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Posted by Don Moore on August 24, 2009 at 11:29 am under Uncategorized | 7 Comments to Read

FANBASE – is creating an almanac of every professional and college athlete and team, no matter how obscure.

It’s pretty cool going back and looking at the teams and players. It’s also a work in progress.

  • Trivia fan said,

    Let me ask the first questions.
    Two great athletes from North Carolina were Sonny Jergenson and Ted Brown.
    Sonny played for Duke and Ted for NC State. Sonny went on to play QB for Philadephia and Washington. Ted played runningback for Minnesota.
    Both of these NFL greats played in the North Carolina East-West All Star Game while in high school. They also played the same position in the All Star game. What was it?

  • Andy said,

    Without looking it up, but going from memory, didn’t they both pass on the football game and play in the basketball game instead?????

    If the recall is correct, then I would say guard….

    Ethan Albright did the same thing, skipped football and played basketball, but he was 6’7 and was listed as a basketball center now he is still a center, but a long snapper for the Redskins…..

    Send us some more!

  • Trivia fan said,

    Andy you are correct.

  • Andy said,

    Hope you will send us some more. Wasn’t trying to steal the show, that just happened to be a good time frame for me back when Ted Brown was coming through…..

  • Trivia fan said,

    I agree. I saw him run for a 28 yard TD to beat Carolina in 1975.

  • Andy said,

    Another piece of trivia that I was thinking on this morning was not NC related but, NY related.

    I was remembering back to the day when the New York teams were the Mets(MLB), the Jets(NFL), the Nets(ABA) and the Sets(World Team Tennis)….

    That was an interesting set of team names and I wonder if others recall that lineup.

  • Alan Ashkinazy said,

    I remember those days. The Nets played out of Long Island in the ABA with the likes of Julius Erving, Billy Paultz, Larry Kenon, Super John Williamson and Brian Taylor. It was right before The ABA/NBA merger. At the time, The Knicks were good and all New Yorkers were looking foward to seeing the Erving led Nets in the same league as the Knicks. But right before the merger, The Nets sold Erving to The 76ers and the rest was history. The Sets were led by Jimmy Connors and played at Madison Square Garden. It was a time in NY when all the NY teams in new leagues were signing superstars to attract fans. The NY Cosmos in soccer just signed Pele, Beckenbauer, Chinaglia just to name a few. It was a great time in NY sports. I want to say it was the mid 70s. Maybe 1973-1975.