Double dose of Paul’s two-a-days

Posted by Andy Durham on September 9, 2009 at 11:38 am under Professional | Comments are off for this article

Wow I forgot that labor day was Monday and that the season itself starts TOMORROW…better double up! Here’s how I see things shaking out in the NFC/AFC north.

AFC North: The Steelers have that swagger that comes with being the champ and the maturity to be able to handle the mantle of being a champion. A repeat performance in 2009 is a distinct possiblity.The Ravens will again play the bridesmaid but they have almost as much ootential and will be waiting to pounce on the opportunity if the Steelers falter. The Bengals are always entertaining…if not on the field without doubt off of it…and the Browns just continue to be well…the Browns.

4 Cleveland Browns: Brady Quinn is very close to bust status..and he is back as the starting QB. Just an indication of how dysfunctional things are right now. Paul’s Projection 4-12

3. Cincinnati Bengals: Chad Ochocinco, Carson Palmer and Co can light up a scoreboard…But the defense is still an issue and that is not a good thing with teams like Baltimore and Pittsburgh in this division. Still this is a team that the schedule maker could allow to make some noise…but it is also back loaded with tougher opponents so I think that by seaosns end whatever sizzle the Bengals may have will sputter out. Paul’s Projection 6-10

2. Baltimore Ravens: Joe Flacco will continue to progress and could become an elite QB very soon. But with Rex Ryan leaving as defensive coordinator and some serious problems are looming on the defensive side of the ball. Also Flacco could use some more stout targets to throw the ball. Still when it is all said and done Baltimore should be right there. Pauls Projection 11-5 and another solid run in the playoffs but with the spector of the Steelers still looming over them

1. Pittsburgh Steelers: For a team with two Super Bowl titles in the last four years this is still a team with a lot of miles left on the tread of their tires. This is a team with a ton of quality players just now entering the prime of their careers. And this is a team still hungers. Paul’s Projection 12-4 and perhaps the chance to defend their title

NFC North: Does Brett Favre have enough left… How well will Jay Cutler cut it in Chicago…Can Aaron Rodgers return the Packers to glory…and when will the Lions finally win a game??? Confused? You won’t be after this weeks episode of SOAP…I mean Pauls Pigskin Prognostications.

4. Detroit Lions: Literally nowhere to go but up. But no one is going to want to be first. Paul’s Projection 3-13

3. Green Bay Packers: Year two A.F Aaron Rodgers was not bad in 2008, but very unlucky, shows just what a fine line it is in the NFL. The aging Packer pass defense had a lot to do with that and with Al Harris and Charles Woodson in the words of the Beatles “Revolution #9” a little bit older and a little bit slower’ the Packers offense will be pressed to keep up. Paul’s Projection 6-10

2. Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler is where QB’s go to die. Moving Devin Hester to WR is going to be tough to pull off, it’s one thing to make plays on special teams in open field situations, but completely different against set defenses. The others are unproven. We will see just what sort of QB Cutler is, is he someone who can raise the level of those around him, or one who is only good as those around him? The answer is somewhere in between, though my leaning is towards the former, he has the goods. The defense and running game is solid as it has been in the Windy City since time, George Halas and memorium. If the Vikings stumble, Chicago is well prepared to take advantage, and even if the Vikes live up to expectations Chicago will be a factor come playoff time. 11-5, potential deep run into playoffs.

1. Minnesota Vikings: Brett Favre a Viking. The thing is with the defense and the premier home run hitter RB in the know universe Adrian Peterson coupled with a very friendly schedule they were in position as it were. There is a distinct possbility Brett could flame out, but even if he does Jackson can lead the team and with Brett’s shaky shoulder he will be mentally prepared to do so. Paul’s Projection 12-4 and the distinct possibility of going back to the Bowl since the Tarkington era.

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