If your life depended on it, who do you take tonight: N.C. State or South Carolina?

Posted by Andy Durham on September 3, 2009 at 9:46 am under College | 7 Comments to Read

Big time battle in Raleigh at Carter-Finley Stadium at 7pm on ESPN and who do you take or better yet, who do you like?????

If your life depended on it, who would you take in the game tonight, N.C. State or South Carolina?

Toney Baker is back for the Pack, and I used to love to call his name out on the radio, back when he was in high school at Ragsdale HS, in Jamestown. It would be, “TOUCHDOWN, TOUCHDOWN, TOUCHDOWN, TIGERS…..Toney “the Tiger” has done it again……

Toney Baker has turned into a Wolf again and I really hope he has a productive season and that it all goes injury-free, for TB.

You don’t necessarily have to, but let’s get behind this kid and push and pull him through his return for the Red and White.

BTW, again, what are your thoughtS on TONIGHT in Raleigh?????

Let’s make this “Toney Baker Country” all over again, what do you say?

  • Phil said,

    With Russell Wilson and Toney Baker both full strength, N.C. State by 10 points.

    24-14 Wolfpack

  • Emily said,

    Glad to see Toney has finally been able to shake off those knee injuries that have plagued him throughout the majority of his career at NC State. Nate Irving will be absent this season but we’ve got Dwayne Maddox a sophomore from Shelby and Terrell Manning a red shirt freshman out of Scotland County to keep the linebackers in check. Looking forward to a great game tonight played at Carter-Finley.

    LETS GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roch101 said,

    If my life depended on it, the Gamecocks, but if I were just making a wager, Wolfpack by 6.

  • Andy said,

    Roch101, steady approach from a man who has been on the political circuit and here’s what they are saying at espn.com:

    South Carolina 28, North Carolina State 24: The Gamecocks will have their hands full with NC State quarterback Russell Wilson, who can hurt you a number of different ways. But Ellis Johnson’s defense gets it done in a game South Carolina absolutely has to have if this is going to be a breakthrough season for the Gamecocks.

    Good to see the fans getting their swagger back and shakin’ and I haven’t heard, but would love to hear just a small taste of what Lou Holtz is saying about this one…….

  • Hawker said,

    Just want to see the former Greensboro brothers Gentry win this one for NC State!

  • spaz fan said,

    SEC > ACC

  • NC State Fan said,

    Hype..Hype…Hype…State looked terrible. No one wants to block or tackle. Where did State find these players…on an high school baseball site…lol… Number 28 on defense for state looked like he was scared to tackle anyone. In fact everyone wanted to arm tackle… They have the worst receivers I’ve seen in quite while. They dropped them all night. Wilson doesn’t know the plays or how to read defenses. He looked scared to run the ball ….Take for instance 3rd and 11 and he throws a 4 yard pass? All night long? Give me a break….O’Brien did not have
    state prepared or he has the worst recruiting coaches in the ACC. State did pretty good on defense or they just got lucky Garcia had a bad night. I think Garcia had a bad night. Another thing, I didn’t see O’Brien get in the huddle to talk to his players when a time out was called. Not once.