Interview with Coach Joe Woodruff Northwest Guilford Vikings

Posted by Andy Durham on August 24, 2009 at 4:17 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

In discussion with Northwest Guilford coach Joe Woodruff this afternoon and talking about the Vikings big win over Eastern Guilford and the big game coming up this Friday versus Western Guilford…..

Click Here to hear the interview.

  • reporterplease said,

    ask the nw coach about the new transfers from northern, there to play football!looks like gcs has things under control

  • rumormill said,

    Whats the scoop reporterplease? Tell us what you know about the transfers from Northern? Got any info on where they live?

  • Tom said,

    Let’s not start this again. I don’t know where they live, but I am sure they have gotten the appropriate permission to be there. It wouldn’t make any sense for someone to try any funny business at this point.

  • john said,

    Are they not required to set out of sports for a year?

  • Andy said,

    There is nothing wrong in this case. All is clear and the focus right now for all the county teams is, “let’s play ball”. Right now, football that is…….

    Every team our there right now has talent, it’s just how are you going to use it.

    On an earlier question they may have been returning to an original school or at least their originating middle school district before new lines were drawn up.

    A bit of speculation, but all is good…..

  • il-logic said,

    Initially one had a choice of attending ng or nw. I do not think that after making that decision and attending the chosen program for two or three years one could then decide that the other athletic/academic program was a better fit and transfer. It is,however, taking place. Either hold everyone and every school to the same standard or do not enforce anything.

  • Hawker said,

    There are boys who live squarely in Northern’s district that got permission to transfer. No, they do not have to sit out a year. GCS has authorized the tranfer for whatever reason the kids applied……..we are not privy to that information. Each could have a different reason, but the “underlying” reason is probably more playing time at NW.

  • bytheway said,

    In response to Hawker’s post.
    From what i know these kids started last year at NG
    and would have started this year as well.
    Your point ?

  • dweeb said,

    Have the new rules regarding transfers actually been implemented yet? I don’t think so.