Re-Vote For Pool Bonds Needed????

Posted by Don Moore on May 22, 2009 at 7:36 am under Amateur | Comments are off for this article

When the Citizens of Greensboro voted for Bonds to build a competitive swim center, everyone assumed it would be run by the Parks and Recreation Department. They run the other pools and everyone must be happy with that operation as the bonds passed, with little notice or effort.

Now, it appears as if the Pool will be built and run by the Coliseum Complex.

If that was KNOWN THEN, would the bond issue even pass?? NO!

I can see the City Council’s thinking process here – unfortunately, they still remain clueless here as well. The Swim Center was sold as a year-round facility – something the coliseum is not accustomed to running. It would be open as early as 4AM for Swim Team Practices and as late as Midnight. Swimmers and their parents/friends would be there daily.

As run by the coliseum, in the tradition of the coliseum, Parking would be $3 and up – JUST TO PRACTICE. Some days there would not even be parking available due to the scheduling of multiple events at the coliseum complex.

In the tradition of the coliseum, drinks and snacks would be $3 and UP, gone are the days of $1 Water Bottles and $1 Snacks with the profits going to the teams, associations, etc. It amazes me that you can attend High School Athletic games and pay $1 for a Drink and $1.50 for a Hot Dog and the Booster Club makes a profit. The Coliseum charges $3 for a drink and $3 for a Hot Dog and runs a $2 Million in the annual loss.

In the tradition of the coliseum, the locals would be pushed out. The Swim Center would become another golden feather in the Matt Brown Crown. A shining example of another city funded facility placed above the citizens.

More info at the News & Record.

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