coach K. is a better coach than Price and that’s why we want to get rid of Price. Price recruits like crazy, but has people like Amos Quick to cover his tail. Remember Coach K. has been found guilty of nothing and if that holds up—-everybody on this site better get ready.

  • Outsider said,

    I havent been a resident of Guilford County all my life but as soon as I came one of the first things I heard was that of Dudley and the academy and recruiting. I was just speaking with several Dudley alumni and they all say Price has been recruiting for years and uses the academy to do it legally. I believe Kenny Belton is a prime example. Wasnt he from VA? Yes kids want to go to Dudley now because they bring in the best. They dont just come from feeder schools. The more I have lived here the more I have seen it and hear it about Dudley but nobody does anything about it because everybody is an alumni. (btw Isnt Amos Quick an alumni of Dudley?) But it definitely goes on there. And shame on those who says it doesnt. And Price is not the only guilty party. Because if Coach B doesnt recruit you out of middle school, you are not playing on her varsity squad. Yes I said it.

  • alan said,

    Dudley has used the Academy for some time now. Combined with lots of verbal encouagement in the community. But I’ll also say Dudley is not by themselves.

    Price won’t sue anyone. You may not like Coach K but he is intelligent. He won’t open himself up to a lawsuit, especially when he has someone that can back his story up.

  • john said,

    who’s backing his story up? Lawson? get real.

  • james said,

    People are acting like there are not any requirements to get into Dudley’s academy. I’m not saying that some students in the academy are not also athletes but I am saying that you can’t be a bad student a just say hey i wanna go to dudley to play ball, let me in the academy. There are similar programs at the majority of guilford county high school (academies, ib programs).

    So don’t say Dudley and other schools with academic programs are recruiting because these athletes are also great students.

  • The Anwser said,

    What everybody is forgetting is that before you transfer to ANY school you have to be approved from down town at central office by Dole Craven. You CAN NOT just up and say one day that you want to go to any school without the legit paperwork. So all of these kids that are at particular schools for particular reasons are being allowed to go by the people at central office. It doesn’t matter how bad a kid or parent wants to go to a particular school, it has to be approved and once it is approved from downtown there is nothing no one should say because everything has been done correctly.

  • joe said,

    Just because a kid might be a good student doesn’t mean he isn’t recruited as an athlete.

    I don’t see where anyone mentioned or doubted the requirements to get in the academy.

    I don’t think every school has a program. IB programs are extremely difficult to get in. They are located at Smith, Northwest, Grimsley and HP Central, and there may be more. Please correct me if I left one out. I am curious why the athletes from Smith choose to go to Dudley in the academy when they have an IB program at Smith.

  • Billy said,

    We’ve all seen Dole Craven’s rubber stamp. Just because he approves it doesn’t mean it has been done correctly.

  • raygc said,

    I thought we would not tear the kids down on this web site.

    I think raygc is right and we did a partial edit on the previous comment. Andy Durham

  • Andy said,

    Gentlemen we need to take a step back and let cooler heads prevail. We are not accomplishing anything when we go at it like this.

    We all need to take a break and come back later.

  • northeast said,

    Look at all the good players that came thru dudley, and I can tell you three starters that is not in dudley district. starting with the point guard. dudley fans just could not take things was not going there way.

    Andy’s note:

    I believe there is stipulation that if you attend Allen Middle School you have a choice where you can go to Smith or Dudley……Allen Middle has been a hotbed for basketball lately.

    There are some very good things going in the Academy. There’s a kid on the basketball team that is looking at Harvard, Princeton, or maybe Yale.

    There is good stuff going on everywhere in the County, we just have to go find it and do our own non-paid investigation.

  • smoov said,

    Northeast, Dudley has nothing to be made about. Have you seen all of the banners hanging in the gym? You do know we have won 3 state championship since 2008?

  • keepitfair said,

    Why is it about Dudley once again. The question isn’t about if the academy is used as a means to enter Dudley but was it done the right way at NG. The problem with NG is that kids are transported in from Burlington, Caswell County and all around Guilford County. The problem is with the way NG has accomplished there goals to win at all cost which may be illegal. Yes they had addresses but were they real, and no application for admission. So being a scholar student is not required — only athletic skill required for whatever sport you can excel in.
    Doesn’t anyone else think this is weird that instead of focusing on the adults that caused this problem we are once again trying to take jabs at the kids and other schools. Maybe some of the parents at the school became frustrated because they knew that their child stood no chance of making any team due to the influx of athletes in all the sports. Get a life and stop hating Dudley or other schools for some success because they are not the ones investigating NG. As for as why kids choose Dudley over Smith they are two entirely different programs. IB is a load of advanced courses at your school and Dudley academy encompasses all classes being taken at either UNCG, A&T, Greensboro College, Bennett or GTCC your senior year.
    Lets just hope the best for the kids and none of them loose opportunities because of the mess that is going on at NG.

  • Paws4thecause said,

    Andy’s note:

    I believe there is stipulation that if you attend Allen Middle School you have a choice where you can go to Smith or Dudley……Allen Middle has been a hotbed for basketball lately.

    The preceeding comment is false. Allen does feed both Dudley and Smith but you don’t get to choose which one you get to attend, otherwise everyone really would be at Dudley. You are assigned to either one or the other. Generally, everyone that lives around the So. Randleman Rd, Woodlea Lakes Area attends Dudley. Everyone on the North end of Randleman, up Florida St, and Smith Homes will be assigned to Smith. Of course, kids can apply to attend the Academy at Dudley or the Academy at Smith and if they are accepted, can attend that school out of district.

  • KG said,

    The next big thing to come out of Allen will be G Sam Hunt but he will probably go to Western since his dad teaches and coaches there.

  • Andy said,


    At least I was half right. Allen does feed both Dudley and Smith. Thanks for the additional info.

    We come here every day to learn.

    Ready and willing.

    Thanks again,

    Andy Durham

    *****I do want to believe that if the kids had the choice, some of them would want to go to Smith.*****

  • Elwood said,

    Are all Dudley fans also Carolina Fans? If not they sure whine just like them.

  • The Anwser said,

    Actually Sam Hunt dad works at Grimsley but coaches at Western Guilford to be correct Mr.KG

  • REALTALK said,

    RealTalk, PJ and Reggie do not live in dudley district they went to allen and was assigned to attend smith entil dudley ask them to apply for the academy for basketball reasons so they would not go to Smith. Watch who Dudley brings in next year the 6’6 kid from eastern guildford you heard it 1st…..Whats the kid name that went to wake forest then uncw this all started with him now he is @ johnson c smith (kevin swington) if you want facts I have them all day long…….kevin graves the same with him. dudley has won three championships with other schools players now there is a new king in town and dudley wants to fight to stay on top…..look in mirror call it what it is…………

  • Irate Grimsley Parent said,

    With that kind of grammar I would not want my child to attend Smith either. Great job Maurice Green. If Terry Grier we’re still here, Northern Guilford would be getting away with murder. I hope the kids that were stolen from Grmisley are made ineligible like Gabe King was. I think it’s only fair.

  • REAL TALK said,

    Good job Real talk. If that kid from EG Middle ends up at Dudley I am sure now Mo will investigate.

  • Real Talk said,

    Realtalk since you know so much Swinton isnt at Johnson C Smith. Quayshad will not be at Dudley next year. Kevin Graves???? Who is that? Dudley won 3 state championships with other schools players? Who on the 1996 team did not stay in Dudley’s district? What school did you go to? I agree with “Irate Grimsley Parent”!! Your parents should have put you in another school that taught english classes!

  • smoov said,

    Real talk so what school do you support? Why must people always bring up Dudley to another schools fight? Have your heard a lot of the complaints about NG started right in their own back yard and did not originate on Lincoln street. You really should do some more research since your are throwing out facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Curious said,

    So who does Swinton play for? And I think the first RealTalk meant Will Graves. I heard that Dudley will be getting some 6’6 and 6’7 players from Veritas Academy. Dont think that info just came out of no where unless they were out looking. I wouldnt care who was on the team in 1996. Who was on the team in 2005,2006 when they won the back to back championships? Were those players in district? Just curious.

  • No outsider said,

    OUTSIDER….you don’t sound like an outsider??????

  • Smoov said,

    don’t count on the guys from Veritas coming to Dudley! It’s more fantasy and barbershop talk than anything else.

  • Get it Right said,

    PJ DOES live in Dudey District. He is my neighbor and goes to school w/ my non-athletic daughter.

    Speak what you know and not what you think you know.

  • WOW said,

    PJ DOES live in Dudey District. He is my neighbor and goes to school w/ my non-athletic daughter.

    Speak what you know and not what you think you know.

  • Andy said,

    Swinton and Graves are long gone and PJ and Reggie are fine.

    When the kids are in the system they are in the system and you play on.

    My next question and it is not meant to stir up a whirlwind is, “When the coach teaches at one school and coaches at another, where can his child play? Can they play where the parent teaches or at where they coach or either one? I’m sure this has come up before and with some teachers teaching at the Middle Schools but coaching at the high schools where can their kids play? Can you go where they coach or do you have to play where they teach”. A lot of kids would probably want to play for their mom or dad. Maybe some wouldn’t, just asking?

    Anybody have any concrete on that one?

    Again, Swinton and Graves have moved on and I can speak for PJ and Reggie, they are great young men and their parents have to be very proud of what they have done. I have met them both and they have treated me like a friend and I appreciate it.

    It is great to know many of these kids in the Guilford County Schools and to have the chance to see them excel. No matter where these kids are going to school, they are working hard and we need to give them a chance to advance.

  • Curious said,

    So who does Swinton play for? That was my question. It is great to see athletes play at the next level. I know he went to Wake Forest then transferred to UNCW but didnt see him on the roster. So who does he play for?

  • smoov said,

    Curious I heard Swinton was playing at a NAIA school but not sure.

  • Curious said,

    Thanks smoov. Also thanks for the heads up on the info on the Veritas boys. That barbershop talk can be useful information most of the time but sometimes it can be just that…talk.

  • deduction said,

    If Dudley did do right, then Bullwinkle is a thoroughbred headed for the Kentucky Derby

  • joe said,

    Swinton was arrested on a felony gun charge in 2008 and due to appear in New Hanover County court on 11/15. He was at UNC-W at the time. Unsure where he is now. Schools have cracked down on guns near campu after Va. tech. Appears to have been a “wrong place wrong time” situation. UNC-W coach speaks well of him.

  • Pride of The Eastside said,

    Dudley does BEST!!

  • Investigator said,

    Mo– Please investigate how much the Dudley Academy IS ACTUALLY DOING FOR ACADEMICS AND RAISING TEST SCORES.Also please check the academic progress of ANY AND ALL ATHLETES IN THE PROGRAM THAT DO NOT RESIDE IN THE DUDLEY DISTRICT. I am going to send this information to Mo Greene himself by email. If indeed the Dudley academy is doing well then their fans have nothing to worry about. If, on the other hand the athletes from outside the district are not performing academically (3.0 or higher)then they should be sent back to their respective SCHOOLS IN THIER ATTENDANCE ZONES! An academic academy magnet program SHOULD BE ONLY FOR SERIOUS STUDENTS AND NOT A METHOD FOR RECRUITING ATHLETES FRO OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL ATTENDANCE ZONE! Also , any others that agree with this should do the same. If Mo Greene sees enough people tired of MISUSE of an academic academy then he seems like the type to fix the situation.I guess this stuff all started because Northern got GREENE WITH ENVY OF THE ABILITY OF DUDLEY TO BRING IN PLAYERS FROM OUTSIDE THEIR ATTENDANCE ZONE!

  • The Mighty Panthers said,


    You sound like a complete idiot. In the last 10 years, Dudley has sent numerous kids to some of the best colleges in the country and many of those kids were scholar athletes. Keith Lee, Kenny Okoro, Dominique Midgett, Demario Pressley, Kenny Belton, Eric Hicks, Kevin Swinton………The kids that go to class, ask for help when needed and apply themselves have done very well at Dudley. Not all kids are this way and you will find that at every school.

    Some of those kids had 4.0+ GPAs so they were kicking butt in the classroom. Northern and Dudley should never be mentioned in the same breath………EVER!!

  • Investigator said,

    To not become a complete idiot. How many of those athletes names you mentioned were at Dudley for the academy? If they were there due to being in the attendance zone that is cool. I do know Pressley was a good student at NC State which is good(he is one of the most recent and I believe he did graduate). I am only concerned with the fact that Dudley has an academy as an extra way of adding athletes and at least half of the other GCS schools do not. That is an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. My hat is off to Dudley scholar athletes as well as those fro any other high school. To repeat my question, did any of those D1 athletes you named go to Dudley from the academy or were they actually living in the Dudley attendance zone?

  • Paws4thecause said,

    It doesn’t matter either way. There is no un-fair advantage gained because you still have to apply and be accepted into the Academy. This is NOT a given. You’re either accepted or not; your athletic status is irrelevant in relation to being accepted into the Academy. If we do have students to come through the academy and can kick a$$ on the gridiron and/or the hardwood, then that’s even better for the City of Greensboro and Dudley High School.

  • You got none said,

    Please People!

    Dudley had success long before the academy. Dudley is and will remain “rich” (I don’t mean $$) in history (1929), tradition, adversity (some tried to destroy the history and tradition), and honor.

    The academy offers education, engineering, and health sciences. These are not fly by night programs. Investigator, the acedemy already has academic standards. Investigate before you assume. BTW: The student’s senior year is completed on college campus.

    Keep re-drawing school lines. Do you not understand?
    There are many students and their alumni parents who want to be a part of -and their children and grandchildren- the legacy and history of James B. Dudley High School.

    Unitl your school has walked in at least a 1/4 of a mile in “Dudley’s” shoes, please refrain from _________. You know what you feel…fill in the blank.

  • Ivestigator said,

    Many of you do not get it. In no way are my inquiries slighting the proud history of Dudley. I am only asking about how many athletes are using the academy to get into Dudley from other attendance zones.No one has on this site has been able to come up with that answer. Instead all I am hearing are things such as: 1.this is Northern’s problem leave Dudley out of it or something promoting Dudley(which is ok with me I do think it is a good school)but no one is addressing the issue of a magnet academy being used for athletic gain. Since ALL 15 GCS SCHOOLS DO NOT HAVE SOME TYPE OF MAGNET THEN ATHLETES SHOULD PLAY SPORTS FOR THE SCHOOL IN THEIR ATTENDANCE ZONE.

  • Dudley Parent said,

    No investigator, we don’t think YOU get it. If a kid is attending school at “x”, why would he want to leave school which probably would require him to get on a school bus to go home then rush over to another school for practice?? Logistics considerations, social considerations, $$$$ considerations etc etc……. It’s just not very practical when you take everything into consideration. Therefore, if you apply and the selection staff accept you, then you can come over to Dudley, Grimsley or HP Central etc for high school and once class is over head over to the practice facilities.

    Things are fine as they are.

    Question for YOU: Why not simply suggest that all the local high schools implement a unique magnet program at their respective school??

  • Dudley Parent Too said,

    It amazes me how everyone wants to pull Dudley into the investigation. If Mo decides to investigate so be it. If he finds misappropriations then Dudley just as Northern should be made to deal with the consequences, but until Dudley is under investigation the issue still remains Northern Guilford at the moment. Dudley’s academy has academic standards that will not allow an athlete or any other student to continue in the program without maintaining a strict GPA. For the point guard that has been named previously, not my child, but I do know him personally. You should know his GPA and SAT score is good enought to get him into any ivy league school in the country and yes he is a Dudley Academy kid! Reggie and PJ are called out for not living in the district, why are you naming children on this board?! Children have no control over the decisions that adults make about where they live. Reggie is another academy kid who is a very strong student as well. PJ, as his neighbor stated earlier, lives in the school district. It amazes me that Stan and the janitor can make an accusation about Price and the county AD has no recollection of anything they are saying, but it comes as no surprise the News & Record would print it in the beginning of the article like it is the absolute gospel. Stan you should be ashamed of your actions. You are a fraud and will be brought to justice sooner or later. The janitor is laughable as well being that it is common knowledge that his son has alway been on the auction block for the highest bidder to win the prize. I think all of this is a real waste of time and energy, especially when the achievment gap continues to widen, juvinile justice issues plague our schools, students can’t read, have no textbooks, and some don’t even have a place to sleep or know where their next meal is coming from. All of us need to become community activists and fight for the overhaul of the systemic issues in our school system instead of rooting for or against another school’s athletic program! HOw petty and misguided our society has become!

  • Justin T. Erested said,

    Dear Dudley Parent Tooo,
    I, like you, think history is important., so I think everyone on this board should be awareof the history @ James B. Dudley high. History is not just the past when it comes to the roots of a school and the pride its graduates have that makes attending that high school important in a community. Anyone with a brain has to take his hat off to you.
    I also agree that no adult who posts an opinion on this board should use a kid’s name. With all that said, I notice that school board representative Mr. Quick ( I think that is correct ) has been very quiet since the incident at Page was reported last week. Do you think a review of addresses of all unnamed transfers to JBD would stand up to scrutiny?
    Before you get mad and fire off an answer, think about your answer.

  • The Dudley Experience said,

    Maybe, maybe not……………but these investigations are about Northern Guilford and Page. Not Dudley, not NE, not Ragsdale. The last tme Dudley faced a system-wide investigation, 2002 I believe, we came out clean and the News & Record even had to retract previous erroneous statements surrounding the football team.

  • Investigator said,

    To Dudley parent–Maybe you are getting it somewhat after all. If there was a magnet at each high school then all would be fair and equitable with athletics. However, until that takes place all magnet students should be treated like middle college students(no athletics at middle colleges) and go back and play in their school district. Several already do this at numerous GCS high schools.

  • Again said,

    Investigator. Go to one school play sports at another? Doesn’t make sense. Conflict of interest. Peer Pressure…the poor child would be torn and tormented.

  • FYI said,

    Dear Concerned Citizen,
    FYI Trey Godette a starter BB Team Academy student just received the North Carolina’s Teaching Fellowship award. That what’s the academy produces– it is not always just about sports. So when you want to produce negative lies also show the good that comes out of the academy for the athletes that are involved at Dudley. I don’t think any parent in Guilford County has enough money to buy that opportunity for it’s child. It comes from hard work on the part of the student on and off the court.

  • Observer said,

    I also heard that Trey Godette received the Chancellors Scholarship at Winston Salem State University which is a full ride, and point guard Brennan Wyatt is an excelling student as well in the academy is receiving a lot of looks from Ivy League Schools, and freshman Reggie Dillard has made the honor roll consecutively….this is just a sample of how the academy is developing the student athletes at Dudley High School

  • Robert Bell said,

    The Dudley Experience,

    I was not working in Sports at the time, but let me correct you on a few points:

    Dudley’s football team was not cleared in the county-wide eligibility scandal from 2002. They were found to have used two students who had missed too many school days. The school did not have to forfeit its title, but they were not cleared in any way.

    The News & Record did not make any retraction in regards to its reporting of Dudley or any other school that was investigated.

  • Dudley Parent Too said,


    I want to say, if that happens and for whatever reason there has been forged information to doop the system then there should be consequences, regardless of what school it is. What should Amos Quick have to say about infractions at Page High School? The represenative for Page should have something to say, Kris B. Cooke, and Darlene Garrett should be the person speaking for Northern. If you feel Amos has had too much to say that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. However, it may be because he is the Vice- Chairman of the Board and could very likely be in charge of the overall management for the Board. Although I am not sure that is the case, but he has said nothing about any specific school. He has only spoke to what is going on with Northern, which still remains the school that is under investigation so comments about any other school would be pointless and irrelevant right now. I am not here to say what others have done. I spoke of only a few specific cases that I have knowledge of. I do believe that we as a community could find a much better way to spend our energy and resources, when the systemic issues that are so prevelant in Guilford County Schools do not start with athletics. An investigation from top down would probably be a better way to gain a start in fixing the majority of the problems that have trickled down.
    To Robert Bell aka News & Record although missing to many days is indeed an infraction and came with consequences what is your rational in printing the article you did last Sundaywithout any solid evidence to back up yur claim other that two mens’ statements that are at best questionable in this time of investigation? Also I question the comparitive that days missed 7 years ago and how changing grading scales and housing student transfers from other counties can even compare. The News & Record sports writing staff is the worst team I have ever observed. I have tracked the articles on high school basketball this year and you and the rest are absolutely ridiculous and have no desire to even take suggestions or self analyze to see if there really is an issue within the staff. Anything you guys can do to ignore, insult, or discredit Dudley you make a great effort to do so and then are to cowardly to admit it. Anyway I digress, I didn’t mean to waste my time addressing someone that is so obvioulsy a duncical staffer of our local paper.

  • Robert Jones said,

    Is “duncical” a word ? Please check with Mrs. Kerr or someone on the academy faculty.
    I would like to know, so that I can enhance my vocabulary.
    Thank you in advance for your reply, “Dudley Parent Too”.

  • Robert Bell said,

    Dudley Parent Too, calling the News & Record cowardly under an anonymous post seems, well, cowardly. But I’ll ignore the irony since you managed to use a word I like — duncical.

    In fact, Sunday’s story had nothing to do with Dudley violating any rules. I have no idea whether the school violated rules or not. Sunday’s story was about how coaches and schools are quick to accuse one another of violating the NCHSAA’s recruiting regulations, and how hard it is for one those accusations to ultimately be proved.

    Like you, I would question the comparison between days missed seven years ago and the current investigation. Like you, I never tried to compare them. I was merely correcting a post by a fellow Dudley supporter because a few less opinions and a few more facts are deseprately needed these days. Speaking of corrections, if you concerned about Dudley’s coverage in the N&R, you needn’t be. You say we ignore Dudley? Since August, Dudley has received more sports coverage than any other school in Guilford County. That’s not an opinion. Call or e-mail me and I’ll give you the facts. You say the News & Record goes out of its way to insult or discredit Dudley. I’ll bite: Give me one instance where the News & Record has insulted or discredited Dudley within the past 12 months — just one. Last point: if you have suggestions or concerns about our coverage, call or write. I’m always willing to listen.

  • Tom said,

    Mr. Bell is correct. We need facts. GCS has totally botched this investigation. I am not saying that they don’t have facts, they have botched the way it has been handled. If they simply would have waited on the forced resignations, banning of non-faculty coaches, etc… until after the investigation is complete, we wouldn’t be caught up in such a mess. All we have now is speculation. People are angry and they are trying to bring everybody down with them. GCS needs to release their findings NOW!!!! They say the investigation needs to be thorough and they want to get it right. They have already got it wrong! Tell us now so we can all move on from this fiasco. This is not Watergate. How complicated could it be?

  • Andy said,

    Robert Bell does stand by his word. He said this on-line last Sunday at the News and Record on-line site(http://www.news-record.com) in relation to the article that mentioned Dudley HS:

    “It’s certainly not trying to prove that Dudley violated the NCHSAA’s recruiting rules. That was never my intent. My intent is to show that anyone can — and does — cry recruiting (around here we have turned that cry into an art form). Proving those allegations has been somewhat trickier. If so many schools are recruiting, as everyone seems to think, then clearly the current system for enforcement is failing. Obviously we need to educate the coaches and boosters better. But maybe we need to examine the system that seems to allow it to go on as well”.

    I wish I could have gotten this up here sooner, but it does apply directly to today’s discussion.

    Tom is so right. We all wish this hadn’t gone this far, but here we are and it’s like the speculation won’t stop. This has exploded within the Guilford County community. It’s like telling someone to quit biting your fingernails, quit picking your nose, quit suckng your thumb, quit dribbling that basketball in the house, stop jumping up and touching the ceiling.

    It won’t stop.

  • GCS anonymous board member said,

    Mr. Bell,

    Actually Dudley did NOT win the title in 2002. They lost by a field goal to Gastonia Ashbrook. Ultimately, the football team was cleared. Remember, it was reported that Dudley would have to forfeit all its games, forfeit the runner up trophy and eturn playoff revenues on top of any fines that would be levied. Dudley was in the midst of moving operations across the street to Lincoln Middle at the time so that the main building could be renovated.

    It simply was a case of missing paperwork, but Dudley was cleared, retained its runner-up trophy in the state title game, no games were forfeited, no playoff revenues were seized.

  • Robert Bell said,

    You are correct, GCS. But for the record, the N&R didn’t go out on its own and report that Dudley would have to forfeit all of its games, the runner-up trophey and all playoff revenue. We reported on GCS’ final report on the investigation, which said Dudley and other schools would would have to forfeit monies. In Dudley’s case, GCS later reversed itself.

    But for those who think the N&R hates Dudley, let the record show that we tried to give them the 2002 title four posts earlier. If that ain’t love…

  • I bet no one will do this said,

    Someone from Dudley give us a the number of all athletes in the academy (no names please) that do not live in the attendance zone and the sports that they compete in.

  • Dudley Academy Lead Instructor said,

    That’s easy. There’s 8 of them and i’ll even give their names eventhough you requested I not do this: Pookie, Ray Ray, Man, Lil’ James, Big Mo, Virgil, Lil’ Wayne, and Shane. They all are on the swim team.

  • howboutdat said,

    So Ray Ray is a two sport athlete, swimming and baseball. Thanks.

  • Since when? said,

    LOL!! Since when did Dudley get a swim team? And if there is only 8 athletes in the academy why isnt the point guard from the basketball team listed and the A.D’s son listed? I think the previous poster is right, no one will provide the information about how many athletes are actually in the academy that do not live in the district.

  • Dudley Insider said,

    I don’t know if they have one now, but they had one back in the 90s when I was there.

  • Upset Nighthawk said,

    Yes we got caught. The reason we got caught is because we recruited kids after they were in high school. Dudley is smarter than us. They get them out of middle school. They hand out academy literature at middle school athletic events. The kids never even get to their high school in their attendance zone. Since fewer people view middle school athletics they can pull this off. It has been going on for years.