Can the NAACP help Northern get their title back?

Posted by Andy Durham on May 20, 2009 at 1:45 pm under High School | 27 Comments to Read

I’m sure there’s much more to this than what our title asks above, but the main objective/goal has been for the Northern Guilford Nighthawks to get their NCHSAA 3-A basketball title back.

Will this latest move help?????

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  • notjimmelvin said,

    This is very confusing. Why is this an issue for the NAACP??

  • baseball4ever said,

    It seems to me that Northern has white kids on the team also. Correct?? Ineligible means Ineligible. Sounds like a distraction from the real problem. The issue is eligibility, not race.

  • dweeb said,

    This is getting to be comical! Since when did this become a race issue?

  • desperate times.... said,

    …call for desperate measures. This is a hail mary attempt. What is being missed is they are talking about a state championship for high school basketball. Nobody cares that much. Feelings were hurt, but oh well. Time to move on.

    If Dudley would have went on to win the title and were found to have an ineligible player and had to forfeit all their games, NG would be behind the decision 100%. They got caught, and if their coach didn’t have so much money this would all be over. You think the parents are paying their own legal fees? Yea right. Haven’t heard a peep from baseball, and they didn’t even get the chance to win a title.

    Only people keeping this going are the basketball people.

  • court said,


  • student from northern said,

    this was not a race problem. there were black and white players!!

  • baseball4ever said,

    How is winning with ineligible players fair?? That’s what is so comical about this story is that adults and kids think because they practiced together and won that it is fair. They were ineligible. They played for the wrong school. So, I guess it’s ok for everyone to play at whatever school they want to as long as they practice together and work hard. Let’s reward those who work hard but cheat. That’s the way to do it.

  • John Wall said,

    I am so glad I chose Kentucky over Northern Guilford. I just don’t like drama.

  • I'm Tried of All of This said,

    If Coach K, the Northern parents and players think that they are so right then let Coach K buy the team and all the parents rings and a championship trophy to set on their shelf; after all 5 years from now none of us will remember but you can still have a Tall Story (lie) to you grandchildren.

  • joe said,

    Those “poor kids” knew what they were doing. I can’t believe people don’t get it. They played with ineligible players. That is cheating. May not have been intentional (and probably wasn’t) but it’s cheating. How can someone say they won fair and square?

    Have to agree with Dweeb, this is getting comical.

  • WTF said,

    OMG this is ridiculous!!!! I am waiting for someone to say “April Fools”, “got ya” what in the world is going on? Do we not have enough real issues to deal with? Who cares already? Let’s move on and talk/write/read about something with some merit. I love sports as much as anyone but this is embarrassing to then Entire County. I hope this NEVER makes national news. We look like a bunch of idiots!

  • Go figure said,

    The irony in all of this is that the NAACP was founded by white people……..

  • The Irony said,

    The real irony in all of this is that these idiot parents are going to cause the school to divide even more and for racial purposes…Coach K looks exactly like he knows how to tear a school, community, and lives apart…Great going Stan…

    Just when you think that the NG parents are starting to move forward and use this issue to make them better and stronger, you have a FEW stupid parents bringing up bull s*&% to make the county look stupid. This will go national soon, because I have yet to see the NAACP do anything where they don’t want a public forum. I’m sure this is Coach K’s objective, which is to make this national. Stupid…Very Stupid…

  • I'm Tired of This said,

    This type of cheating has been going on for years and it is not just in school ball; any of you have ever had a kid who played Parks and Rec ball then you know that parents and coaches will take their kids to their team of choice. Winsdor Center, Warnesville and Glenwood can not compete with the money that the parents of Lewis Center can provide. That’s life, all parents want the best for their kids but at what price?

    I have heard of these horror stories for years like a kid who could walk out of his front door and see Dudley but was forced to go to Grimsley. Kids who live in Benbow Park, two blocks from Dudley, who go to Smith. And what about Southwest, they couldn’t win a game until the school system redrew the lines and they got kids from Andrews. Or the ball players who live in the Southeast area who got an apartment so that they could play ball for another school. This type of address fixing happens all the time and will continue so long as you have a cousin, grandma or friend living in the district of the school that you want your child to attend. Maybe NG would not have gotten caught if they were more than two years old.


    The first time Dudley won a state championship (basketball or football) all opponents called for their records to be checked and rechecked with a fine tooth comb. NG don’t hate because Dudley have athletes who excel in the classroom; after all, you have to have certain classes and grades to qualify for any academy.

  • notaschoolboardfan said,

    My opinion…hang on to your seats it’s going to get nasty.

  • interested bystander said,

    it funny to see all the people say “well dudley does it” but wehn it comes down to it, Dudley has the academy that gets kids from all over guilford county Northern dosen’t.
    Dudley probablly does recruit but its alot easier for them to hide when kids can transfer in for what are seemingly real academic reasons.

  • reggie said,

    Not all kids in the academy are brilliant students, coming in or going out. It’s a convenient, but legal tool for Dudley to attract kids. I wonder why every school doesn’t have an academy.

    I think we should keep kids name out of it.

  • Mikey B said,

    There are other schools that have academy; if you look on the GCS website you will see several that are listed. Yes it is easy to attract kids if your team is in the spot light by winning. It’s a great recruiting tool for high school just as for college. If you become a state champ in anything people will come; everyone loves a winner.

    My youngest son who is in middle school wants to play football. He already knows what school he wants to go to but it is not in our district. Why does he want to play at an outside school, because the guys that he goes to school with now and plays rec ball with are going to the school outside of our district. So it’s simple, he wants to stay with his friends. I don’t buy into the fact that the kids at NG didn’t know; they knew, but they also knew that it was being done at other schools until something like this comes up and it gets blown out of proportion.

    My daughter wants to go to Dudley because of the Marching Band. Again the school is not in our district so the answer is simple; if you want to go to Dudley, then you have to have the grades and the right classes to get in. Guilford County has a magnet day so that students can decide their choices. I would love for her to go to Dudley; if she gets in the academy and finishes, her freshman year at A&T or UNCG is paid for. NG doesn’t have an academy now but their marketing tool is the fact that it’s a new “green” school. I know a kid who wanted to go to NG so that he could be in the first Senior Class. I din’t go to high school here so I don’t have any loyality to any school; my intrest is my kids when they are ready for high school.

    NG you guys will be alright. Instead of looking at this as something bad, make lemonade! Market it to your advantage as the school that is setting the pace for others to follow.

  • GOSTAN said,

    Yes ,they will. The boys were wrongly declared ineligible.

  • NAACP said,

    Northern Actually Allows Corrupt People(to coach their teams).

  • stopthe madness said,

    Listen, this has gone on to long. My son is in the academy @ Dudley and with pride I tell you he is doing an excellent job. The courses have not been easy and he works very hard to balance his grades and participate in sports. Don’t try to discredit the school because it is an excellent program and the kids are not to blame for all this madness. Some kids will get scholarships for athletics but most who plan on going to the top colleges must use their academic backround to get in. Instead of continuing to blame everyone for your problems look within your program-that’s where you can find all the answers and begin to rebuild the NGHS family.

  • poppa was a "rollin stone" said,

    Seems to me that this basketball program was run exactly like the AAU teams are:kids no matter where they live can play together as a team.Only problem was,the team they played on was a public school team with state and county rules not AAU. Cheaters never,never win,they always get it in the end,remember that! And as far as adult leadership,that one is besides me; goes back to what I was taught long , long ago . . .”you see a fool in the streets,follow him home . . .a bigger fool will open the front door” !

  • want to know for sure said,


    I want to know for sure, and this would clear the air. Have all parents take a lie detector test and ask them questions related to whether or not their children were recruited. Use this as a tool for reassurance. If they all pass, then great. I’d shut up and never say anything about them again, and I’m sure the rest of the community would say the same thing. If they fail the test, then they must fess up.

    DO IT Andy! Get this thing rolling.

  • Andy said,

    Lie detector tests and we’re headed to the courtroom.

    If we don’t bring Judge Joe Brown to town this thing will never end and we will still be in court come August 15 of 2009 the day the new school year is set to begin.

    Good idea on the LD test and does anybody have Judge Brown’s number. Judge Brown said he used to run with a pack of wild dogs through his old neighborhood so he should fit right in here in Guilford County.

    Joe, Mo, and Wilso will headline the show.

  • Ernie Pyle said,

    It seems to me that the whole situation has gooten out of control with who can do what for whom and the like. The whole scholarship situation has gootten out of control for many reasons, but the changes are all about money and what isn’t?
    Do you remember when “scholarship” athletes get $15 per week for laundry money, ate @ the training table during season only, and got their books paid for only? The way to take advantage of the system then ( actually it was not a violation of the rules @ the time ) was to take your clothes to the locker room and have them cleaned and folded. You could have a great social life on Franklin, Hillsborough, and Tate street with $15 to spend—-beer and burgers and money to take a date if you wanted to. If you could get a tee shirt for your date/girlfriend to wear around the dorm that said ” UNC Football” or “NCState Basketball” ( we actually traded tee shirts to help expand our dating networks ). With a tee shirt in hand, your date/girlfriend might even buy the beer!
    Today, everyone exagerrates the number of offers they receive and they even talk about athletic scho;arships to D-3 schools. My dad and I were talking the other night about an old TV show that had a “ketchy” theme song “Letters, we get lots and lots of letters”. Well, this should be the theme song for all of these coaches who talk about the multiple offers that in many cases are only letters of interest that come from nothing more than playing in an AAU baseball or basketball tournament or an Impact baseball tournament.
    Everyone needs to “get real”from parents to coaches, to administrators—the kids are probaly the only actors in this whole charade who really have a handle on things.

  • Let's Move On said,

    I feel bad about the NG kids who are honest; but as far getting their title back, well they shouldn’t and here’s why:

    If NG gets their title reinstated then we would we not be opening up a big can of worms next school year? I don’t want to use the term “set the example” but that is exactly what we would need to do. I’m sure that as we read these comments, parents, coaches and yes students are thinking of new ways of finding a “loophole” to move players to their desired school. If NG is not punished then every other school next year will use the excuse that they (NG) got away with it then they should too.

    Hopefully, everyone will learn something from this and anyone who is crazy enough to violate the rules next season should get everything that is coming to them. Let’s face it, it all depends on what side of the fence you are looking from; if we (or most of us) was on the NG side then many of us would be fighting for the school and getting reinstated; and to NG, be honest, if you were on our side of the fence then you would be opposed to NG getting their title back.

    Like one of the other readers said, use this to your advantage and market yourselves as the school who will set the example.

  • Skip Alston said,

    I think NG tried to follow Oak Hill’s example but forgot that Oak Hill is a private school not subject to the same rules that Northern, Grimsley, Dudley, Ragsdale etc. are subjected to.