Palomino Baseball and local sports will miss Brenda DeLauro

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Palomino Baseball and local sports in general will miss Brenda DeLauro, who is moving away from our area in the next few weeks to pursue other interests. She was one of Bob Doss’s right-hand women for many years after she moved here from Michigan and she also worked with sports and in the Athletics Department at High Point University, as well as making the trip each year down to Belhaven, Mississippi for the NABF 18-year-old-World Series, which she will do again this year.

Brenda’s efforts have not gone unnoticed and she will be missed when she leaves our area and here’s a nice article about Brenda DeLauro that ran in the Jamestown News back in November of 2007.

Article re-printed with permission from Ogi Overman and the Jamestown News.

NABF names High Point resident Woman of the Year

By Norma Dennis

When Brenda DeLauro moved from Michigan to North Carolina in 1991 to help Bob Doss with the Palomino Baseball program in Greensboro, she never dreamed of receiving accolades for her volunteer work. For 15 seasons she has assisted with the baseball program’s day-to-day operations, greeting players and parents, directing pro scouts and college coaches to the players they had come to see and serving on its board of directors. DeLauro also has worked with the NABF High School World Series in Greensboro and has served as field director at Belhaven College in Jackson, Miss., for the 18-year-old World Series.

She was recently recognized as the 2007 Woman of the Year by the National Amateur Baseball Foundation and traveled to Louisville, Ky., Nov. 9 to receive her award.

“I feel honored to be recognized for something I enjoy doing,” DeLauro said. “It is not an everyday occurrence.”

DeLauro played basketball and softball in high school, but admits she was never the star on a team.

“Rather than shying away from sports, I took a different direction by being a part of it intellectually,” she said, “participating behind the scenes.”

Roy Warner, the baseball coach at Clarkston High School where DeLauro graduated in 1984, played a large part in inspiring her interest in baseball. Known as Pops to the students, he served as a surrogate parent to many, making sure they had lunch money or getting them tutors if needed. DeLauro began to attend the high school baseball games and her love of the sport grew.

While helping an American Legion team host a tournament in 1990, DeLauro meet Bob Doss of Greensboro. He mentioned he would like her to come south to help with the Palomino program.

“A year later, I was ready to do something different,” DeLauro said. “I was in my early 20s and had a reason to move, so I came to Greensboro.”

Her responsibilities with the Palomino program were voluntary, so DeLauro worked at the Ramada Inn at the PTI Airport and continued there until her marriage to Cal DeLauro in 1998. In 2004, she received a bachelor of science degree from High Point University, where she was also named to Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges.

“All the while, I remained active as a volunteer with the Palomino program,” DeLauro said.

DeLauro feels she provides a service to the young players and their parents who come to Stoner White Stadium by helping promote a friendly atmosphere in which the kids can play and gain experience in the sport.

“And if kids are on a baseball field, they are less likely to get into trouble,” she said.

“I could never be where I am today without good mentors,” DeLauro added. “I work in a man’s world and they have helped me as I developed from one stage of the game to another. I really enjoy what I do and hope to continue.”

DeLauro admits her biggest support comes from her husband.
“Instead of me being a sports widow, he is a sports widower,” she said with a smile.

Details about DeLauro
• In addition to her volunteer work with the Palomino Baseball program, DeLauro has spent 12 years assisting football broadcasters for a local 1-AA college, compiling game information to use for broadcasts.
• She is in her sixth season as the ESPN Sports Ticker for men and women’s basketball games at High Point University.
• DeLauro is an avid bowler and has participated in local tournaments as well as Women’s National tournaments.
• She enjoys golfing, reading, writing, history and travel.
• The High Point resident is a member of Deep River Rotary Club.

  • Johnny said,

    I have known Brenda for as long as she has lived in the triad. She has been a Board member of Palomino for years and has worked hard for Palomino baseball. I would like to thank her for all her hard work. Also Tom Veal deserves credit for what he has done since the passing of Bob Doss. No one will ever be able to work the hours Bob did on baseball, but Tom has done an outstanding job as Director. There are many man hours that go into a season, you just do not know. Thanks to Tom and all his board for a job well done.