Palomino Baseball at Stoner-White on Thursday night

Posted by Andy Durham on July 16, 2009 at 7:32 pm under Amateur | 27 Comments to Read

There was only one game tonight and it got under way at 6pm and in what some were calling an upset it was:

Diamondbacks 7
Reno’s 4

WP:Kenny Mann
Save:Billy Humphries

*****If the talk up front was correct, this will move The Elks on to the tournament and knock Reno’s out, and this may be the game that sends both The Elks and the North Chatham Tar Heels on to Lynchburg, Virginia……..******(The North Chatham Tar Heels didn’t have to play tonight because they already had the top spot wrapped up.)

*****The other talk is that next week’s Palomino tournament at Northern Guilford will feature only the Proehlific Power and Lynnhaven, Virginia in a best-of-five series with the winner moving on to the Palomino East Zone/Region Tournament in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.*****

  • Reno's Fan said,

    The Reno’s will not advance to the tournament in Lynchburg, Va. it will be North Chatham and the Elks. Reno’s had a great season starting off but just could not pull a win out of the two games they had this week. You just can’t have a win with leaving the bases loaded and the error’s that the team had tonight. Hopefully the two teams going to Va. will pick up some of the other local top players in the league.

  • Norman Leon said,

    The Reno’s performance was lacklusker accross the board in the game last night. Nevertheless, this question begs to be answered: Why did not Chatham and the Reno”s get to make up the rain out game? Rain out dates were on the schedule, but never used. It appears that baseball in Greensboro is akin to NASCAR or Democratic Party Vote Counters to wit: Changing the rules to suit you without regard to whether it is right or wrong or leads to controversy. Now, it appears the Elks, will advance and it got to play all its games, while to Renos, who beat the Elks 3 times, will go home. Let the Renos and Chatham make up the game, as the rules provided for in the first place. Why should a 10 and 6 team that beat the 11 and 6 team not advance….when it did not get to play all its games?

  • pizza said,

    Thats the Million Dollar question.

  • pack said,

    Greensboro Palomino being rigged?!?! Say it isn’t so. If you are just figuring out they bend the rules in Palomino you are way behind. They have been doing this for years for certain teams.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    To Pack:
    I think the group today is fair, but you are certainly correct about bending the rules in the past—but it was not for teams, it was for a team or should I say an individual/family.

  • Pizza Eater said,

    It was not all bad for Reno’s last night. Jason Davis hit a 3 run homer. Jason flourished under new coaching. Mick Raynor was 2 for3, with a double.

    One lesson from the game, pitching is not all about velocity. Placement and movement are more important than velocity alone. The Diamondbacks pitchers did not throw heat, but the Reno’s hitters could had trouble adjusting…hard to wait on a slow fast ball and look for a late, loopy curve.

  • Reno's fan said,

    How can you say today’s group is fair? If Reno’s and Chatam play the make up game then the entire situation can change. Also besides pool play at a big tournament, how many leagues do you know of where a team can lose the same number of games, beat a team 3 out of 5 times, and the losing team advance to the post season?!?!

  • pack said,

    To Eddie:

    I completely agree. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have mentioned that before on here and people jumped all over me so I’m not going to say names either but we all know. I think that is why there is not near as many teams as there used to be b/c everybody got tired of this certain team and how they got to do pretty much whatever they wanted to. But hey he was their “Legendary Coach”. I haven’t really kept up with Palomino anymore b/c I moved out of town and keep up with Legion now but how is Proelific Power automatically qualified for the zone/region? I was under the impression they didn’t participate in the regular season. Can some of you guys inform me of that?

  • dweeb said,

    I’ve asked the same question about the “Palomino” league. The league does not play under the PONY Baseball umbrella. I believe it’s now a NABF league….Palomino in name only. Proehlific Power pays a fee to be sanctioned as a Palomino team by PONY Baseball. They’re the only Palomino team around. That’s why them and the Palomino team from Lynnhaven, VA will play a best of five series to see who qualifies for the next round in Pittsburg.

  • dweeb said,

    In a post on another blog on this site, an Elks fan talked about having two of their “starters” having to split time between the Elks and their Colt team which caused them to miss some Elks’ games. Since when did the league start allowing players to “play up” in summer ball? Those type of requests have always been declined in the past.

  • Elks Fan said,

    From what I understand we know how it feels it was done to us last year.
    So take a page out of our book and quit crying let it go.
    If Renos was to play Chatham 2 more times they would loose two more and they would still be third.
    At least you got a better deal than we did last year.

    Good Luck

  • Reno's fan said,

    Crying? nobodys crying, every player took the loss and didnt say a word about the post season. And Elks fan i dont know how much you keep up with on other teams, but Chatam beat Reno’s in both games by a total of 4 runs. how can you say they will lose when you yourself have witnessed the slaughters given to you when Reno’s hits, the pitcher that beat Chatam both times got shelled against Reno’s.

    But your right we have to let it go, we cant help that the league wont let them win your ticket to VA now can we?

  • Elks Fan said,

    Let it go and if it means that much maybe the Elks will let you go in their place they are all nice guys.

  • FACTS said,

    1. There was a meeting held on MONDAY where the Palomino Board voted on how to determine the two teams that would go into post season play(WINNING %).The RENO’S coach,who is a member of stated board,agreed with the decision made.They only had to win 1 of the LAST 2 GAMES. (THEY LOST BOTH)

    2. The RENO”S won 3-2 against the ELKS,0-2 against Chatham,ELKS gave Chatham their only 2 losses.Well let’s take a look at this for a moment.The RENO”S were the only team not scheduled to play Chatham at least 5 times RP -3,Elks-5,DB-5,villians-6.If you are concerened about games that were not played so much why was the schedule not laid out so all teams played each other equally 16 games every one plays 4 times.Seems the RENO’S may have had a scheduling advantage.Check your Schedules

    It all boils down to this:
    If Babe Ruth had not changed their schedule 1-team would go there
    If paperwork was submitted to PONY 1 team would have went to zone
    NABF 17u Wood bat World Series -1 team

    Now 2 teams are going to NABF because of decision that was made on Monday 7/13/09
    before the RENO’s or ELKS played thisweek.
    Elks win,wait & see what happens.
    RENO’S win 1 and your in.
    Their fate was in their own hands.What more could you ask for?Your coach evidently like his chances on Monday.
    Why was there no outcry for a makeup before now.

    Best of luck to both Chatham & ELKS

  • T said,

    This year they allowed players who would be rising high school seniors who turned 17 after 5/1/09 to play.

  • norman Leon said,

    As to facts, the fact that the rules changed in mid season has not changed. But, that is a lesson for the boys. In life you sometimes get screwed and you have to accept it and move on….

  • Reno's Fan said,

    The bottom-line here is that the players for the Reno’s team are the ones paying the price. Monday night at the board meeting the outcome was discussed and everyone that attended that meeting knew what the outcome would be after the last game was played this week. Not that they knew who would win or lose but what the stakes were before the games even started. Life is not fair but that doesn’t mean that you have to accept it only deal with it and move on!

  • T said,

    Reno’s Fan
    at least they knew what was at stake and what they were playing.
    They were in control of their own fate.What more could you ask for?
    The coach knew, the players knew if they did not tell their “Fans” or parents nobody to blame but themselves.
    It just seems to be an issue now because they lost a game they were supposed to win lets face it no way were you guys supposed to lose to the DBacks. If you had won this would all be for not. What they may want to do is see how many roster spots are available and see if they can go play if thats the issue.

  • wesley said,

    Facts need to get his facts straight. If palomino has got their paperwork in on time they would be playing in Region not Zone. Proehlific Power is the only palomino team in the area that is totally legal. In palomino you can have 3 19 year olds. Greensboro palomino voted a couple of years ago not to have 19.. That is the reason I think Proehi9lific is not in that league. I was told by one of Proehlific’s playewrs that they had playewd over 40 games already. Palomino rules state that you can get players from all over the state. Proehlific has players from a 50 mile radius. Facts ned to get his facts straight before he says anything.

  • Reno's Coach said,

    First off let me say congratulations to both Chatham and the Elks. They are both very deserving of their trips to Va. It was a pleasure to play both teams all summer, because you knew it would be a good hard fought game, win or lose. As far as crying about our situation, I would not say that, disappointed sure, but not crying. Show me a group of kids that are not disappointed about losing and I would say they probably didn’t want to be there in the first place. The group of players this year is one of the best groups I have had the priviledge of coaching in my 15+ years of doing this. They are the type of players and individuals that keep me in coaching. As far as people not wanting to play in the league because it is unfair, is a very unfair statement. What the league needs is more adults willing to give their time to coach or help with the league operations. There were two or three groups of kids this summer which could have made up teams, but their was no one who was willing to coach them, so some of them didn’t play at all or picked up with a team in the league. This league is for the KIDS, so if you really want to make a difference get involved on the field, not the internet.

  • FACTS said,

    You are right I should have typed Region not Zone.

    Yet the you missed the whole point there are only two teams in the Regional Tourney (5 game series)because paperwork was not submitted on time.Read the post.

    Greensboro Palomino does have that rule but whatever team wins and qualifies can pickup 3 19yrs old.
    They stopped having the 19 yr olds because it was causing more problems than it was worth between teams trying to “recruit” the same players

    P P has played 40+ games but none were in a Palomino league because they are not in one they are just sanctioned as a Palomino team. (7 games were in the Bob Doss tourney)

    Now Wesley tell me what facts I need to get straight seeing as I never mentioned anything about P. Power’s team. This post has nothing to do with P.P. If you want to post about them you are in the wrong Blog today.

    Next time you address someone in a post PLEASE make sure you are addressing the right person.Nothing personal but everything you posted you seem to have acquired second hand

  • wes said,

    Facts you still do not have the facts. Pony baseball eliminated picking up players from other teams 2 years ago. Even if the paperwork was turned in they would not be able to pick anyone up. YEARS AGO YOU COULD BUT THIS RULE WAS CHANGED 2 YEARS AGO. It is not impossible, but very improbable to compete on a national level without the 3 19’s. Most of the 19’s that play are pitchers. I am sure you mean well but make sure you have your facts right before placing them on this blog. I did not acquire this second hand. I know what I am talking about.

  • wesley said,

    One more thing facts, even if they could pick up players they could not pick up 19’s because there were none in their league. The rule used to be that the players picked up had to come from teams in the league. There were no 19’s in the league.

    Check out the Pony Rule Book

  • player said,

    Facts, actually reno’s was supposed to play chatam 4 times. But two of the games were rained out early in the season.

  • Baseball Fan said,

    Chatham and Reno are solid teams but if you have not seen the Elks play you might want to consider taking a trip to Lynchburg, Va. This team is one of the most exciting Greensboro teams I have seen play in years. With all thier players present this team is very hard to beat. The Elks’ fields avery strong defense and a offense that is strong from top to bottom with some big bats. It features a future draft pick whose name goes without mentioning and a rising ace pitcher, “Squirrely”, AKA “Satchel Piage”.

    So pack your bags, get your pop corn ready because the Elk Train is leaving at 8 Pm for Lynchburg, Va.

  • Facts said,

    Picking up players was for Babe Ruth and NABF tournaments.Yes I know there are no 19 yr olds allowed in the Greensboro Palomino League.That is why they are also sanctioned under Babe Ruth and NABF.

  • Wes said,

    You said that Palomino could pick up players. They cannot. The NABF is a 17 under tournament. There were some players on the teams going to NABF that could not go because they are too old so they can pick up, but where you said they couild pick up Plaomino players you were wrong. ADMIT IT. Greensboro Palomino does not have a rule where you can pick up players, that rule has to come from the baseball sanctioning organization. Again read what you said. You are wrong