Bob Doss is the Boss in early discussions for GCSHOF and today we say: “What about Donald Moore?”

Posted by Andy Durham on May 11, 2009 at 11:59 am under Amateur, College, High School, Professional | 16 Comments to Read

The pulse here at says the early leader for induction into this year’s class(2009) of the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame should be Bob Doss.

Doss was the founder and long-time leader of Palomino Youth Baseball here in the Gate City and led the move to have the Palomino World Series be played here in Greensboro and it was for several years with teams coming to our town from Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Texas, California, Georgia, New York and all places in between.

The only Greensboro team to ever win the Palomino World Series was the 1994 American Postal Workers Union(APWU) team coached by Alan Ashkinazy. The team featured Heath Calligan, Kevin Carder, Jon Sells, Clay Hooper, Jamie Hammond, Ryan Johnson, Stan Chandgie and a ton of other local talents.

Bob Doss made sure the kids had a place to play after their junior and senior years in high school and welcomed teams to Greensboro for more tournaments than anyone can remember.

If you want to make sure your voice is heard for Bob Doss and any other Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame nominations that you might have go to

Other nominations that have drawn notable interest include:
Al Thomy( Sportswriter…..We have to get this guy in while he is still with us!!!!!)

Joe Inman Jr.(Grimlsey HS, Wake Forest and PGA Tour/Seniors Tour.)

John Inman(Grimlsey HS, North Carolina and PGA Tour.)

Rusty Lee(Page/SWG AD, former football and baseball star at NEG.)

Derek Jeter(Greensboro Hornets, Sally League Baseball.)

I need to add one more name to this current list of interest. This name has come up on our site many times in the past and I say this man should get a shot at the Hall.

Tripp Welborne(Page HS and the University of Michigan, First Team All-American as a DB. First round draft pick of the Minnesota Vikings and was set to go all the way in the NFL until an injury did him in and ended his career. Tripp Welborne, a storied football career and he was a pretty good HS basketball too. See the wikipedia on Tripp Welborne at the bottom of this page.)

+++++Plus a new name we haven’t talked about yet. What about Donald Moore with the Greensboro Grasshoppers?????

Look at what he has done with the Hoppers and he did the same thing for the Pizza Hut Little Four Basketball Tournament and he was a playa for the Page Pirates at point guard and at QB. He also stepped up and helped that kid in the paper yesterday with his Boy Scout Eagle project. This gentleman has done a lot to make things happen in our city and county.

He was the one who lead the charge to turn around the Pizza Hut Basketball Tournament and he has helped take the Hoppers to the top in attendance in the South Atlantic League.

A little bit of a new twist for you. Donald Moore to the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame…….

*****Let’s talk about some others, shall we?*****


The Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame is currently accepting nominations for potential inductees to the Hall of Fame. Nomination forms can be found online at or by contacting the Greensboro Sports Commission at 336-378-4499 or

The deadline for nominations for consideration for the Class of 2009 is Friday, May 22, 2009 at 5:00 pm.

Tripp Welborne
Sullivan Anthony “Tripp” Welborne (born November 20, 1968 in Reidsville, North Carolina) is a former professional American football defensive back who played safety for one season for the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL.

Hard-hitting defensive back who also handled punt returns for the Wolverines. The Greensboro, NC., native was a two-time consensus All-American (1989, 1990) selection. Welborne recorded 238 tackles in his three years in the defensive secondary and returned 67 punts for 773 yards. During his senior year (1990), Welborne set a single-season record for punt return yardage with 455. Welborne moved from wide receiver to defensive back after his freshman year and intercepted nine passes during his career. Played on three Big Ten championship teams. He was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings.

  • No said,

    Not Donald Moore.

  • al said,

    I so much agree with NO DONALD!!!

  • Andy said,

    Former Ragsdale/Southeast Guilford Track and Field coach and assistant football coach Ronnie Smith’s name has been brought up for discussion.

    What are your thoughts on Coach Smith and the others we have here at the site for you today?

    I am a bit taken aback by the anti-Donald Moore sentiment, but this is an open forum/discussion………

  • Joe said,

    ABDM (Anybody but Donald Moore)

  • joe said,

    I used to know Donald Moore and always thought well of him. He has done a good job with the Hoppers but he’s not the owner. He has done a good job but I don’t see him as the driving force. Look at what he does over the next few years.

    Ronnie Smith on the other hand coached 3 seasons in all but one of the 30 years he taught and coached. He influenced a lot of kids lives in a positive manner while also being a standout athlete himself.

  • Wendi said,

    Joey Cheek, Caroline Lind, Doss, Welborne

  • local yokel said,

    definitely bob doss. also alan ashkinazy for what he’s done for high school and youth baseball in gboro over the last 20 something years.

  • spaz fan said,

    +1 for Alan Ashkinazy. He taught me how to hit a curve ball 20 years ago and I still remember everything he taught me today. I owe a lot of my love for the game of baseball to him.

  • baseballfan said,

    Why so much hatin’ on Donald Moore? He is a good man who has done a ton of positive things for the Greensboro Sports Community. He genuinely cares for kids and wants to see them succeed. Something has to be said for that. Bet none of you knew that he has pumped tons of his own time and money into creating opportunity for kids that would otherwise not have a shot. This bashing has to stop, and everyone needs to take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself “What have I done to make the Greensboro sports community better?” Guarantee none of you have anything. As for the others mentioned they all would be great people to honor. Grew up in the Greensboro baseball community and yes Bob Doss is a no brainer.

  • NotJimMelvin said,

    Not sure if Donald Mooore’s resume is strong enough (yet) for HOF consideration. Same goes for Ashkinazy.

    Joey Cheek is a good choice.

    How ’bout Rusty Larue?

  • Al said,

    Oh really baseballfan? all about the kids huh? You might want to explain why when he was with the Bats he went out during batting practice into the parking lots and yelled at the kids for getting the home run balls saying that they belong to the BATS!! I was appalled by that behaviour and handed him a soggy ditch ball and left. Really seems counter to wanting kids and their family to come to games doesn’t it? Maybe he has changed his ways now though. I can give you that much!

  • Joe said,

    Had the misfortune of dealing with Donald at the new park. No way does he know how to handle employees in a professional manner. Also watched him break the no-smoking policy.

  • Andy said,

    No love lost here. Be sure to follow through and Contact Demp Bradford at 378-4499 or with your nominations.

    Are we all in agreement on Bob Doss?

    Who else do we nominate?

    I don’t think we get to vote just nominate, so begin the nomination process here and then be sure to contact Demp Bradford.

  • bbfan said,

    Andy if you are going to nominate Donald Moore lets go ahead and put Jim Scotts name on the list, he has entertained the fans for years.

  • baseballfan said,

    I am sure the batting practice balls did belong to the Bats. Being a low class A affiliate I am sure they cannot afford to just let bp balls be scooped up by fans. Game balls are different. I am sure the dialogue on that day could’ve been handled differently.

    I like the Rusty LaRue nomination. Best athlete Guilford County has ever seen! Three sport all-state, guard and quarterback at Wake Forest during their really successful run in both sports.

  • Al said,

    Baseball Fan,
    From a business perspective losing ticket revenue and concession revenue over a 3 dollar ball hardly seems to be a good choice. I am surprised you would suggest that this was a good business move for the orginization but we all have opinions. I might add that the Booster Club president at the time did not think it to be a good choice.

    I second (or third) the Rusty Larue nomination.