Coach K has them ready to play at ORMA

Posted by Andy Durham on September 10, 2009 at 10:46 am under High School | 20 Comments to Read

from Tom Keller in today’s News and Record and on-line at……

Our load is still heavy into football with the Big Ones coming up Friday involving Page-Ragsdale, Northwest-Northern and tonight you have Smith at High Point Central in Thursday evening action, but this hoops story still grabs your attention especially with Coach K and Coach Bloom working together on a game and Greensboro Day is ready play almost a trey with Coach K.(Two games with ORMA vs. Greensboro Day……)

  • Basketball FAn said,

    I cant wait to see ORMA play. I will have dual teams this year but thats ok. The kids playing with Coach K are some of the best in the area. Nice tough schedule he has lined up. Go Cadets!

  • William Friday said,

    Will you ask Coach K to keep his wife off this blog?

  • if they can keep it going said,

    They also were invited to the Ragsdale Invitational. Seriously though it is definitely a good schedule shaping up. They need a bigger gym. Only problem I could forsee from reading the article is that ORMA does not actually have 70 kids but has gotten up into the upper 50’s from what everyone is saying and a guy I work with has a daughter going to elementary school on the ORMA campus and said he still only counts 50 something kids at their morning assemblies or whatever you call them out front and that was Monday. The 4 million dollar debt listed in past articles aside, the paper has said in past articles that they have massive debt from last year that has to be paid up soon and then expenses for this year. Can the school stay open through the basketball season. If they struggle financially to stay afloat, will they allow the team to travel to all these locations regardless of who is paying for it. They need to enroll a lot more students quickly or basketball will be a secondary issue. I am sure they have gotten some donations or they would not have been able to open, but they will still need a lot more students. Hopefully for all involved they can get it done. Wonder if any public schools agreed to play.

  • Basketball FAn said,

    His wife? I am far from his wife dear. Been a poster here for a while. If you had any sense you would know that I dont have jungle fever. I see the haters are in full effect. Your kind makes us rise!

  • Get Real said,

    Basketball Fan where can I go and see the schedule for ORMA? I would love to take a look at it. Thanks!

  • huh?? said,

    Jungle fever???? WTF…I don’t get what that has to do with being his wife?

  • Basketball Fan's Hubby said,


    Will you bring me another beer? And what have I told you about logging onto this site? These people are only here to get in everyone else’s business rather than tend to their own.

  • Basketball FAn said,

    Wow. I maturity didn’t reach all of us. Sometimes its cool to ‘just say no’. Pathetic

  • whenwill this stop said,

    Not a hater but guys really when will this stop. The guy in on the front of the sports section during football season. This makes no sense, when has he really helped any of the kids he has coached? I may be blind to the things he has done but to my knowledge the only things they really get from playing with this guy is tee shirts and sneakers. I have been in the area for the last few years and on the basketball scene since my arrival. To my knowledge, and correct me if i am wrong but from all of the winning teams he has coached how many of those kids received a college scholarship or are even in college? If you know of any please let me know. As a high school coach you should be promoting respect, responsibility, along with the greatest part of interscholastic sports being a student athlete. Wins, losses, championships, all are great but what about developing men and women with integrity. This stuff is crazy, all the people in the area are blind and ignorant to what is really going on. Wake up and remove the wool from your eyes. Lets take it back to the days of the old math teacher, P.E teacher, or history teacher coaching the team for the right reasons!!! Peace

  • just getting started.. said,

    Here are a few guys Coach K has coached, mentored, and helped get to the next level just in the last 3 years. All currently in college, all currently playing on their college teams. I’m certain if you go back a few more years and do some research you will find many, many more than I was able to pull off the top of my head.

    Will Ohuaregbe -Ggaters
    Eladio Espinosa – Gaters
    Chris Applegate- Gaters/HPC
    Robbie Reid- Gaters
    Mark Wright- Gaters/HPC
    Jermain Armstrong – Gaters/HPC

    Not to mention who is up and coming…

    Jonathon Frye – Gaters/HPC/NG
    Jacob Lawson – Gaters/NG/ORMA
    Jay Canty – Gaters/ORMA
    Chris McCain – Gaters/NG
    Michael Neal – Gaters/NG/ORMA

    and so on

    hope that helps you

  • clueless hater said,

    The thing that all of you miss is that the guy has helped countless kids get to college who never played basketball in college. When he was at Bishop McGuiness and High Point Central, he didn’t have any superstars that went major D-I, but he found a way to coach them up and win against superior teams. Finally, at Northern he had some D-I talent and look what happended – they won the state. Bottom line – Coach K. has done more for his student-athletes in preparing them and getting them to college than any high school coach in NC. Hate him for that, but don’t ignore the facts.

    By the way, I applaud NW Guilford for wanting to play ORMA. I hear all the other Guilford County schools are scared to death to play ORMA.

  • Sew said,

    So what you are saying is that a team must have D 1 players to win the state? Mt Tabor did, with 3 D 1 players. How about Shelby, who are their D 1 players? How about Bishop McGuiness, who are thiers? My point is these 2 teams won without D 1 players, why could Kowalski not do it too? Not ‘coached up’ enough or not a good enough coach?

  • Military Dad said,

    ORMA is looking to be just another Veritas Sports Academy………….and we all saw what happened there. I lost respect for the Oak Ridge Military Academy a long time ago and would never send my cildren there. Have they paid the teachers yet?

  • whenwillthis stop said,

    just getting started
    i appreciate the names but can you give me names of schools. I have heard rumblings of those kids not playing anywhere. All the schools he has coached at started with average talent until guys were brought in.

  • lets be accurate said,

    Where did those kids play? I remember the Wright kid playing one year at Greensboro College and that is it. Couldn’t he have done that playing for anyone? He only coached Reid in AAU and both he and Applegate went to Prep School after high school not on to college ball as I recall. Again, couldn’t they have done that playing for anyone? What college did Armstrong go to after high school. I did not think he went to any college right after high school but maybe I am wrong. Also, I don’t recall him doing that well at Bishop McGuinness and he did ok at HPC, but he had a lot of talent just like he did at Northern. Don’t get me wrong. I think the guy is a great AAU coach. I think that is a perfect fit for him and he is good at that. But claiming he is a great high school coach is simply silly. Why would a normal public high school in Guilford County want to play him now? Nothing to do with scared. What is the point for a public high school team playing a high school game against a glorified AAU all-star team from a school that appears to be falling apart? Again, I applaud the guy as a great AAU coach and I credit him for that. No sarcasm there I really think he is good for AAU. But a great high school coach??? How would we know?

  • just getting started said,

    Ohuaregbe @ UNC Wilmington
    Espinosa @ University South Floria
    Applgate @ Trinity via Phillips Exeter
    Reid @ University of Rochester via Phillips Exeter

    All 4 of these boys prepped a year after high school. I am pretty sure Coach K has contacts at Exeter and if they have the grades to get in an extra year there is definitely going to benefit them in the classroom and on the hardwood.

    My contact did not know the current status of the others. Once they are in college it is their job to stay there (I think @ that point Coach has done as much as he can for them)

    With this new group playing @ ORMA the list will keep growing

  • Get REal said,

    Ohuaregbe and Espinosa had those scholarship as a result of Hargrave and Fort Union Military Academy. He in no way did anything for those kids other than use their talent for the betterment of the Gaters. But to give him credit for those scholarships is ridiculous. He accused and talked so badly about so many coaches in the area that who would want to play him. What aboutall the kids that he led to believe they were going places with horrible GPA’s from HPC and Bishop McGuiness (Chris Neely). He alone with Wright and Nuseio are prime examples of kids districted for WG but followed him around from school to school for nothing. Wright at D3 , Neely at GTCC and Nusieo for baseball.
    How many times does he have to prove that he is all about himself and will cut anyone that gets in his way. This dude is like a cat with nine lifes — no matter how many times he digs himself into a grave (hole), he just keeps resurfacing. He continues to pull the wool over parents eyes. He has ruined the future of Lamont and Gant with those promises and we still hold him up to be this super caring all heart for the kid coach. Get real if he was as good of a coach as everyone thinks then some college or a real viable prep school would have snatched him up. He is at the only school that would take him — one on it’s last leg where I’m sure he has given a sizable donation to keep the doors open. Intelligent people see through his bull and stay away from him and anything he is affiliated with. Where are all those connections now?????? He has no conscience or cares about anybody but himself.

  • Jeff said,

    I apologize for those remarks. How can I spell those 1st two names and misspell Ealey and Nusdeo? I can’t do anything wright!

  • Get REal said,

    You’re correct I did spell their names incorrectly and I am willing to admit my error. However the fact about their district , following him around with blind loyalty and it not leading them to a big time scholarship is true. What’s ironic is that the only rebuttal you have is a correction of my spelling. I guess you are Wright you can’t do anything or stand for anything right.

  • Basketball FAn said,

    Well said Clueless hater.

    @ huh, if you dont know what jungle fever is, research it. Then you will understand why I say, I am not his wife.