Live Scores – Friday, September 4, 2009

Posted by Don Moore on September 4, 2009 at 7:37 pm under High School | 6 Comments to Read

Turning It Over To Andy….
*****All of these scores are now final….*****

Northern Guilford – 7 (2-1)
Dudley – 12 (2-1)

East Forsyth – 14
Mt. Tabor – 19

Ragsdale – 34 (3-0)
Western Guilford – 7 (0-3)

Northwest Guilford – 15 (3-0)
Smith – 14 (2-1)

Northern Durham – 27 (0-3)
Page -63 (3-0)

Ledford 13 (0-3)
Southwest Guilford 28 (3-0)

Eastern Guilford 17 (0-3)
Northeast 40 (2-1)

High Point Central – 31 (2-1)
Lexington – 7 (2-1)

Southern Guilford 37 (1-2)
Southeast 15 (1-2)

High Point Andrews 14 (1-2)
Grimsley 6 (0-3)

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  • John Smith said,

    Smith is for real.

  • Ladyofthe Game said,

    I believe you may be right my friend.

  • topfin29 said,

    Page had 480 yards of rushing. 480. Watch for Ragsdale to put 9 in the box and play man outside next week. Page secondary a little suspect. Congrats to Dudley!

  • NEJustBetter said,

    Eastern Guilford heres my checklist
    Defense was soft
    Offense was pussycats
    EG is that EG from years past last year was a fluke like i said 40-17 thats all I have to

  • Get Over It said,

    Just get over yourself, I’ve seen several of your comments concerning EGHS. Why, Why all the bashing? Maybe you are still upset that EGHS beat NEG last year? Just let it go and get over yourself. Whatever the reason it doesn’t matter, the matter of the fact is you just need to get a grip and chill…Football is football, EVERY team makes mistakes including NEG, we learn from those mistakes, practice harder, and have good sportsmanship in which you do not have.
    Good Day!

  • Vic Smith said,

    6 games in the season, and now SGHS’s Warren Scott has over 1000 yard rushing.
    Friday night he had 176 yd. and also had three touchdowns called back because of penalties. One a sixty yd punt return and another long run, too. Check him out