John Wall takes a fall: Top basketball recruit in the country arrested

Posted by Andy Durham on May 4, 2009 at 1:07 pm under College, High School | 12 Comments to Read

from TWC News Carolina 14 Triangle bureau:

RALEIGH — A Raleigh high school basketball player who is considered the number one recruit in the country has been arrested.

John Wall played for Word of God in Raleigh. Officers say they responded to a report of breaking and entering at an empty home on Laurel Glen Drive and arrested Wall as he was leaving the home. Another person, 16-year-old Bria Renea Draugn, was also arrested, and a third suspect was arrested after he returned to the scene.

All three were charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering and were released. Police say there was no sign of forced entry and nothing was taken from the home.

The Associated Press named Wall the North Carolina Prep Player of the Year. He is believed to be considering scholarship offers from Kentucky, Duke, Baylor, Memphis, Miami, Kansas, N.C. State and Florida.

  • baseballfan said,

    What a bad bad move! Take a good hard long look boys and girls from around the area! See what happens when you make bad choices. But if the past is any indication he will get a chance somewhere, probably Kentucky!

  • joe said,

    He got a citation and was not detained. It is similar to a ticket. He was entering a vacant/foreclosed property with a female. The home was not locked and there was no attempted larceny. Still not real smart. I think most of us can draw a picture of what they were up to.

  • Rex said,

    Wall will end up at Kentucky.

    I oughta know.


  • Ken said,

    Maybe we can get him at Northen.

  • robert jones said,

    actually, he lives in wake county; so since his address is out of the county, maybe he has some football
    eligibility left and could play @ page.

  • Dean Smith said,

    Actually my boy Curtis Hunter is recruiting him for NE Guilford. I don’t think Curtis knows he is a senior though. Curtis is the best recruiter in Guilford County just ask Smith and Page where he gets all of his players.

  • Ram said,

    Curtis Hunter is 1st class. He does not need to recruit. Kids want to play for him because he treats them right and he knows what he is doing. He also does a good job coaching volleyball. I am in no way a UNC fan but Curtis is a fine coach and an even better person. Either you do not know him very well or you are just an idiot! We have more than our share of idiots in this county. What evidence do you have of him recruiting?

  • Hey Ram said,

    Watch the newspaper this week and we’ll see who the idiot is.

  • Hey Ram said,

    Told you Curtis Hunter was recruiting. Ignorance will get you nowhere in life.

  • Hey Ram's Mentor said,

    Accurate information coming so listen up. The kid at Northern in question from Coach Hunter actually lives in the NE district. How do I know? His brother attends NE (and is not an athlete)so the point guard at NG was probably recruited from NE by Northern.

    Hey Ram you are extremely happy since ignorance is bliss!

    *****Let’s not get too personal here. Families are families and blood is thicker than water. From what I have heard the move to Northern by Michael Neal was apporved by the county and it came about during the re-districting when part of the NEG and NWG kids went to Northern. County approval and we will stick to that and good luck to all of the kids in the Guilford County School System and especially the athletes who are going through the current mess.*****

  • Hey Ram's Mentor said,

    Sorry- I did not mean to get too personal and I won’t do that in the future. I did for a fact know that Coach Hunter did nothing wrong and I was upset that he was being wrongly accused. I hate for any coach that does things above board to get convicted by public opinion even if they will not be convicted by GCS. The fact remains that the kid lives in the NE district. Hunter obviously did not recruit him because he is still at Northern while his family lives in the Northeast zone and his brother attends Northeast. Facts are facts and it is what it is.

  • Andy said,

    Thanks for understanding and working with us as we try to keep this train on the track.

    I was under the understanding that the young man in question had received approval from GCS to attend Northern and that he has already been granted that permission for 2009-2010 and that would make him an on-going Northern attendee/student since the next school year would make it the third straight year that the student in question would be at NG.

    Thanks again for reading the info and there are still a lot of questions, but we have to try and get all of the GC Schools working together instead of pulling apart and tearing each other down.