Bobby Lashley says, “I’ll be ready to get Lesnar in that Octagon soon: Lesnar vs. Lashley?

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Four challengers have been mentioned to possibly be in line to take on UFC Champion Brock Lesnar next, and here’s the lineup with Bobby Lashley up first and then we’ll look at the others as mentioned at……(Lashley is not the #1 Challenger to Lesnar, but he is among the mix.)

Bobby Lashley: Like Brock Lesnar, Lashley is a fellow WWE veteran and collegiate wrestler. Unlike Lesnar, Lashley is taking the long and winding road to the UFC. He also has four wins, but his competition hasn’t been nearly as difficult as Lesnar’s. Lashley’s biggest advantage is that he and Lesnar are the same size, and both have a strong wrestling background. With those two factors equal, the fight has the potential of being an all-out slugfest.

The problem with this fight is that Lashley doesn’t want to fight in the UFC until he is ready to be a champion.

“When I go over there I want to be a top, top level guy,” Lashley said. “I want talks of me fighting the champ when I get over there. I want them to say this guy’s really good.”

Lashley still has a while to go and much to learn before he can walk in and get a title shot. He will need to get a few more fights under his belt before we can see if he is truly ready for the champ.

The others:
Fedor Emelianenko
Shane Carwin
Alistair Overeem

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