Harry Caray in Greensboro

Posted by Don Moore on July 11, 2009 at 6:23 am under Professional | Read the First Comment

Last night at the Grasshoppers’ game the Zooperstars were in town. One of their balloon characters was Harry Canary a Harry Caray tribute (I guess).

Anyway it reminded me of Harry Caray link to Greensboro – his grandson Chip Caray.

Chip worked at WFMY-TV with Mike Hogewood. When Harry Caray was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, Chip was unable to attend because WFMY would not give him time off to attend the ceremony. News 2 Get Answers, or in this case get a CLUE – Harry Caray / Chip Caray / Baseball Hall of Fame Induction – You would think a grandson should attend something like this once in a lifetime event for his Granddad? What was the deal, Hogewood, too busy making resume tapes at the time to let his junior staffer celebrate with his family?

Just another notch in the WFMY handle of public goofs.

  • JC said,

    Guess “Hogg” was somewhere “working” that included all the free food he could consume. Let us hope most people do not associate him and Greensboro anymore.