The Sting: Guilford County’s Top 15

Posted by Andy Durham on August 26, 2009 at 11:04 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

#1) Dudley(1-0)
#2) Ragsdale(1-0)
#3) Page(1-0)
#4) Northeast Guilford(1-0)
#5) Northern Guilford(1-0)
#6) Northwest Guilford(1-0)
#7) Smith(1-0)
#8) Southwest Guilford(1-0)
#9) Western Guilford(0-1)
#10 Eastern Guilford(0-1)
#11) High Point Central(0-1)
#12) Southeast Guilford(0-1)
#13) High Point Andrews(0-1)
#14) Grimsley(0-1)
#15) Southern Guilford(0-1)

#1) Dudley(1-0) 28-20 win over WS Carver at Ragsdale this Friday…..

#2) Ragsdale(1-0) 39-7 victory over Southern Guilford home versus Dudley on Friday…..

#3) Page(1-0) 54-14 win at WS Parkland and they travel to face Davie County on Friday…..

#4) Northeast Guilford(1-0) 30-19 for a “W” over HP Andrews and now home to Northern on Friday…..

#5) Northern Guilford(1-0) 43-36 road win at WG and on the road for a short ride over to NEG on Friday…..

#6) Northwest Guilford(1-0) 40-28 victory in the home-opener vs. Eastern Guilford and now the Vikings watch and wait as WG make’s the 6.5 mile trip to NWG Friday night…..(UPDATE)

#7) Smith(1-0) 42-0 with the Eagles breaking up the long three-year losing streak with the win over WS Atkins and home again Friday versus Northcross out of Roanoke, Virginia…..

#8) Southwest Guilford(1-0) 20-10 with the win at SEG and now the Cowboys take the trip to Eastern Guilford on Friday…..

#9) Western Guilford(0-1) 43-36 tough loss at home, on the road again on Friday at Northwest Guilford…..

#10 Eastern Guilford(0-1) 40-28 with the loss at NWG and home Friday, hosting SWG…..

#11) High Point Central(0-1) Passing game died in the 20-7 loss to WS Reynolds and Bison at Grimsley this Friday…..

#12) Southeast Guilford(0-1) Loads of offense, but too many mistakes with at least 2TD’s called back in the 20-10 loss to SWG and now at Asheboro on Friday night…..

#13) High Point Andrews(0-1) Trying to find life without Tony Washington and Charles Godwin with a 30-19 loss to NEG last Friday and off this week…..

#14) Grimsley(0-1) Got beat up in the 22-0 loss to Durham Hillside and now must re-group for HPC on Friday at Jamieson Stadium…..

#15) Southern Guilford(0-1) Got beat 39-7 to a very good Ragsdale team and now hit the road for Rockingham County on Friday…..

  • UNCMTH '13 said,

    Just a correction. Dudley beat Carver 28-20, not 28-0.

  • Andy said,

    Lots of numbers, one of them is going to bite you…..

    Thanks for the spot up!

    And for sure, we can use some more input on this poll. Eight teams were winners and seven teams lost in week number one. Somebody had to feel the Sting……Total points, points for, points against, there has to be a method to the madness.

    Anybody have some changes for us?????


  • Anonymous said,

    The NWG-WG game is at Northwest this year…

  • Eddie Willis said,

    I suggest we only have a top ten! With a top 15, we should include middle schools in the rankings since there are only 17 high schools in the county.