7 on 7 Photos

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From Ragsdale, Eastern Guilford and and Grimsley face off on 7 on 7 Football drills.


Greensboro Sports' 2009-07-15 photoset Greensboro Sports’ 2009-07-15 photoset

  • Norman Leon said,

    The old saying is “one monkey don’t make no show,” but it would have been nice that Derek Holbrook had been with Renos in the game against Chatham the other night rather than in a practice football game. Derek, you got a better shot at moving up the food chain as a baseball player. (Just, for an example, see your Renos teammate Jason Davis…good lefthanded bat, good glove, and speed…but not a giant of a man…great upside to be a great baseball player. You are similar…maybe not as fast, but you throw lefthanded and have the potential to improve as a pitcher).

  • Mom of Derek said,

    Well let me tell you something Mr. Norman Leon. If parents enrolled their kids in their district schools maybe Derek wouldn’t have to be QB and have the criticism put on him like you just did. He’s an excellent ball player whether it’s football, basketball, or football. Maybe you should come out and be his coach at one of these sports and then maybe you’d feel differently about him, but until then you just keep on believing what you want to believe about my son. And comparing him to Jason Davis is not even the right thing to do. These are two different boys and two different athletes. They play their own game the way they have been taught to do so. I have nothing else to say about you and your comment other than I’m going to be there to support my son this, THANK GOD, senior year of high school through the good plays and the bad plays.

  • Andy said,

    Derek Holbrook has been working his tail off. I don’t know how he has been keeping up, but he has.

    I saw him at Ragsdale on Wednesday and then he was back out to Stoner-White on Thursday night. Coach Loosemore is lucky to have him on his team at Eastern and as baseball winds down, I’m sure he will now turn full attention toward football.

    He has been a busy young man and he is a dedicated athlete.

  • pack said,


    About Derek playing football instead of baseball and not moving up the food chain. If you are good enough to move up the food chain and make it to college and the pros you will be seen even if you aren’t playing a palomino game. Also, no disrespect to palomino if it is such a given that they will move to the next level I doubt they are playing palomino. Most of the “givens” are playing legion and impact. And he had a good year last year in football so he could just as easily go to college to play football as baseball.

  • Mom of Derek said,

    Thanks Andy and Pack for your post. I don’t know who Norman is but can’t you tell he’s ruffled mama’s feathers? As far as Derek playing legion or impact baseball, Derek did receive a letter sent to EGHS to the baseball coach addressed to Derek from Andy Partin who is with impact baseball and the dirtbags. I have talked to Andy personally as well. He too has seen Derek play and was impressed and told me he was the kind of player he looks for. Derek did attend a couple of the ID Camps but he never heard anything from anyone. His father and I both went to these camps with him and from what we saw Derek was one of the best out there and he done a wonderful job and was actually praised by a couple of the coaches that we helping with these ID Camps. Just because he didn’t make the team doesn’t mean he’s not an excellent player. I’m not sure what ppl are thinking the they say a child should play on or the other sport especially when you have a child that has a God Gifted Given Talent to play ball. We do not force one certain sport on Derek and he chooses to play them all. What Mr. Norman also don’t know is we have received information from different colleges for Derek in football and baseball. So this tells me he doesn’t have to focus on one sport, he must be doing something right. Andy you have had the opportunity to interview Derek last fall at Shane’s with Jason Davis and several other boys from the EGHS team, did he seem to enjoy the game to you? Yes he does and he enjoys all the sports he plays. So with that in mind he will continue to play as long as he wants to play and we will not stop him as long as he keeps his head on straight and can manage academics along with the sports inwhich he has managed to do thus far. I can’t wait til 5 more weeks for the season to start and like I said I’ll be there to support Derek through the bad play/games and the good plays/games. Ohand by the was his football coach Loosemore must see potential in Derek as well to have him as his QB this year. He will also be playing safety as well. So there you have it! Good Day…

  • sam said,

    Response to Pack. I’ve seen several of your posts on different topics. Best I can tell you must be a frustrated want to be athlete. I know you said no disrespect to Palomino baseball, but you turned right around and slammed them. There have been numerous givens, who have played Palomino. Local athletes include Matt Gaski, now in the minors, Jason Rook now with the Bluefield Orioles and several others who have gone on to the pros and too many to name who have gone on to play college baseball, including 6 from this years Reno’s team. So no disrespect but if you are a “given” they will find you no matter where you play.

  • pack said,

    Sam: Actually I played Palomino in 2004 and legion in 2005 and 2006. And I agree there have been a few from Palomino but there have been MANY more from Legion. After playing both I will say Legion is several levels above Palomino. Reno’s may have had 6 going to college but I am willing to venture and say most Legion starting lineups are made up of either college signee’s or college freshman returning to play one more year of legion after their first year of college baseball. And if you wanna name names let’s name a few who skipped out on this “stepping stone” to the majors league palomino. Mitch Atkins (AAA Iowa Cubs/Impact), Jeremy Synan(Grasshoppers/Impact), Ben Bunting(UNC/Legion), Cameron Cockman(UNCW, Legion). Just to name a few. And at the end of your post you said “if you are given you will be noticed no matter where you play.” Is that not exactly what I said.