More coming in on Mr. Jeremiah Wills

Posted by Andy Durham on May 18, 2009 at 3:26 pm under High School | 5 Comments to Read

from Page High School and we do understand their grief:

We have suffered tremendous loss with the tragic loss of Jeremiah Wills. Mr. Wills was an Industrial Arts teacher. Mr. Wills was an assistant track coach for one year in 2000. He had a special relationship with the athletes he coached in addition to teaching martial arts in the community. Jeremiah will be sorely missed.

  • Bryan said,

    Wills also helped out with the track team in 2003 when I ran. I didn’t work with him that much because I was distance and he was with the sprinters, but what I remember from him was he got the sprinters to cheer me on at the Metro 4-A Championships and pushed me to my best time in my final meet. I told the guys scoring was going to be mighty difficult because Mt. Tabor, North Forsyth, and East Forsyth had superior runners, but the sprinters weren’t letting me get away with that. That was a characteristic of David Rogers’ teams…even if it’s not your area/event, you’d better watch it and you’d better find a way to help out your team.

    Wills developed logevity over at Page….over changes in administration, he remained there. He got his guys in line, but whoever had him could easily relate to him.

    I hate to hear this…he was a good man and Page is definitely going to miss him.

  • Peter Westin said,

    I was part of the ’03 track team as well. I was not your regular high school student since I’m from Sweden and attended Page High School as part of an exchange student program, Youth For Understanding. While I always more of a scholar than an athlete, Mr. Wills taught me how to push myself to achievements I didn’t realize were attainable. Page will be one great personality poorer and although I’m halfway around the world these days, I do believe he will be missed.

  • amber martinez said,

    i have had mr wills for two years an this is a tragedy to know that he passed at an early age.many people knew who he was and were upset when they tought many students.he always had a positive additude.any time students in the school had a problem they could always talk to mr wills. if you weresad or angry he would always cheer you up.

    you will always be a part of page high feels different without you here.

  • Latonya Richardson Evans said,

    My prayers go out to his family. I know he will be gr eatly missed. I knew Jeremiah (or Je’ as he sometimes called himself) from high school & know how sweet he was. I have not seen him in a long time, but he was an important part of my life. We can’t understand sometimes why God chooses to take someone so young, but he knows. May his life & his death bring life to someone else.

  • lesie mckenzie said,

    I knew Je for 6yrs and i loved him dearly. he taught my son in his martial arts class . it has been a while now since he has left us and still we are hurting. we miss him each and everyday. my heart is forever broken. I can see him in heaven now telling the angels to excercise and eat well. Je we love you always