Greensboro Colt Baseball action tonight/SEG Junior Legion

Posted by Andy Durham on June 23, 2009 at 2:53 pm under Amateur | 14 Comments to Read



S/W =’s Stoner-White
W/M =’s War Memorial Stadium

Southeast Junior Legion at Northwood in Pittsboro

  • coltbaseballsuperstar said,

    I heard there was an altercation between fans at a colt league baseball game at war memorial a few days ago. Has anyone heard what happened?

  • pitchersmom said,

    looked like altercation between 2 southern guilford moms. one thought the other said something about her son.

  • Andy said,

    When does Southern Guilford play again? I want to be there for that one…….

  • whirliebird said,

    What has happened to Northwest Guilford Colt program?

  • Bill said,

    Western Guilford 11
    Northwest 5

  • dweeb said,

    whirliebird…good question. Everybody is asking the same thing about NW. In the past they have fielded two teams in the Colt league and now it looks like they’re having trouble getting enough players to fill the one Colt team they have this year.

    I heard that they are fielding two teams in another league out of Raleigh that allows them to play their rising juniors and seniors an one of the teams (which is like a combo of Colt and Palomino ages). Their other team is made up of rising sophomores and freshmen (which is like a combo of Bronco and Colt ages) . That means that they have kids on both of those other teams that normally would be playing Colt baseball.

    I’m not sure if this is the case but it’s what I heard. It sounds like they’re doing this to let their returning and potential Varsity players play together all summer which they can’t do in the Colt league. Whatever the reason it’s strange to see the NW Colt team getting beat by almost everyone. They still have a lot of good players but they’re just not showing up to play Colt ball all the time.

  • kevin said,

    Southern may be done for the season. The message board on Colt website indicates that may be a possibility.

  • Andy said,

    I was by the Colt web site yesterday looking for upcoming Southern games and there were no more listed, so I was thinking the same thing you are Kevin. Good call, although I wish they were still playing and I hope that altercation with the two Moms didn’t lead to their demise.

  • dweeb said,

    Does anyone out there know who’s coaching the Colt all-stars this year?

  • Kevin said,

    As of two weeks ago, there was no decision on the Colt All-Star coach.

  • joe said,

    I’m betting Garrett coaches all-stars. Formerly at SEG and now JV coach at Ragsdale.

  • Baseball Fan said,

    How can a coach possibly blame an extra inning baseball game loss on two players for a throwing error when the coach himself forced several players to be thrown out because of his decision to steel bases. Man up Coach Doak!!!!!!

  • Baseball Mom said,

    I feel most sorry for the children of the mother’s who fought at the Southern game. Do they not realize that they are setting a bad example for their children? I was told this is over one of their husbands who is cheating with the other mom. What a pitty for the children. Please keep these families in your prayers!

  • SG Parent said,

    I have lived in the Southern community for years and I have had quite a few experiences with this family. I hate that Southern Guilford is looking bad because of this one family because they are definitely not what we’re about. They have been an embarassment to every sports team they have been affiliated with since their kids were young. They are definitely the over-the -top sports parents you read about. Now their crazy behavior is taking on new lows. Please don’t judge all of Southern by these crazy people.