New basketball coach at Northern Guilford

Posted by Andy Durham on July 24, 2009 at 4:16 pm under High School | 21 Comments to Read

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N&R just announced Northern’s new Basketball coach. Ryan Freeman out of New Bern High. Has only 2yrs head coaching experience. (28-21) is his record at New Bern. Not sure what to think about this.

  • jrpet said,


  • perfectsense said,

    It is obvious that GCS is trying to fill coaching positions with mediocre guys.First GHS and now NG. Athletics do not matter any way.

  • Tom said,

    This is a tough one to figure out. Hopefully the new AD had some reason to hire this younger coach. He needs to get into the position immediately and try and keep some of the players from last year. GCS and Mo Green have done a disservice to NG by waiting so long to get the AD and the basketball coach in place. The bonding that happens during the summer leagues and camps has been lost. In this so called “Search for the Truth”, the only real truth is that Mo Green is a politically motivated individual. If he really cared about NG, he would have put the new principal, AD and coach in place very quickly. Instead, he left it alone for a long period of time so he could get out of the fire.

  • Irate Grimsley Parent said,

    I think Maurice Green did the right thing under the circumstances…………and that says alot considering who held the superintendent’s position previously. A very thorough, un-biased investigation which eventually pulled some results. Maybe not what the NG comunity wanted but results nonetheless.

  • Jack I. said,

    I completely agree with what you are saying! Saying you are an “Irate Grimsley Parent” is like saying “Grimsley Parent”. Theya re always mad about something athletically such as “do not like the coach”, “not fair”, “someone is stealing our players”, and so on.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    I heard today that there was an offer made very early to someone who had a relationship with the new principal—the person turned the job down. as you might expect, there was no backup plan, so here we are today with what is probably a ‘second rate’ hire. they probably should have hired mitch johnson, and made him work instead of retiring,

  • Coach Know said,

    That job is a tough situation for anyone.

    The Northern program was good for the State. Because the team so was good,
    if your team had the opportunity to play against Northern, your team would
    get national exposure which could result in a scholarship for the players of the
    other team. Now you would have to be lucky enough to have Dudley on your
    schedule to get exposure for your team. Or you can try to schedule a private
    school such as Word of God, Ravenscroft, or Oak Hill Academy.

    Losing is sometimes part of the development cycle. It can teach you to
    practice harder and work on developing your players so that you can create
    a winning program. If your excuse is the other team is just too good, because their
    students live in a area that they should not live in.

    The private schools in NC are competing at the Regional and National level. The public schools are only competing locally. It is very tough for athletes to receive scholarships in the current Guilford County environment. Stan Kowalaewski raised the the level of competition and the exposure for all of Guilford County Basketball teams. There were Division 1 representation and scouts at all of Northern Basketball games.

    I think the lack of understanding of providing the opportunity for students to receive scholarships for participating in sports was not considered. It was more about my kid
    could not win against these kids who have prepared themselves by practicing and developing in the offseason by playing AAU sports. So it is unfair to have such good players on the same team.

    Good luck coaches and parents that are trying to get exposure for you kids to continue playing sports in college. You have to compete against Texas, Florida, Kentucky, NY, MD, VA and other states that have large sports programs 6A, 5A that draw college attention.

  • Circa 1929 said,

    We have been getting Divison 1 exposure for our kids long before kowaleski was ever thought of in this county. Our kids have competed all over the country and most recently in Puerto Rico in many of the big national exhibitions. Our program has a strong tradition and will continue to have that.

    We are DUDLEY!!

  • Tom said,

    People have been accusing Dudley of recruiting for years. They basically do the same thing that Northern did this past year. They just know how to do it better. They have the academy. Dudley does have a strong tradition of winning, but the playing field is not level.

  • DHS Olde Head said,

    Whatever, Tommy Boy. For decades, Dudley has had some of the oldest facilities for athletes to utilize. The football field still needs renovating, the track is in awful shape. But, inspite of that we still have managed to claim state titles with guys that bust their butts in the weightroom and in the classroom.

    Like I said earlier, Northern needs to pay its dues FIRST.

  • Tom said,

    Northern will never be able to compete with Dudley. Dudley will always be stronger because they can recruit. I am sure the Dudley athletes work hard, but it is not a level playing field. They are trying to solve the recruiting issue, but some schools are immune because of their special circumstances (the Academy). Northern’s recruiting days are over. Dudley’s are not.

  • Tom said,

    I probably should not have said never. There will be years where Northern can compete, but over the long haul Dudley will have the advantage. Does anybody know if the sitting out a year rule pertains to kids coming into the academy?

  • Dudley Dad said,

    It’s pretty amazing how “Nighthawk Nation” has flew the coup all of a sudden. But then again back in the latter part of the 90s and early part of this decade when Dudley could barely win 2 games nobody was screaming about the Academy back then. Have they gotten better at what they’re doing?? What exactly are they doing over there Tom since you seem to know so much?

  • Tom said,

    When did Dudley only win 2 games? You must be talking about football. I have been down her for about 16 years and Dudley is always a powerhouse in basketball. I may be wrong, but I can’t ever remember them having a losing season in basketball.
    Can you honestly tell me that Dudley doesn’t have an advantage by being able to get kids from all over the county? Do you think it would be different if kids were forced to play for their own neighborhood school? Hopefully the new rules will make this happen. If kids actually played for their neighborhood schools, you would see parity. Some schools would still be better due to better coaching, but you wouldn’t see the same school dominate every year.
    Also, I am definitely not jumping off of the Nighthawk bandwagon. It is a great school and it will only get better. They have assembled a great group of coaches and hopefully the new basketball coach will fit right in.
    This issue will never be solved because Mo will not be doing anymore investigations. He got to flex his muscles and I think that is all he wanted. Dudley, Page and Grimsley can all sleep well.

  • Dudley Dad said,

    If a kid studies at one school why should he be forced to participate in extracurricular activities in another school?? If your son or daughter lived in High Point and attended school at Grimsley you mean you would want your child rushing all the way back to to High Point to make practice??

    Yes, the 2 win seasons were speaking about football. Basketball has had its ups and downs as well. Your assessments don’t make any sense considering Dudley is not the only school in the county to have a magnet program. IMO, the other schools like Grimsley have much better facilities so why don’t the kids go there instead? Keenan Allen went there for awhile but he left to go where?? Couldn’t he have come to Dudley and had an opportunity to play for a state title?

  • Tom said,

    I agree with you. Dudley is not the only school. Grimsley, Page and High Point have an advantage. Believe it or not, I don’t have a problem with the Academy or the IB programs. I am just stating that it is an advantage. If a kid goes to a school to get better academics, that is a good thing. They should be able to play sports at that school. If a kid goes to a school and doesn’t remain in the magnet program, he should have to return to his neighborhood school. How often does this happen? I don’t know if these rules will force a child to sit out a year in order to go a magnet school.

  • notaschoolboardfan said,

    He’s bringing his Dad to help coach his Dad won 5 championships in the past…NG is not getting screwed…look it up

  • Jerry Weast said,

    What kind of championships? Public, Private, Prep? How big a school?

  • Recruiting Violation said,

    Dudley recruits out of Middle School football and basketball. They get parents to help recruit by talking to parents of Middle School athletes at Middle School games. The high school coaches at Dudley stay clean because they are at their own practice and not at the middle school events. There have been some get in the academy for a year leave the academy but stay at Dudley whereas they attended maybe Aycock,Northeast or Eastern for Middle School. They have a nice racket going and I hope Mo can find a way to bust it up. It will be hard since Dudley does it much smarter than Northern did. It is unfortunate that sportsmanship for there revenue sports at least has left the Dudley community. It was not always that way. Jonathan McKee and Bill Boyers from another era made Dudley athletics do things the right way. These were 2 highly moral and respected coaches. Dudley needs to go out and find others in the Boyers and McKee mold to return a school with proud athletic tradition to also have its past integrity restored.

  • Dudley Olde Head said,

    For the life of me, I really don’t understand why a kid would want to come to Dudley with the shape the football field is in compared to Grimsley or Page? They have much nicer facilities than Dudley. Keenan Allen chose NG over Dudley and a chance to play for a state title??

  • Tom said,

    Dudley Olde Head, I understand your point, but they do come. Dudley should have better football facilities. My daughter played soccer on that field so I know it is in disrepair. Why can’t they do something about that? Fertilizer and water would be a good start.

    The reason they come to Dudley is to be on a winner. The parents are the ones making the decision. I would love to see the basketball and football rosters along with a listing of what middle school they went to. I don’t want to see the kid’s names, just the middle school name. If we did this one simple thing for all of the high schools in Guilford County, we would see if there really is a problem or is it all just speculation.