One of our coaches has a question?

Posted by Andy Durham on July 23, 2009 at 12:16 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read

My nephew played varsity basketball for Southern Guilford for two years and we always cringed at the slow and slower mode of offense.

I talked to a current player at the Bryan Family YMCA and he said they (Southern Guilford) had a new coach named Corey Phillips. I am hearing that he is a football coach as well as basketball.

He also said they were making some good changes in their offense. We still come back to see 3 or 4 home games each year and I’d love to see this program turn the corner. Does anyone know anything about this?

Does anybody on the Street have any word on this topic? Greg Thompson at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s might know and we may have to send a call his way. Greg is a long-time Southern Guilford supporter.

  • Tom said,

    Has anyone heard anything about the men’s basketball position at Northern Guilford? They need to get someone in there quickly.

  • Andy said,

    I’d put a vote in for Greg McKenzie, he was at East Rowan and was the West assistant in Monday’s All-Star game at the Coliseum.

  • turkey said,

    Corey Phillips is a really good guy and very very dedicated coach. He has already commited more of his time during the summer than the previous staff probably did over the course of an entire season. Give him a chance and I promise the team will be disciplined and will win some ball games.

  • NE for Life said,

    As long as SG has those lazy players who put 50% into their offense and 10% into defense, they will get the same results.

    As long as SG has upperclassmen who only show the younger classes what NOT to do, they will get the same results.

    As long as they have those “cool” underachievers who would rather score 15 and lose than hold their man to 5 and win, they will get those same depressing horrible results.

    True enough, Phillips has done more in this summer than I have seen out of SG in 5 or 6 yrs. However, until they get some conditioned hard nose team players who work on their skills throughout the year, they will keep that same losing tradition of looking cool and never giving 100%. You can only blame the coach so much. Coach didn’t make you start practicing one week before tryouts. Coach didn’t tell you to wait until the season starts to learn the plays. Coach didn’t tell you to limp on defense and magically heal yourself on offense. Coach didn’t tell you to pass up the wide open underclassmen so the seniors can shine (imagine if Dudley had the same philosophy with PJ Hairston?).

    These bad habits are why SG did not excel in these past years despite some gifted athletes. Phillips does bring passion and discipline but it is up to the young athletes to take ownership and responsibility to give 100%.