Ken Helms Metro 4-A Coach of the Year

Posted by Andy Durham on May 27, 2009 at 9:41 am under High School | 7 Comments to Read

Coach Ken Helms has been named the Metro 4-A baseball Coach of the Year. Coach Helms led the Bison to a 10 win season, the first of this nature for the Bison since back in 1976.

The last time the Bison won as many games in the conference as they did this year, was some time back around 1876 or just after the Reconstruction Period.

Great job by Coach Helms whose specialty is really football, but now we know he is “Bringing Baseball Back to the Bison”.

Very productive seasons by Trey Ellis, Justin Lassiter and Sam Snotherly. Who all made the Metro 4-A All Conference team????? That’s the next thing we would like to know………We have been informed that Ellis and Lassiter made All-Conference and we would like to know the members from the other schools……

Nice work Coach Helms and your old mentor Vince Dooley would be proud of you.

  • Smith Baseball Coaches said,

    This is well desired by Coach Helms. His kids also really played with alot of class.
    Congratulations Coach.

  • smith coaches said,

    well deserved.

  • SAW HIM COACH said,


  • hubba bubba said,

    coaching in sweatpants means you can’t coach? Who else should have gotten it?

    NW Coach: easy choice if winner gets the award

    E. Forsyth: Should be in 2nd place, no award for that

    Grimsley: possible pick, did a decent job as the year went on with a young team that lost some key pieces

    HP Central: He won it

    Page: uhhhhh no

    Smith: great guy, will do well there in time if the kids buy into baseball

  • Calvin Klein said,

    SAW him coach….give me a break….is that your best shot. Coach Helms, congratulations on a successful season. You did a great job with that team of young men. Best of luck in football too….

  • bbfan said,

    Great job Coach Helms you did a great job all year with those kids, Saw him coach you must not have seen him coach much because he did have on a uniform when I saw him many times not that it makes any difference what he was wearing. Great Job.

  • Ken helms said,

    Thanks guys. I probably didnt deserve it but it is nice to be recognized by your peers. After 25 years in this buisness, it still means alot. Sorry sweat pants man, at 6-5 375 some times it is hard to just grab things off the rack!Just teasing, I couldn’t resist a little jibe. I Gotz me some pants and a top now home boyee!!! later, k