County investigation coming to a close

Posted by Andy Durham on May 12, 2009 at 12:11 pm under High School | 14 Comments to Read

The Guilford County Schools’ investigation into the athletics programs at Nothern Guilford is coming to close according to today’s current update in the News and Record.

We need to credit Robert Bell of the News and Record for today’s new installment and remind you that you can read all of the previous articles and comments at the News and Record site. It was not our intention to slight Mr. Bell in any way and he has done a fine job with his coverage during this series.

There are still a lot of questions floating around. Is Coach K, OK? Was NEG Coach Curtis Hunter barking up the wrong tree? In what what way and how involved are the parents in all of this? Grade issues? Attendance records? Residential requirements? All kinds of eligibility issues?

Those are just a few of the questions that I have been asked, but I don’t have all of the answers. The Guilford County schools are in the hands of Mr. Green-sboro and the answers to all of the above are in the hands of the man below………..

From what the General/Superintendent Maurice “Mo” Green is telling us, there will be light shed at the end of the tunnel by the end of this week. There will be resolutions and decisions will be made.

Will we know more than we did before this investigation began? On the surface we might, but in totality we may not know any more than we did before all of this started in earnest back on Good/Bad Friday April 10.

They tell us decisions are forthcoming…….

*****Within the above writing content, No Power Plays on our Part. Just trying to let voices be heard, and this is what we have been hearing; and again, no disrespect meant toward any of the names mentioned above, these are the questions that we have been receiving****

  • Angelo said,

    Good. Now they can investigate other recruiters as well.

  • kirk said,

    I’ll be glad when all this is behind us. I feel for the kids at Northern that are innocent yet having to go through this. And I hope they do take a firm stance and investigate all claims that have merit.

    There was an article on recruiting the other day in the paper and it talked about how difficult it is to prove. Heck, it’s even tough to define what is recruiting, much less prove it. Many people tend to associate recruiting with the head coach. Sometimes it may be a parent, a person close to the program, maybe an assistant coach. Everyone seems to want to assign blame to the head coach. Maybe it wasn’t him or her. I realize the head coach may be over the program but I think it’s tough to hold the HC responsible for everyone’s actions.

  • G-man said,

    Northern Got Busted!!! END OF STORY!!! STOP RATTING ON OTHERS! You got caught! Don’t try to blame other! That is what happens when you know you are DIRTY! Blame others!

  • kirk said,

    This is why people don’t use their real names very often on this site(that is my name). I don’t even have a kid at Northern.

  • Andy said,

    Tough crowd this afternoon. We will know much more by the end of the week or least that’s what we are hearing.

  • Tom said,

    They announced the new principal at Northern High School. His name is William Laine and he is currently the principal at Kernodle Middle School. It is my understanding that this is his first year in Guilford County schools. Why would the GCS put a person who is new to Guilford County in this position? I would have thought a seasoned Guilford County High School principal would have filled this position. After listening to Mo Greene last week and now this hire, I don’t think we have the right people running our school system. I hope I am wrong, but one bad decision after another is making me feel that way.

  • kirk said,

    Speaking with 2 people at the County office about 2 weeks ago they said all things being equal, expect to see someone from outside Guilford County. I think they wanted some new blood. That was implied to me. I don’t know why we would need someone experienced in Guilford County. I would be more concerned with qualifications than where he is from. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  • wecomingfordudleynext said,


  • Eddie Willis said,

    Any word on what day to expect results of investigation? my bet is friday @ 4:30PM.

  • "ol bawl coach" said,

    Hopefully justice will prevail,with the other school skating away(Page), this situation needs to be addressed and the guilty ones punished to show that this type of stuff will not be tolerated.I feel sorry that in the end kids will suffer behind grownups who want to win at all cost.Back in my day we played with what we had and made the best of it.Yeah, yeah, some of you are probably saying “blow it out your ear ol man”; but, right is right. This has been going on here since Kirby and Mac Morris were at Page. They did the same thing years ago and got away with it . . .How else did they become a athletic powerhouse? They took players right out of Dudley’s backyard to build that program back then. Northern just got caught doing the same thing 30 years later. Nothing changed,just names and places. Just puninish the evil doers and as parents . . get back to teaching your children the admiral way,someone’s gonna win, somebody’s gonna loose.Winners want win all the time and loosers want always be loosers.

  • Basketball Fan said,

    I knew once they did what they did to Yeager, Force and Lawson that Coach K was next. It’s a shame that this is happening and we dont even know the outcome of the investigation

  • joe said,

    Before everyone crys a river for Coach K you may want to get the facts on why and how he left Central and let the facts come out on this story. This will all come out soon enough. “Ol Bawl Coach ” does make a good point however.

  • title said,

    Go to News and Record. Coach Kowalewski has been fired and the school is being stripped of the championship title for two ineligible players. No more details yet.

  • In it to win it said,

    Now “ol bawl coach”,

    I’ve admired a lot of comments that you’ve stated recently, but that is assuming that you are the same poster for all of the comments; however, you have the Page situation wrong. I to hope that this mess gets cleaned up throughout the county, but it appears that you’ve been mis-informed of the Page situation. You appear to have gathered your information all from this message board, so let me remind you that there are Page haters on this message board (you could be one yourself) who are undermining the credibility of a lot of people at Page and who were at Page. All I can say is that Page had a good dynasty with some great coaches back when Kirby was there, and the present coaches are doing nothing but doing their best to make this program top notch again. I believe that this program is right now and is a legit program with no illegal recruiting needed. Plus, I know the coaches and know that they aren’t like that anyway. But the point is that the error was a clerical area and was way far from being a recruiting violation, especially when the player had already been going to the school for the last two years. So, this is just information, because I will protect these coaches, since I know them personally. I’m sure to get many post who will claim this and that, but if you are seeking information and want the truth, then you are more than welcome to come by Alma Pinnix Drive to receive it.

    Anyways, I hope you understand my point of view, whether you agree to disagree, well, I respect that as well, but I hope you have received a little more knowledge that there are people who label or disparage coaches with no regard, and who are on this site to discredit others whenever they get a chance. I will not sit back and watch this, so I’ll give my two cents worth as well.