Greensboro Green wins BIG in game two at Lafayette!!!

Posted by Andy Durham on August 6, 2009 at 9:28 pm under Amateur | 13 Comments to Read

Greensboro Green Team wins big over the Philippines (19 to 2) in 5 innings. With 14 hits and only allowing one error.

Winning Pitcher Luis Paula with 5 complete innings of work, 3 k’s and allowing 4 hits.

Player of the game was AJ Williams going 3 for 5.

Greensboro has now out scored their opponents 30 to 3 in two games.

Keep up the good work Green!!!

  • gogreen said,

    Article from Lafayette paper.

  • greenfan said,

    Lafayette’s paper – article on game

  • Andy said,

    Go Colts! Go Greensboro Green! This is the best story in town right now and the good part is that they don’t play again until Sunday and it gives everyone plenty of time to talk about the Series until then…….

    BTW, what high school does Zach Hodges attend? He has been playing very well and I was telling a reader about him and he wondered where he went to school…..

    AJ Williams-Dudley
    Anderson-HP Wesleyan

  • dweeb said,

    Ben Schmucker goes to NWG

  • dweeb said,

    Zack Hodges played for Jamestown so I assume he’s a Ragsdale player.

  • Greensboro Fan said,

    Zach Hodges is a rising Junior representing Ragsdale High School.

    Keep it up Green!!!

  • gogreen said,

    Don’t forget the coaches. Bret, Deangelo and JK are doing a great job with the boys.

  • Ryan Smith said,

    Correction Zach WAS a Ragsdale tiger but is NOW a Weslyan Trojan! Can you belive that?!

  • observer said,

    With all the GCS nonsense, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a number of kids heading off to private schools. The wannabes will be happy to see roster spots opened up.

  • dave said,

    As of earlier in the week Hodges was with Ragsdale. Things do change but someone may want to confirm the above post on Hodges before a rumor gets started.

  • ad4deacs said,

    Good point dave. That same person has posted on other threads rumors about people changing schools that were complete fabrications.

  • joe said,

    Rumor on Hodges is exactly that; a RUMOR and it is not true.

  • stan said,

    Hodges is in a good position at Ragsdale. Hixson is leaving and that places Hodges as the guy to carry Ragsdale. Glad that he is staying.