WWE Raw Versus NBA Nuggets – Monday Night Live

Posted by Don Moore on May 19, 2009 at 7:40 am under Professional | Read the First Comment

If you have ever been conflicted what to watch on TV, then you got to love this:
WWE Raw – Live at the Denver Pepsi Center – Monday May 25.!
NBA Western Conference Game Four – Lakers vs Nuggets – Live at the Denver Pepsi Center – Monday May 25!
Two events – same night – ONE PLACE!

WWE reserved the Pepsi Center August 15, 2008. It is a sell out. The Pepsi Center owner rented the facility out because he didn’t think about the Nuggets in the Post-Season, or didn’t think they would make it.

Vince McMahon will hold his ground on this one as he has a contract and over 10,000 soon to be angry fans.

Get the Nuggets/Lakers to play in the Greensboro Coliseum, it’s empty and could use the help.

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  • Bryan said,

    I find it funny that in a part of his interview, Vince actually called his company “World Wreslting Federation.”