Doom and gloom for Manny Bloom?

Posted by Andy Durham on June 18, 2009 at 1:43 pm under High School | 40 Comments to Read

There’s a new piece from Robert Bell in today’s News and Record and at N&R on-line. What are your thoughts about the new twist this story has taken and it will it take a toll on Manny Bloom’s future as the boy’s head basketball coach at Northwest Guilford High School?

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  • retired teacher said,

    Angelo Kidd made a bad hire. Watch him throw Coach Bloom under the bus to save his own tail.

  • eddie willis said,

    there is a link to the palm beach post and it makes the principal, the ad, and hr in this county look like a bunch of fools. there is surely a way to check john hughes phone records to see if he really called 20 different people in florida. i’ll bet that’s a LIE—i realize that’s pretty harsh, but liars are liars—it would have been more plausible if he had said 5 people—why would he call 20 people anyway? this is going to get really interesting—will darlene garrett be as relentless in pursuing the truth in the interests of our students and the integrity of the school system this time/ i doubt it!!!!! keep digging your holes, you idiots.

  • youpeoplewillsayanythinf said,

    “why would he call 20 people anyway?”


    “will darlene garrett be as relentless in pursuing the truth in the interests of our students and the integrity of the school system this time”


  • Bob Shuler said,

    Manny was simply doing the same thing the rest of you are doing. Trying to feed his family. The old two loaves of bread and the ten fish plan doesn’t work these days. Believe me.

  • Kidd and Hughes are a Joke said,

    I call on new NW principal Ralph Kitley to do the right thing and get rid of both Bloom and Hughes.

    Ralph is a man of great integrity, and both of these clowns need to go. Bloom is dirty as can be, and Hughes athletic department is a three ring circus. Swim team debacle, JV baseball disaster, and now this mess. Garrett won’t do a damn thing, she is gutless when it comes to NW. All of her boys went there, one of which was suspended his senior year for vandalizing the football field. She supported Kidd in the past, and she will looks like a fool if she goes after him.

  • Seriously said,

    What happened in Fl. has nothing to do with NC. Show me wrong doing at NW with the Bloom? Why is it that “someone” had to go fishing? To take the focus off them at Northern. Can you smell it?

  • retired teacher said,

    One of my children had Kidd as a principal. This guy will tell a lie twice and believe it himself the second time he tells it. Carpets and fallen trees lie less than he does.

  • jerry said,

    im sure john hughes wished he hadnt written the letter to gcs about stan you know what goes round comes round couldnt happen happen to a nicer bunch of complainers

  • are we being punked? said,

    I hope Coach K is getting a fantastic laugh out of this!!

    They should beg him to come back to Northern and apologize to him privately and publicly!! Northern will continue to thrive but you gotta get Coach K back….

  • not seeing the connection said,

    Not sure what one has to do with the other. Coach K is in trouble as I have heard very recently that the county is probably going to go after him on the finance stuff and Coach Bloom could be in trouble also if he lied. However, there is more burden for the county to prove something that would allow them to fire Coach Bloom since he has not been charged with any wrong doing as an employee for Guilford County. They would need to prove Coach Bloom lied and/or will have to prove that the A.D./principal lied about checking references. Either way it would be hard to believe that they literally called 20. Either way, I am sure Coach K would tell you that he is not being hired back at a Guilford County school, at least not a public school.

  • retired teacher said,

    What a great post name kid and hughs are a joke. I don’t know Hughs at all so I can’t comment. Kidd, however is one of those who will step on anyone in order to either advance his career or save it. He will end up throwing both Hughs and Bloom under the bus if it will keep his new job as Regional Supt. He is for himself first,second, third and the hell with everybody else.The amount of teacher turnover he caused at Southern, Northeast and Northwest is astronomical. Southern may have had time to recover but his replacement at Northeast is still in the process of cleaning up the mess he left her.

  • NOT A GCS FAN said,

    In my opinion, most people in the Guilford County Public School Administration just wants to get to the end of their tenure, with the least amount of controversy possible, so they can collect their benefits. They might of become a teacher for the love of kids but somewhere, that goes away. They will throw anyone under a bus for the good of themselves and ly to get them out of a situations now, without thinking about the long term effects. When the long term catches up with them, they’ll ly again. When they tell you things are done in the school system, “FOR THE GOOD OF THE KIDS”, they are lying about that as well.

  • Tom said,

    It amazes me how much hate there is for coaches and AD’s in this county. I wanted to get into coaching in a couple of years, but I don’t know if it is worth it. You can’t make everybody happy, but it appears that people go from dislike to hate very quickly. I have met Coach K and I have met Manny Bloom. Are they perfect? No, but they definitely are not the villains that everybody makes them out to be. Nobody’s perfect.
    As a parent of Northern student, please leave Manny Bloom alone. I don’t want the kids and families at Northwest to go through the same nonsense that happened at Northern. Manny has invigorated the program at NW. The comments of the this site and at the News and Record give me the impression that people are enjoying this. What are you getting out of this? Who’s next? Dudley? Grimsley? When is this going to end?

  • Andy said,

    By the time this is all over there’s no telling what might end up happening. Right now no one seems safe. If one group goes down it’s always what about the other guys? They were doing it too…….

  • just the facts said,

    Does Mr Bloom teach? If not and he is a non-faculty coach then their contracts are year to year.. just ask Coach K. GCS doesn’t have to give a reason, just not rehire. Also, at many businesses if you lie on your application that is reason for termination.

  • just so you know said,

    Bloom is a ISS teacher at NW. So he is a GCS employee.

  • Marty said,

    It looks like Northwest has more going South than Northern did. Are we running out of trustworthy teachers and coaches?

    And who is to blame for all this chatter, the news reporters or the Guilford County School System?

  • jerry said,

    might have started with the letter hughes wrote to gcs about stan never know

  • Seriously said,

    Yeah, so instead of going after Hughes lets go after Bloom, NICE. I hope this mess makes all of you involved proud of yourselves. Keep taking the attention away from where it belongs.

  • Basketball FAn said,

    I’m confused why is it when another school other than northern has controversy why is it people say ‘we need the attention where it belongs’. NW has had numerous issues: the swim team, the baseball team and now the coach is being investigated for lying about the exact same situation Coach K is being accused of. But the principal and AD is still there. We should always make sure our own house is clean before speaking about others.

  • sadstateofaffairs said,

    I’ve seen a number of references here to issues at Northwest regarding the swim team and the baseball team. Just for the record, both of those situations were self-reported by the NW AD. Swim team members had state qualifying times reported from incorrect meets. It was a clerical error that the coach took responsibility for (he resigned shortly after this came to light). The error was discovered and Hughes reported it. Penalties were levied. End of story.

    As for the JV baseball team, an eligibility infraction was discovered by the school and it was reported by Hughes to the NCHSAA. Penalties were levied. End of story.

    As for the questions about Coach Bloom, I’m not sure what Hughes could have done other than to speak with folks in FL. If school system officials there did not share any information about a possible investigation involving Bloom then how can Hughes be blamed for not knowing about that? If Bloom lied on his application or during the interview process then that will be dealt with appropriately I’m sure.

    Placing the “attention where it belongs” I would think refers to those schools that knowingly break the rules without any oversight by their AD or principal. Unlike a certain other school, NW has not knowingly violated any rules. When they’ve discovered infractions NW has reported them and accepted the penalty. A certain other school refuses to accept responsiblilty for their transgressions and instead has tried to sully the reputation of others in an attempt to deflect the attention away from their own issues.

  • are you kidding me? said,

    OMG….are you kidding me with that??? You are excusing away all the infractions that NWG has committed with the statement “end of story”. Yet where Northern is concerned you imply that their infractions are somehow larger than life and deserve no excuses and/or explanations? You must be on the Wilson/Green team.

    Yours is the most pathetic one-sided argument I have seen so far in this so called “investigation”. Get over yourself and your school. NWG is just as guilty and accountable as Northern. They turn themselves in?? WOW how honorable of them!

  • eddie willis said,

    forget the northern situation—-why is there no requirement of oversight to prevent issues from occuring? a manager or director should be on top of a program, not just provide 20/20 hindsight and correction. it’s great to “self report”, but why piss away the $5M or whatever the fines totalled? as additional information to support ad hughes lack of oversight, i think there was a violation of the rules in the summer of 2008 by yhe basketball team as a result of either 1) a purposeful violation to prepare incoming freshman for the new nwg system, 2) a failure to learn the rules of the nchsaa by the incoming coach, or 3) the ad’s failure to communicate the nc rules to the incoming coach to prevent a violation.
    no matter what, a competent principal/manager would have questioned the ad to insure that he had discussed rules of conduct for nc. now maybe angelo kidd called 20 people to make sure the ad had had done all of this.
    i truly believe, what we are seeing is only the “tip of the iceberg” of the incmpetence in this school system.

  • hm said,

    bloom made money because the principal gave him full use of the gym. What is wrong with that? Coaches can’t work hard in the summer to supplement their income? If people are willing to pay for a camp he should be able to support his family from it. He did nothing wrong if the administration let him use the gym rent-free. He just did what any other coach would do. Never have I read he donated to a non-profit acount, received a tax write-off, and then withdrew from that same account to pay personal expenses. Some of you drama-lovers are just grabbing at straws. If you are NG people it is blatantly obvious you are doing whatever you can to put the spotlight on other people rather than own up to your own issues.

  • are you kidding me? said,

    al l I can say to you “hm” is read my previous post…why are you NWG supporters above the same reproach as NG????

    So, the excuses are okay for you but God forbid NG supporters defend their own coaches/staff/players/parents, etc ???? Unf’ingbelievable!!

    Whether you like it or not..the “spotlight” IS on your school now as it should be!!

  • jerry said,

    i was just sitting here thinking maybe mr hughes should have maybe made 30 calls this may have helped doesnt look like 20 did lol

  • Seriously said,

    Are you kidding me…..You are a joke……I do see NW taking responsibility for there wrong doings. They are dealing with it and taking their punishment. Unlike NG I don’t see NW inviting the news and TV stations into their home and doing interviews to try to defend themselves and act like everything that was done was by the book. Are YOU kidding us. Do you really think that with everything that was found wrong at NG that none of it is true. Bottom line is if responsibility was taken at NG and this was left alone we would not be still talking about it. The more NG talked the deeper they got. Give me a break! Do you really think this with Bloom just fell into their laps? No, someone went fishing for pay back and this is the result. We can all smell whose hands are all over this!

  • interesting said,

    Who went fishing for payback? Hughes? Kidd?NW parents? Please explain further.

  • Seriously said,

    Interesting…………Are you serious? Have you not been following this mess? Now why would anyone at NW want to take down one of their own?

  • bill veeck said,

    this story is like everything else in greensboro and guilford county. lots of negative activity for 2-3 days and and then nothing.

  • Someone Farther South said,

    Coach Bloom is a great coach, just ask his players. This is a person’s life, career, and support. Just b/c they work for a taxpayer supported entity, public schools, does NOT mean YOU ALL OWN HIM! Slow down, and let the decision makers do their job. I am following this story from Florida. He ran fabulous camps for elementary school kids here and he had the place packed with happy kids and parents. An angry parent from his HS team (who’s son was benched b/c of serious issues) made an “anonymous” complaint-and the witchhunt began. There was no allegations of fraud, just really bad paperwork. Would you go into education? Imagine being the target of this kind of venom. Don’t make it personal-stay calm, polite, and rational. And Manny-keep your head up.

  • VIKING said,

    Everyone on this site saying that the spotlight is on NWG, is f’ing crazy. Nobody cares about bloom, he is a bball coach big dea. its the players that count, that is why NG is on the spotlight because they have all the illegal players and as a football player at nNWG, NG will pay the price when they lose their precious D1 recruits they recruited

  • curious said,

    When is the investigation going to do something about football at Northern? Word on the street is that Northern was even more of a football recruiter than a basketball recruiter.

  • bobcat parent said,

    manny bloom is nothing but a snake in the grass. I worked with him for many years and saw first hand what a lier he is. Him buying clothes and shoe for his players is so not true, he made the players work the camps and buy there own food and still take money from them. I just so happy that it is all coming out what goes around comes around!!! I just hope no one treats his kids the way he has treated some of these in florida.
    From a very happy south florida parent !

  • NWParent said,

    Are you kidding me? This has FALSIFICATION written all over it and he gets to keep his job? I think if this is the way the school system is going to handle things, then maybe some of the parents need to reevaluate where our kids are being educated! I don’t want someone lying to keep their job and then teaching my child! Shame on you Manny Bloom, COME CLEAN!

  • Boca Parent said,

    If coach Bloom is so great and has done nothing wrong then why is Palm Beach County School Disrict following thru with a lawsuit against this snake in the grass. If you would like to see the article go to Palm Beach Post and type in the reporters name which is Jane Musgrove. We as parents have our suspicions that Manny was told to hit the road before possible charges could be brought against him and that the District would stop any investigation if a teacher leaves the employ of the District for which ironically this guy did. I guess they could not count on the fact that the Audit Committee would recommend bringing suit against Manny. This man said he does not have a correct accounting of the monies he took in which was in excess of a quarter of a million dollars!!! And you can’t account for all monies, I sure as heck would not want the stigma this man is bringing with him to your school district.

  • Close Friend said,

    Anyone who is saying that Manny is a liar, or a cheater obviously has never met him. I have worked with him for the last 2 years at NW and he has been nothing but kind, sincere and gracious. His 3 year old son is reguarly in the gym during practices and games, showing what a family guy he is. People need to get their facts straight before trying to ruin someone else

  • who cares said,

    regardless of the type of family man he is, he is a awful coach who doesnt deserve the respect from anyone at nw, or this job.

  • NW Fan said,

    Well, I guess you all got your way. Coach Bloom is leaving, students are leaving and the entire basketball program is in question. Great job NW BB Parents. I hope those of you who have complained to Kitley and Hughes are happy with yourself. Your childish ways have hurt the entire program and the credibility of NW athletics. I can’t wait to see where these boys decide to go. Coaches beware . . . be ready to be bashed, cursed, harassed, threated, etc. from these parents who think they are thinking the best for their child. It is obvious they care more about themself. I hope it will be all worth it in the end. Your sons will have you to thank if they don’t get those great scholarships that you seem to think they are entitled to. Only time will tell and I will be the first in line to watch it all unfold.

    Coach Bloom. Thank you for your dedication to the NW program. Thank you for taking these guys to a conference win. This has not been done since 1998. Very impressive for your second year as coach at NW. You had a very young team that could have been the team to beat in the next couple of years. Your wife and family have sacrificed so much for you to be the coach at NW. Thank you to your family as well. I was so proud of all those young men the conference game against Smith. I have never seen those guys play with such determination. I was very impressed. I was sorry to see them get defeated the next round in Charlotte. Those poor guys could not buy a basket. It all boils down to if you are hot, then anything can happen. If you are not, well Wednsday they were not. Coach Bloom can’t shoot for them, these guys are. So leave him alone. Best of luck in your future endeavor. I hope that maybe NW will face your future team and you beat the crap out of them. Or better yet, the team of the troublemaking parents. I have confidence you will finish on top.

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