ACC Baseball Goes To The Beach After Greensboro

Posted by Don Moore on May 13, 2009 at 1:23 pm under College | Read the First Comment

Greensboro gets the ACC Baseball Tournament next year; but after that they heading down to Myrtle Beach South Carolina (reports the Greensboro News and Record).

Can’t say that I blame them, based on what I have heard about the new stadium in Myrtle Beach – it is as good as Greensboro’s. Plus, there’s a lot more to do in Myrtle Beach for the players, coaches and administrators. It’s a WIN-WIN for Myrtle Beach and the ACC baseball.

Now after the newness wears off – say like 2012. You had better believe that Greensboro will not only welcome the ACC Baseball Tournament back; but we’ll make them feel special every year. We don’t have casinos, fancy entertainment or fine cuisine for tables of 100 or more – but we can do the little things right and after they get sunburned at the beach. We’ll be ready.

  • spaz fan said,

    Their stadium isn’t as big or as nice as ours. And they don’t have Spaz.