The Sting: Guilford County’s Top 15

Posted by Andy Durham on September 9, 2009 at 6:22 pm under High School | 14 Comments to Read

The Top 15 high school football teams in Guilford County:

1) Ragsdale(3-0)
2) Page(3-0)
3) Dudley(2-1)
4) Northwest Guilford(3-0)
5) Northern Guilford(2-1)
6) Southwest Guilford(3-0)
7) Smith(2-1)
8 High Point Central(2-1)
9) Northeast Guilford(2-1)
10) Southern Guilford(1-2)
11) Southeast Guilford(1-2)
12) High Point Andrews(1-2)
13) Western Guilford(0-3)
14) Eastern Guilford(0-3)
15) Grimsley(0-3)

1) Ragsdale(3-0) Defeated WG 34-7 last week and home versus Page this Friday night…..

2) Page(3-0) Topped Northern Durham 63-27, now visit the Tigers in Jamestown this Friday evening……

3) Dudley(2-1) Overcame a solid effort by Northern to knock off the Nighthawks 12-7, now face Raleigh Wakefield this Friday……

4) Northwest Guilford(3-0) Took Smith out late 15-14, to avoid OT, and now take 158 straight into the Nighthawks nest on Friday night…….

5) Northern Guilford(2-1) Not enough Allen to Harris for NG to get past Dudley, and now the Nest, is waiting on Northwest, for 9/11 at it’s best. Who will pass the test and earn a rest, come Saturday morning?????

6) Southwest Guilford(3-0) The Cowboys handled Ledford and now face a much stiffer challenge in High Point Andrews at Simeon Stadium this week…..

7) Smith(2-1) The Eagles got caught in the coop and now they are in a hurry as they head over to Simeon to face High Point Central on Thursday, one night earlier than the other guys……

8 High Point Central(2-1) Crushed Lexington 31-7 and now meet Smith HS on Thursday in High Point…..Will Clarence come in from Thomasville to cheer on the Bison???????

9) Northeast Guilford(2-1) No mercy against Eastern with the Trader, Sanders and Ingram show rolling and now the NEG Rams must meet a very potent Reidsville team on Friday night……

10) Southern Guilford(1-2) Let no doubt after the Big Win over arch-rival Southeast Guilford and now have a week off to prepare for round number four……..Warren Scott and Josh McDuffie, red hot right now for SG Storm…..

11) Southeast Guilford(1-2) The Falcons are hard team to figure out after the loss to Southern and now they face a much improved Rockingham County Cougar club across the county-line this week……

12) High Point Andrews(1-2) The Raiders topped Grimsley on the road and now they come back home to face unbeaten SWG on Friday night……

13) Western Guilford(0-3) Western got walloped by Ragsdale last week and now something has to give as the Hornets square off with fellow (0-3) EG on Friday…..

14) Eastern Guilford(0-3) Went down hard at NEG and now the ‘Cats come home to battle WG this week with both clubs looking for a “W”……WG has one, but you have to go get one on the field to make it an official win…….. The “W” in WG do not count/does not count………….

15) Grimsley(0-3) Grimsley put 6 up on the board last week vs. Andrews and now they host Durham Jordan this Friday….Hard enough to face Durham or Jordan, but when you have to fight them both, that’s a tall order………..

  • Joe Barile said,

    Is Grimsley really that bad? 15th?

  • JT said,

    Can’t wait to see NW @ Northern this Friday!

  • Rags said,

    Is Northwest for real? Northern will stop the run so what’s left?

  • really? said,

    yes grimsley is really this bad. its the worst i’ve seen in a while. page will beat them by atleast 30, if not 50

  • Damon said,

    I think Ragsdale is the place to be this weekend!!!

  • Peoples Champ! said,

    I guess we’ll all find out if NW is foreal this Friday!

  • Time will Tell said,

    This could turn out to be a good one.
    NW is young with a pretty good defense and running game.
    NG has Allen, one of the best in this area. Stop him and NG will have a tough time beating anybody. I will be watching .

  • HighPointTeams said,

    Nice poll… other than the fact you have atleats 4 teams ranked above HPC that shouldnt be.

    I’m biased but in the end I think HPC ends up in the top 3 of this poll at the end of the season.

  • Antonyo Hairston said,

    As a fomer defensive player for Northwest Guilford High school last year, I am happy to see that the boys playing now are right where we started. I hope that they can further their winning streak and go deep into the playoffs as they progress.

  • whirlie fan said,

    Yes, Grimlsey is that bad. Since the new AD came in, everything has gone downhill. Football and baseball have taken the biggest dives, and basketball isn’t far behind. Tennis is doing good, wtf?

  • Joe Barile said,

    HPC up on Smith at half.. 23-0

  • Joe Barile said,

    HPC 30
    Smith 8 7 mins left in the 4th quarter

  • Brian said,

    Page JV 27 Ragsdale 0

    Page JV is 3 and o on the season.

  • Basketball FAn said,

    Oh its really going down at Northern tonite! Some NW kids spray painted their logo on Northern’s football field. That’s a no-no! Looking for Northern to shut em down!