Lex Luger turns life and paralysis into a positive

Posted by Andy Durham on September 1, 2009 at 12:10 pm under Professional | Read the First Comment

There have been quite a few positive comments that have come in to the site over the past year on the changes in Lex Luger’s life, before and after he suffered paralysis, right around June 19, 2008.

Here are the comments we have received over the past year, and I thought these might be a bit positive and uplifting, plus befitting of a Tuesday in September……And again, all of these came in to this site, this is not a re-print from any other sites…..

Marcus Peterson

Lex, I am one of your biggest fans, and I loved when you put your opponent in the “torture rack” and I must say that me and my cousins really got a kick out of how incapacitated your opponent was when you dropped him. Personally, I liked the way that you looked into the camera as you were doing it, and you had control of the situation, and I have always seen that I wanted to control things in my life. It hasn’t always worked that way, but just as you have realized, God will get you through any situation, no matter how bleak it may be. I want to applaud you for all of the entertainment that you provided to me over the years and I pray that your health improves. You were one of the most chisled athletes that I have ever seen. Much love to you and your family and please continue your work at the Sherpard center, because I believe that it will help you obtain a full recover. God bless.
Marcus Peterson, Arlington,TX

Lee Roupas
677.167.252.34 Submitted on 2009/01/13 at 11:43pm
God Bless Lex Luger!

Angela Submitted on 2009/02/01 at 10:09am
Keep smiling your fans still love ya.

Ronnie Polson
It’s so good to hear that you’re fighting back and doing so much to help others. Please don’t ever stop. I also believe you could do a great deal to influence the thousands (so many whom you have already influenced) who aspire to be professional wrestlers on the dangers of performance enhancing substances. Professional sports in this country is just beginning to come to terms with the dangers these substances hold for its participants and you know how unstructured pro wrestling’s lower divisions are compared to the primary sports of football, baseball, and basketball. Someone like you can do so much to positively influence young men and women who want to enter the world of wrestling but lack the guidance to do so in a way that will not be harmful to them in the long run. There are too many dead legends and just plain good people from the sport already. You could help young wrestlers to approach pro wrestling as legitimate athletes who can reach their goal without artificial enhancement. (I know you could have but there was no one like you then to show the way.)

google Submitted on 2009/03/12 at 8:16am
Some one I always admired and enjoyed watching. Kepp strong, and fighting. God will be with you.

Bill Submitted on 2009/03/12 at 2:13pm
Lex, I am happy to see you are improving day to day. Do not give up, as you never did in the ring, and I know you can beat this thing. God will take care of you as you have already found out. I always liked the way you handled yourself and I knew you were a gentleman.

Ask.com Submitted on 2009/04/23 at 10:25pm
lex keep your head up and believe that the lord will (and he will) bring you through and over anythingyou encounter. GOD BLESS

antonia jordan Submitted on 2009/04/30 at 7:59pm
God bless you the total package lex lugar. Keep your head up. Can you come visit hughston hospital in Columbus Georgia sometimes.

Pat kpps
kppswisdom65@yahoo.com Submitted on 2009/06/07 at 11:16am
God Bless you Lex luger, you were my favorite!!!!! I love you,
remember,,,according to your faith, be it unto you, in jesus name

evelyntc701@wmconnect.com Submitted on 2009/06/20 at 2:33am
You were one of my favorite wrestlers. My prayers will be with you. Remember the promise in Isaiah 53:5 That by his stripes we are healed. Believe it and claim it. Always remember Gods timing is not our timing. Always remember God always comes on time. We don’t understand when things happen to us but remember everything happens for a reason. God has a purpose for all our lives, sometimes he has to get our attention, sometimes it is through tragedy.If God brings you to it he will bring you through it. Also so when trouble comes Faith won’t take you around it Faith wil bring you through it. I am an intercessor prayer warrior I will keep you in my prayers

Mutafeeq perkins
bear.2006@hotmail.co.uk Submitted on 2009/07/03 at 9:36am
God bless Lex.

Lex u were one of my favourite wrestlers as a kid and the guy who got me into bodybuilding.

I hope you will recover soon.Take care
Mutafeeq Abdul Perkins

rodney reel
rodreel58@yahoo.com Submitted on 2009/07/22 at 10:11pm
lex, i’m glad to hear that you’ve found God. You have a huge chance to spread the message of Jesus Christ. a chance that many of us will never see. I hope that you use your time wisely. for those that much is givin much is required. One thing that i’ve learned when times are hard, is that sometimes the Lord, doesn’t always light the whole path ahead, He only lights the next step. God Bless in your new journey. keep your eyes on the Lord, and God Bless You!!!

In Christ,

Chris H.
chrishughes@yahoo.com Submitted on 2009/07/24 at 12:11pm
Dear Lex,
While growing up. I watched you wrestle for many organizations. But the one I rember the most was Championship wrestling from Florida. Living in and around Orlando I followed your career from Southern heavyweight champion to Horseman status.You are a true leagend. God bless you. you will always be remmembered.

Chris Hughes

jlch65@yahoo.com Submitted on 2009/08/16 at 3:28pm
I attended Christian Union Church of God today to see Lex Luger and hear him speak. What a Blessing he was to me and all that attended there! It reminded me of my grandaddy.

Manuel Samuel Garcia
Naturalwriter2@yahoo.com Submitted on 2009/08/22 at 6:12pm
I am a retired teacher (almost 60 yrs. old) that is quite educated. Many, many of my peers ridiculed me because I have always been a great wrestling fan. They tried and tried to convince me that it was ridicules and beneath me. Regardless I used to be, I am and always will continue to be a big pro wrestlin fan till my last day. You and Sting, and Rick Flair and so many others helped me escape from my dysfunctional and sad childhood. I know what wrestling is and still I watch it religiously. In addition to teaching public school and college I also taught religious education at the same time and I know you and others brought happiness and inspiration to many common people like myself that grew up in poverty. I will pray for you and I ask you to never give up because God always has a plan for us that we may never know what it is about. God bless you and keep you. Thanks for the entertainment and the great exciting moments.

Frank Gonzalez Submitted on 2009/08/25 at 6:54pm
I am glad to hear that you are doing better Mr Lugar. God bless you. Hang in there you are going to recover. Keep believing. I have had the honor of meeting and talking to you many times. Take care. I love you brother. Your brother for life. Frank Gonzalez

Brenda Submitted on 2009/08/31 at 6:16pm
Dear Lex,
I attended many of the wrestling matches in Daytona Beach at the Ocean Center when i was in my early twenties. The highlight of one of the events was when you were introduced and came into the ring. We always sat ringside. As you walked around the ring you put your hands to your chest and ripped your white undershirt off.
You looked down at the ringside chairs and threw it right to me. I was so excited and had other girls jumping on me til we ripped it once again. It was very exciting. But today I found out that you had dedicated your life to Jesus and that is even more exciting. I have been a christian for years and that thrills me.I hope you have a full recovery and stay committed. Bless You, Brenda

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