Our good friend Busta Brown has done it again: Midnight Basketball Part VIII

Posted by Andy Durham on May 22, 2009 at 1:14 pm under Amateur, High School | Read the First Comment

Busta Brown from over at 97.1 WQMG is doing it again. The Midnight Basketball program for kids is back for another year at the Barber Park gym every Friday night.

Here’s hoping our man Lemon Lyme can get in on the good work too. Busta has a great show, but Lyme’s Old School on Saturday nights(7p-Midnight) is gonna be tough for anyone to beat.

Here’s the story on the Busta Brown basketball program for kids by Jeri Rowe currently on-line at www.news-record.com

*****Good stuff Jeri and keep up the good work BB.*****

  • "ol bawl coach" said,

    I stopped by there on friday evening,great crowd of kids having fun.The motivational speaker,”G-Man”,was exactly what they needed to hear . . .and they listened. A very rewarding experience. Councilwoman Diane Bellemy-Small was there as well as quite a few parents.So, if you not doing anything on friday nites . . .this would be an ideal alternative other than just hanging out. . . . . and we could use more colors to complete “the rainbow” too ! I enjoy watching kids having clean wholesome fun, and just being kids . . . and it was.