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Posted by Andy Durham on May 8, 2009 at 8:55 pm under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Championship at SEG:
Ragsdale 3
Southeast Guilford 1

WP:Nick McBride
LP:Josh Tobias

Nick McBride went the whole way for his ninth win (9-0) on the season. (22-2) for Ragsdale heading for the playoffs.

Co-MVP’s of the MPC Tournament>
Nick McBride and David Coffey from Ragsdale
*****Tonight McBride had 11K’s and Kyle Brandenburg had a solo home run for the RHS Tigers after SEG had grabbed a 1-0 lead.****
Brandenburg had the HR and scored 2 runs and DeSean Anderson had two hits including a double, Mike Whited went two-for-three for the Tigers and Ben Fultz had one hit for RHS. Brandenburg also made a great over the shoulder catch when SEG was trying to get a rally going late in the game.

SEG was led by Brian Webb with two hits and Trey Gilmore had a hit and an RBI and Tanner Hodgin got the other SEG hit with a bunt single.

I think our line score went:
RHS 3-6-0
SEG 1-0-1

Metro 4-A Tournament Semifinals
Northwest Guilford 15
High Point Central 4

5 innings

East Forsyth 9
Grimsley 3

HR’s East Forsyth:Dunlap, O’Dell
Grimsley:Dimock, Reader

Grimsley made the trip to East Forsyth Friday night and made a game of it for 5 innings, taking a 3-2 lead into the 6th. Taylor Lee pitched well as the Whirlies starter, but a crucial error in the bottom of the 6th, followed by 7 straight hits, accounted for 7 runs as the Eagles rallied to win 9-3. Gabe Dimock and DJ Reader homered for Grimsley. Luke Dunlap and Landon O’Dell homered for East Forsyth. Shane Dickerson gets the win while Lee takes the loss.

*****East Forsyth at Northwest Guilford Monday at 7PM for the Metro 4-A Tournament title. The Vikings and Eagles split 1-1 during the regular season.*****
+++++Grimsley plays at home next week(Friday night) in round one of the playoffs against Mallard Creek from down in the Charlotte area.+++++

Triad 3-A Semifinals
Northern Guilford 12
Northeast Guilford 0

5 innings
WP:George Carter
*****LHP George Carter had 9K’s for NG.*****

Northern Guilford vs. Rockingham County Saturday 1PM at Stoner-White Stadium for the Triad 3-A Tournament title

Rockingham County 3
Western Guilford 2

WP:Bryan Mitchell
LP:Mark Leake
HR:WG Casey Jones
*****We had Mitchell with 6K’s for RC and Joe Turkson added a single for WG.*****

Piedmont Triad 3-A Championship
Glenn 8
WS Parkland 4

Greensboro Day School 6
Durham Academy 2

*****I spoke with one of the umpires that called this game as he was at Stoner-White awaiting to call the NG-NEG game and he told me that the GDS-Durham game got started at 4:30 and was done by 6:15. He got done over on Lawndale Drive and arrived at Jaycee Park with time to spare.*****

  • Drew said,

    Glenn over Parkland in the Piedmont Triad 3-A championship 8-4

  • Andy said,

    Thanks Drew. I have been looking all over for that score.

    Thanks again, that completes our list for tonight.

  • Sports Man said,

    Why does grimsley continue to get stomped??

  • kbenton said,

    Maybe because a few of their top players either transferred or were recruited, they start a couple of freshmen and they played a good team in EF. Dunlap, Dickerson, Orenstein and the EF boys can play. Sound like Grimsley was in this game late.

  • Alan Ashkinazy said,

    There you go again Kbenton. You got facts, prove it. Better yet, say who your are and be held accountable. You won’t because you have no facts and NO B _ _ _ _!!

  • cb said,

    Rockingham County 12 Northern Guilford 9

  • Drew said,

    Grimsley was in the ball game late and lead 3-2 in the 6th.

  • kbenton said,

    Alan, I was suggesting that MAYBE someone got recruited AWAY from Grimsley, not TO Grimsley. I should have been more clear.

  • observer said,

    I’ve seen Grimsley 4 times this year. IMO they have several problems vs. where they were the last several years. Up the middle defense (SS, 2B, CF) has not been very good. In the games I’ve seen, they have made 4-6 errors per game, mostly at SS, one of the most important defensive positions on any team. They lack good hitting, especially in crucial situations. Pitching has been adequate, but not great, although with the lack of defense, pitchers have been in no-win situations mostly. Last, it seems to me that the new coaching staff is on a steep learning curve and hasn’t yet caught their stride. Example, at EF Fri. night Grimsley got a great pitching performance for 5 innings and led 3-2. However, they had no one in the bullpen ready to go in case needed. They got hurt as EF scored 7 times in the bottom of the 6th and went on to win 9-3. Perhaps they had no pitching left, I don’t know. My 2 cents.

  • Alan Ashkinazy said,

    You’re still accusing someone of recruiting without facts or stating who you are to be held accountable. If you are not accusing me in the past of recruiting, then you are accusing Reid Homes of SWG and Johnny Smith of NG of recruiting. Those are the only two players that left Grimsley.

  • gds fan said,

    gds is in the state tourney after being absent since ’03 – after a first round win gds now takes on #1 seeded charlotte christian. Go Bengals!

  • kbenton said,

    It appears at least some of the issues at Northern are true.