Greensboro Green big over West Islip, New York

Posted by Andy Durham on July 31, 2009 at 6:45 pm under Amateur | 13 Comments to Read

Colt East Zone Tournament at War Memorial Stadium on Friday evening:

Greensboro Green 15
West Islip Lions, New York 7

Greensboro Green 15-16-0
West Islip 7-6-2

AJ Wiliams at least 3 hits with 2 doubles and several RBI’s
Sanders Kuxhausen double, single and 3 RBI’s
Elliot Slack single
Luis Paula double
David Anderson single and a walk
Sawyer Highfill single, 2 hits
Ben Smucker double 2 RBI’s
Joisel Colon CF
Caleb McCann pitcher

Everybody was hitting the ball and there were more hits and that’s all I took in while I was there. Greensboro Green will play again tomorrow morning(Saturday) at 11am and the Green team is (3-0) and only needs to win one game on Saturday to advance to the Colt World Series.

  • ad4deacs said,

    I believe they moved the game up to 10 am.

  • ???? said,

    any updates on the scores of the other games?

  • Fan said,

    This team can smash! Luis Paula,Ben Smucker,Sawyer HIghfill and Joisel Colon have all been on fire at the plate. HIghfill must have atleast 7 or 8 hits and Smucker along with Paula have just missed the long ball several times. Good luck tomorrow and in Indiana as well!!!

  • Greensboro fan said,

    Congratulations to the Green team as they look like they are certain to go to Indiana. Unfortunately they can be called last in Sportsmanship. All of the trash talking and talking down to the other teams should not be tolerated. If that is being a winner, I want no part of it.

  • Bill said,

    Youngstown 6 – Greensboro Gray 3
    Lots of errors from the Gray team.

  • say whaa? said,

    say what greensboro fan!? I dont know where you got that from…

  • gborocoltbb said,

    Greensboro Gray 3 Youngstown OH 6

    West Islip NY 4 Youngstown OH 2

    Greensboro Green vs West Islip NY @ 10:00 am, Memorial Stadium

  • Fan said,

    Pitching was really good for the gray. The gray would have came back if they played seven innings

  • Tonya said,

    Indiana family wondering who won the game. We are host family for the East Zone!

  • Greensboro fan said,

    Hey say whaa? Ask the players who said it.

    “You guys suck’

    ‘You have no chance to win’

  • new york parent said,

    Greensboro players congrats but remember west islip ny had to play 12games and win the northeast to get here catcher #5 has 90% runners thrown out no shame here good luck!

  • west islip said,

    Greensboro forgets that west islip was up 4-0 until a 2 hour rain delay then had to deal with host umpires and small strike zone.played friday night until 12:30 am and had to be at field at 9am for championship game

  • bb fan said,

    The Greensboro gray team was not even given a complete game in the whole tournament.