Greensboro Colts Championship Game

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Anybody got any details on the BIG GAME? Did Ryan Stoneman pitch for Grimsley????? DJ Reader, Sawyer Highfill, Seth O’Fallon, Little Chris, Shumate or others????? How’d they do?????

  • NE FAN said,

    why are you only asking about Grimsley players? NE had some exciting players last night. Jalen Davis, Josiel Colon, Luis Paula, Matt Millaway, Harrison Phillips, McCann twins (Caleb & Jacob), Shane Flippin, Trey Johnson. Strong pitching, HR and Triple by Luis Paula. Hitting all around. Both teams had bouts with errors.

  • NE FAN said,

    Game was FUN for both sides. Players good friends on both sides of the field. This is what playing a championship should be about. Competition, Friendship, Bragging Rights. Players playing good baseball on both sides and enjoying the skills of each team.

  • Andy said,

    Sorry NEG Fan, but I don’t know, and for the most part have never heard of any of the NEG players.

    The only NEG players that I am familiar with are Brandon Wyrick and Taylor Atkins and they are Palomino players with Reno’s.

    NEG baseball has been very quiet lately and maybe now after this big battle with the Whirlies, Northeast is back on the map.

    I have heard a little bit about Miguel Paula and I see he has a son, Luis Paula. Miguel was a fine player in his day and Northeast used to have some real talent in Mitch Atkins, Jeremy Synan and Nathan Cockman.

    Again, it is good to see that NEG is back on the scene and good job on making it to the finals. Reno’s with Atkins and Wyrick are also playing well and we need let more people know who all the NEG players are.

    Otherwise they will go unnoticed…….

  • Palomino Fan said,

    From what I saw throughout the Colt season, Grimsley and Northeast were the strongest of the weakest. What I mean is the two teams left standing were the product of probably the weakest Colt League Greensboro has ever had.

  • Joe said,

    Paula at Northeast can play.

  • Baseball Fan said,

    Josiel Colon, Harrison Phillips, and Trey Johnson are players for sure. Phillips can pitch, has very good control, and has some pop on the fast ball. The McCann twins are good players and will be very good players at the varsity level soon. The twin that catches will be a stud in a couple of years and probably should have started on the varsity team this year. The other players are steady and will complement the above mentioned players very well. Not sure how difficult the conference will be that NE plays in this year, time will tell.

  • Billy said,

    The championship game was exciting to watch with 15 hits and 2 errors by each team. It came down to the last out with NE having runners in scoring position. R. Kearns pitched the first 4innings for Grimsley, DJ Reader the 5th, Seth O’Fallon pitched 1 2/3 and Tucker Rogers closed out the game. Many hitting stars on both sides with some outstanding fielding plays by both teams throughout the game.

  • Kevin said,

    There are some good players in the Colt league. Unfortunately there could be more but some coaches don’t care if their players show up or not. When you have some players not always attending, it can stress out the pitching and defense.

  • Billy said,

    The issue is not the coaches. The coaches that want the best for their programs should encourage their players to play on the travel and showcase teams for the own school program development. The issue is that Colt league plays on the weekends. Most teams have 4-8 players playing travel ball or on showcase teams where the competition is so much better. Colt League played 10-12 games this year depending on the rainouts. Travel and showcase teams play that in 2 weekends. If Colt League played Monday-Friday, the top players would play both.

  • Andy said,

    I think next year we might see the Greensboro Colts go to more of a Monday-Thursday/Friday schedule(Because of all the weekend defections) and who knows, maybe they could try and run some Showcases of their own on the weekends and that way everyone would benefit…..

  • The Watcher said,

    So who are the top 15 and 16 year old players Billy

  • reggie said,

    Billy is correct. It’s not the coaches fault. Your best players play showcase or some other type of travel ball on the weekends. You face great competition at college venues and in front of scouts. Sometimes only a couple, sometimes 10-12 or more. Many kids missed the tourney last week because it was the same week as East Cobb wood bat championships. Mosy every college in the country has scouts at that week long event. If all colt games were during the week you would get a better turnout. On weekends kids are playing somewhere else. Complain all you want but that won’t change it. BTW, some coaches do care if you show up for Colt.

  • Joe said,

    Paula at Northeast is not that great. But Josiel is talented and so is Trey Johnson and when Harrison can find the k sone he is solid

  • pulp fiction's brother said,

    So the weekend showcases impact the quality of Colt ball on the weekends, but Legion ball (Southeast, Ragsdale, Southwest) and other high school leagues (Northwest especially) impact the quality of Colt ball during the week. The bottom line is: Colt baseball ain’t what it used to be. The removal of Mr. Baseball as coach at Grimsley and the trickle down effect for Colt ball is probably the most important factor in all this.

  • BASEBALL FAN said,

    I agree with you Joe. Paula is at best average for high school. I seen him play some this past high school season too. His bat is not there and he made several errors at second in the games I saw. Should not be on the infield at all inless you put him at first. Not a middle infielder at all. The other McCann twin should play SS this season and Flippin at second.
    As far as Colt ball, showcase and travel ball will take priority. The high school coaches around the Greensboro area needs to take note from some schools like Ragsdale, Northwest, and Southwest. You have to prepare your teams and play better competition. If the local high school coaches will not do it then the better players will go find a team to play on and this exposes them to college opportunities.

  • joe said,

    How in the world did the removal of “Mr. Baseball” have anything to do with the quality of Colt play? Next someone will say we could have caught Bin Laden if he were still in the job. I find it interesting that the first year he is gone Grimsley wins the league. Before you say something, i know better. That coaches removal had nothing to do with the quality of Colt play nor Grimsley winning it this year. Although it was a good job by Simmons and his staff of Sharp and Whited for getting his kids out there.

    Legion does have some impact but not near as much as showcase. Northwest is playing their high school team in a league but most people are not familiar with it. Several NW parents mentioned that the younger colt players don’t play much on that team anyway. Ragsdale did not have any kids playing Legion that could have played Colt. They did have 3 on Jr. Legion but Colt was the priority. They missed no games due to Jr. Legion. But they did have 4 playing showcase. Southeast and Southwest have always played some legion or jr. legion. And if you want to look at something where the quality of play is down look at Jr. Legion. I do agree Colt baseball isn’t what it used to be but Legion isn’t the culprit.

    I saw Paula play 3 games. he played well and pitched well. Maybe I caught him on his good days.

  • Andy said,

    Does anyone know if the Flippin kid at Northeast is related to Billy Flippin who played here locally a few years back and I believe that Billy Flippin was with Eastern Guilford and that he was an infielder and he was a good one.

    I just got off the phone with someone who is down at East Cobb and they said that there’s another tournment craking up tomorrow and they plan on sticking around and will end up playing in the Junior and Senior tournaments.

    They said that there were alot of eyes on East Cobb.

  • wesley said,

    Most of Northern’s players played either Impact or Proehlific. Northern’s whole starting outfield played for the younger Proehlific team and at this point have played over 30 games. Their shortstop and 1b/pitcher is in Atlanta now playing with Impact. Most of their colt team was junior varsity players.

  • pulp said,

    most of yall can figure it out. the best coach in the area draws in the best players and creates an atmosphere of strong competition in the league. kids want to play for him. kids want compete against him and his kids. and the all star kids want to play for him in the postseason with a chance to go indiana. the level of competition is raised! joe, i think you should look at it as…not why did grimsley win after he’s gone…rather why was the league so weak this year

  • baseball said,

    joe and baseball fan, do you really think the mccann twin and flippin are better than that paula kid? yes i agree they are good for their age, and will continue to grow and get better. but paula is the real deal. hes going to get bigger and stronger and a whole lot better.

  • reggie said,

    Pulp, each year one school is stronger than the other. And those kids usually have another venue in addition to Colt. The last two years when ragsdale was so dominant (no losses) and had a lot of good players only 1 of them played for the coach you speak of. They all played showcase and only 1 played for the prepstars group. What would be the excuse then? They were not lined up to play for him and go to Indiana. In fact some did not play all-stars because of his staff. Some had football conflicts, just as this year. He was a good coach but he has nothing to do with the league being weak. He was able to get his best players to play Colt just as the current Grimsley coach was also able to get his best players to play Colt.

  • Kevin said,

    Did everyone stay at a Holiday Inn? Everybody feels they have the answer.

  • Norman Leon said,

    Kevin made a great comment, but let me add. Some really good players don’t play on these travel teams, as they don’t have the money…it is expensive. Also, some families may realize that there is more to life than baseball. My son is a pretty decent lefty pitcher and Bankhead wanted him a few years back, but the expense and the fact that our Sundays would be devoted to ball and not church and family…nixed the idea. My boy will play ball in college and his arm is still in great shape. No, he is not going to a Div. I school, but he still has fun playing the game. What a concept…fun PLAYING the GAME.

  • Baseball Fan said,

    They may not be as strong at this point but they will make less errors. Paula makes too many errors on the more routine stuff. Paula should get stronger but I do not see him getting much taller. I do not feel that either of the three are natural middle infielders but you have to make to routine outs. With McCann and Flippin you get the outs you are supposed to get. With Paula you will not and he might get one in the hole occasionally but he does not have the arm to make the throw from the hole.
    Enough about NE, there are much better teams around to discuss.

  • Wayne said,

    If Stoneman had pitched for Grimsley they would have lost big time. Josiel is a good player only lazy, he doesn’t hustle all the time. Paula has the arm and the bat but I don’t know if he has the quickness. Harrison has the potential to pitch but I don’t think he has the drive needed or work ethic.

  • dweeb said,

    The players for the two Colt All-star teams are posted on the Colt website.

  • ghsfan said,

    i noticed the shumate kid from grimsly didn’t make a colt all-star team. the dude made all conf in metro 4A how do u leave him off the colt allstar team? politics i guess! screw it all

  • bbfan said,

    ghsfan — several of the players (Shumate and many more) – as you have all discussed above are playing showcase events. No politics. Players decisions.

  • kirk said,

    Norman, congrats to your son.

    GHS, bbfan is correct. Many kids did not try out due to commitments with other teams.

    A major improvement in Colt this year is they finally got a website. And it’s pretty good.

  • TIGERPAW said,

    Kirk- You have an answer for everything. Do you realize that not only dp you make a fool of yourself everytime you post but you’re probably embarrassing both your kids. Have you ever asked them?

  • kirk said,

    My earlier post I congratulated a kid and parent.

    Made a statement that some boys had other commitments. True. Not unusual, happens every year. Still a nice honor for all that made it.

    The website is pretty convenient for those that use it. I thought Colt leadership did something good.

    We all have opinions, including the cowards out there. I don’t hide behind something nor worry about those that do while flaming others. If this makes you feel better, have at it. My kids actually get a kick out of posters like you. They wonder about people who are too cowardly to face anyone. My kids have turned out pretty good so far, thank you. Or do you want to take a shot at them also? Whatever makes you feel bigger. BTW, my kids know you.

  • Fan said,

    Future of Grimsley baseball….. Ryan Stoneman, Dj Reeter, Sawyer Highfil, and Chris Harrison. Watch out for Grimsley to get back on the map

  • Jack I. said,

    The thing is, you probably do not know who TigerPaw is, but that’s beside the point. You weigh in on every opic and act like a “know it all. You have either just talked to a contact at GCS, a parent @ Southwest about something, your kids have been recruited to play a sport at a private school or some other topic to make you a big deal. I don’t know you an don’t want to know you, but the nice thing about these blogs is he anonymity it gives us. Remember the old saying “fool’s names and fool’s faces oft’ appear in public places”. Without putting our names with our posts, people can’t be sure whether we are fools or not—once we do ( as in your case) they can be sure.

  • kirk said,

    Don’t mean to act like a know it all. Just sharing an opinion in a discussion. I see your point it has just not been my style to post and say something I wouldn’t say directly to someone. I see your point about being anonymous but I also think you should be accountable for what you say. Plus, I’m not going to make a negative comment. I don’t know you either but I do remember some of your posts on Ragsdale Baseball. I didn’t agree, but I did not say anything about it. People are entitled to their opinion. BTW, my kid played for a private school, was not recruited by one. You guys made it a big deal. He just went to school there. Take care.

  • John said,

    I think these forums should be a place to express opinions on a topic, not a person……whether you’re hiding behind a screen name or not.

    I know Kirk personally; he has seen more than your average fan/parent and therefore his comments are indeed wide ranging and dead on.

    Regarding Colt and high school teams…..the two are not the same, not really comparable at all. If you follow it closely, there are some teams playing 7 varsity players and others playing JV subs. To use Colt results as a measure of a high school program is a stretch…..although I do think NE has some up and coming talent, Paula being one of them, he can certainly play.

  • Andy said,

    I have talked with Kirk at many high school games over the past few years and he knows what he is talking about.

    He and his family are very devout and passionate in their athletic beliefs and stay on top of the games.

    We all have to stay the course on our main objective here. To continue to get the word out about Guilford County Athletics.