What will be the end result for Northern Guilford?

Posted by Andy Durham on July 24, 2009 at 10:51 am under High School | 10 Comments to Read

Another Northern Guilford update in today’s News and Record. Click Here to check it out.

In the grand scheme of things what will be the end result of this athletic change at Northern over the next few years? Not just this year, but say later on in 2011 or say 2012?

The athletic movements will take their toll on Northern and it may resemble an athletic ghost town two years from now. All of the top-notch talent will be gone. Many if not all of the coaches will be gone by then and if we look closely, Northern will appear to be working with junior varsity quality talent, playing on the Varsity level.

Will all of the short-term success be worth it? We will have to wait and see and keep watching from the outside to see how many years the re-building process takes once all of the talented players and the coaches are no longer at Northern.

Life is full of wait and see moments and with many of the high school mini-camps beginning this coming Monday and official football practice set to start Saturday August 1, we will have to wait and see, where we all are one week from now.

  • football-lover said,

    Northern Atheletic will be just fine. I don’t know if you all just didn’t know or forgot, but Northern middle School went undefeated in footbal last season. They just didn’t beat all the city schools they played they crushed them. Give the young guys one year in the weight room and things will be just fine. As far as coaching goes, Roscoe has surrounded himself this year with a good group of young coaches. You have Coach Shields, Coach Morris and Riggsbee who are wonderful. I also hear he picked up the O-line and D-Line coach from the Middle school, Coach Shaffer who has tons of experience out of Rockingham county. Things in Nighthawk football land will be just fine!!

  • Curious said,


    I do wish Northern the best of luck, and its great that they picked up some good coaching to help out, but what I want to know is if they got rid of the coaches who were out there being street agents to other schools’ players…If so, then all will be great in the Nighthawk program; however, if Roscoe wasn’t smart enough to rid the cancers that be, then you will come across this issue again…

  • Get Real said,

    Northern will be just like any other county school, whatever that means. When was the last time a county school won a state champsonship in anythin? That’s just the way it is! Unless the parents in the city start moving out to the county that is how Northern will be just like any other county school and we want have anything to talk about.

  • OMGFAN said,

    this situation is ridiculous. Find a coach who can teach in the school, can develop talent , and cares about teaching the kids about life through basketball. Hope they get this right at NG and in guilford county!!!

  • football-lover said,

    yes, all of the street agents are out of the picture.

  • Basketball FAn said,

    N&R just announced Northern’s new Basketball coach. Ryan Freeman out of New Bern High. Has only 2yrs head coaching experience. 28-21 is his record at New Bern. Not sure what to think about this.

  • Sports Fan Ross said,

    It is what it is, a new basketball coach and a fresh start for Northern. You should give the guy a chance and see how he does.I won’t call it a re-building process but a buildimg process, you forgot Northern is a 2 years old school. I’m glad the eneligible football players are gone before the season started , now it’s a level field for everyone.

  • Jim Scott said,

    check there football team i bet half of them arent suppose to be there i put money on it

  • truthhurts said,

    If you think Rigsbee and Morris are wonderful, think again. Watch your back!

  • tellmewhenitsover said,

    Hasn’t Northen paid the price for their “sins”? Can we PLEASE stop bashing NGHS and their athletic program…

    the school, the coaches, and most importantly the kids need to be left alone to start anew. 2009-10 is a new year, a fresh start.

    It troubles me greatly that our schools, our media and our Guilford County citizens feel a need to continue to hammer NG over and over again.

    PLEASE let it rest.