Overman says, “We got it in Jamestown!”

Posted by Andy Durham on June 2, 2009 at 9:35 am under High School | 13 Comments to Read

from Ogi Overman and company at the prestigious Jamestown News:

For the 10th time in 11 years Ragsdale High School(Jamestown, N.C.) has won the Wachovia Cup given to the Guilford County School with the best cumulative record in all varsity sports. Nine of the 18 varsity teams won conference championships and all but two teams qualified for the playoffs in their sport. Of the 1500 kids at Ragsdale, 425 play sports.

The Jamestown News is a Womack Newspapers publication…..

  • NotJimMelvin said,

    Congrats to Ragsdale, they have a very strong athletic program.

    They really need to get into a stronger conference, with more Guilford County Schools. The majority of the schools are in Randolph County. Ragsdale playing those schools is sorta like Ohio State/Michigan against the rest of the Big Ten (back in the day)

  • Kevin said,

    It changes next year. Ragsdale moves to 4A.

  • Dewey said,

    Overman is all about Jamestown and shows little if any concern at all about the rest of our county.

    Is this fair?

  • joe said,

    Well he does work for the JAMESTOWN NEWS and his employer’s kids are in the area.

  • inthepen said,

    does anyone know if mcbride is still warming up??

  • reggie said,

    Actually he is. Throwing a bullpen in Yankee stadium today. What are you up to tonight?

    Oh, I forgot. You one of those that sits behind some name and tears down kids.

  • joe said,

    Ragsdale does move to 4A and it will be a tough conference. However they have played a lot of Greensboro city teams. Just this past year they beat NWG, Page, SWG and Grimsley in basketball and football. All quality programs. They beat Western Guil. in the football playoffs and the baseball series was discontinued because WG would not schedule them. They played Northern in basketball in the Little 4 and won while losing to Dudley in football playoffs. The conference they were in had good teams in the major sports. Many Ragsdale fans wish they were in a conference with Page, Grimsley and such however Ragsdale plays those schools in most of their sports as non-conference games. And the Ragsdale/Dudley football series starts again next year. While a non-conference game, it will be good for both programs. I don’t think Ragsdale has dodged anyone.

  • mark said,

    yeah really – what’s up with Ogi writing a story about the local high school in the local newspaper he edits? What was he thinking?

    As for Ragsdale’s new conference – I really like it. Four Guilford schools and three Forsyth schools. They finally get long time rival Southwest in conference. Those packed house games will finally mean something. Another long time rival in High Point Central is back. Glenn, Parkland and East Forsyth are three strong schools in most sports and will provide good rivals.

    Best part is no more travel to the cow pastures of Southwestern Randolph and all parts south.

    This will be a killer baseball conference (Ragsdale, Northwest, Southwest, Glenn, E Forsyth and Parkland) Wrestling with Parkland and Ragsdale will be stout and footall will be pretty tough too.

  • kirk said,

    Personally I have enjoyed the old conference. Eastern Randolph has always been a strong team as has Asheboro and SEG. Trinity was always strong in wrestling and basketball. Randleman and SWR had their strong years in various sports. All you can do is play who you have.

    But have to agree with Mark, the new conference should be fun. Lots of good teams in there plus we continue our non-conference schedule with Page, Grimsley (except this year), and pick up Dudley in football.

  • Andy said,

    Ogi Overman does good work and we would love to have him full-time here at Greensborosports.com, but we can’t afford his services.

    Ogi has been misunderstood for many years due to his political affiliations but , that hasn’t effected his work in sports journalism which can stand up to anyone in our area.

    His coverage area is Jamestown, like Mark said and that’s where he currently excels, so let’s give him a break and congratulate him on a job well done in the Jamestown area.

    At one time Ogi was known throughout the Triad for his work with ESP Magazine.

    Ragsdale, Southwest, Northwest, High Point Central…..They should all have some fun going at each other next season.

    The best days of all were when had the Mid-State 3-A West for the Guilford County schools and Alamance County had the Mid-State 3-A East….That was in the day of Guilford County Schools and Greensboro City Schools……In Guilford County we had Ragsdale, Southeast, Northwest, Western, Eastern, Northeast, Southern, Allen Jay and others….

  • mark said,

    Ogi has been great for the Jamestown paper. What was for the most part a community news letter has much more of a journalistic approach since he took over. The paper has done a great job covering Ragsdale sports and I am most appreciative of the opportunity they have given my daughter as a photographer (and educationally as well.)

    Keep up the good work Ogi.

  • James Gilley said,

    I had heard Ogi was involved in sports and politics but didn’t he used to be a musician too?

  • somename said,

    Reggie, so the consolation game was at yankee stadium? What was the score?