Durham Jordan drops Grimsley 24-21

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Rex Downey booted a 29yd FG with :25 remaining to lift Durham Jordan past Grimsley 24-21 Friday night at historic Jamieson Stadium Thr real story of the evening though was the performance of highly recruited Jordan standout T.J. Thorpe who was a proverbial one man wreaking crew. Thorpe returned two kickoffs for touchdowns, one 78yds the other 91yds. Also two of the three catches he had set up scores including the winning FG and Thorpe intercepted a pass for good measure.

After a scoreless opening period Jordan High opened the scoring one minute into the second stanza as Charles Williams 12yd TD run capped a 8 play 66yd march. The key play was a leaping 30yd catch by Thorpe. The Whirlies also contibuted to their own demise as a personal foul penalty on what would have been fourth down extended the possesion.

Grimsley tied the game with under two minutes to go before the half as LaShaun Brown went in from seven yards out to complete a 6 play 38yd drive that was set up by a fumble recovery. The Whitles good fortune however was short lived as Thorpe got the first of the two explosion plays he had in the return game as he took the ensuing kickoff 78yds to the house giving Jordan a 14-7 halftime lead.

The Whirlies responded by driving with the 2nd half kickoff 78yds in 10 plays mainly on the legs of Brown to tie the game on a one yard plunge from QB Kurt McPherson. Once again however Thorpe came to the rescue for Jordan. Grimsley kicked the ball out of bounds on consecutive occasions in an effort to keep the ball from Thorpe but the third time was the charm as Thorpe took a booming kickoff back 91yds to allow Jordan to reclaim the lead. The Whirlies decided though two can play at that game as Bret Segall-Abrams blocked a punt and David Reader got to live the lineman’s dream by recovering the ball in the end zone to tie the game at 21-21 early in the final period.

But this night belonged to T.J. Thorpe. The 6-1 173lb junior who is highly sought by UNC and Duke hauled in a 47yd catch in the games closing moments to put Jordan in the position for Downey’s winning kick.

Grimsley showed signs of life on offense for the first time all season but Thorpe combined with crital mistakes at the most inopportune times doomed the Whirlies to their first (unconfirmed) 0-4 start since 1985.

  • GrimsleyCoachesSuck said,

    What i don’t understand is why don’t you put the fastest kids on kick off and punt team? Two weeks in a row a team has ran a kick off back to the house and no speed on the field for Grimsley to catch them.I listened to the interview with Samek and he said the Patterson kid was the fastest kid on the team,they don’t even use him on offense. This kid had a punt and kick return for a td one rushing td and a passing td as a sophmore last year and you don’t use WOW. TJ Thorpe is special what makes him good is his team gets him the ball so he can make plays.Grimsley don’t understand that besides Lay Lay they really don’t have anymore speed on offense.All four loses blame the coaching staff,they were out coached.


  • ex-whirlie fan said,

    I’m not sure I would blame the coaches too quickly. I think coaches at Grimsley are being told they have to play everyone. We’ve seen it in other sports where inferior players are playing. As one would expect losses are a result. It’s in the name of fairness and having fun. The better players are being pulled down toward mediocrity. If coaches were allowed to coach and play the best players, the less talented kids likely would improve as they strive to EARN playing time.

  • TheyReallyDoSuck said,

    EX-Whirlie i really don’t think that’s the reason. Have you been to any games this season? We are getting out COACHED the kids are not getting out played.Grimsley has maybe 8 plays they run all nite,we have no weapons besides LayLay on offense period.You know it’s bad when you have a OC and bring another one in after the 2nd game of the seaon to teach him.We went from the Spread back to the Wing T in two games.Our offense is one dimensional point blank.I think it all falls back on the HC Samek to make changes,this is sad i really hate it for our Seniors.

  • TheyNeedNewCoaches said,


  • newman's whirlies said,

    How many years ago were all three of Grimsley big three sports teams great with potential to win state championships – he hires and fires and get his guys in there and now they all stink – and this is not what is best for the kids. I guarantee they have just as many parent problems now as when they were winning. I would love to know to know what his job is – is it just make sure you hire coaches that will play all the kids, not yell, and not stress winning or learning – be happy to be a loser – they keep score in high school sports for a reason – if you dont want to win – play rec ball play upward sports – but high school sports should be about winning and developing the best players to play at the next level. Should you cater to the players even though they are the majority, that have no desire to play at the next level. Does the math teacher only teach the retards in his class to does he work harder with the valedictorian – high school sports and especially Grimsley and Newman should be ashamed of the negative effect they have had on the athletes to that once storied program

  • whirlies to go on a run! said,

    The only team Grimsley has had trouble beating this year, is themself. There is only so much a head coach can do to lead a team, and if a team turns the ball over, 6, 7 , and 8 times a game you can’t win. It deflates momentum and a player’s confidence. The whirlies are vastly improving and will be a contender for the conference championship i believe. You can see the quarterback Kurt McPherson starting to come into his own element, and lay lay is running the ball better than ever. Once Grimsley gets that first win they will be unstoppable. They should be 3-1 right now and instead they’re at the end of there conference. Coach Samek is doing a great job and is filling the gap that Shuping created on his departure. Samek will be the next Smouse of Grimsley and will get them at the top, with a tough in your face defense, and a pace it down the field offense. It’s still a young team and the talent will only get better, but in the mean time the whirlies just need to do there thing and make things happen, because from what i saw friday is that they had that team beat, but dropped passes and special teams took it away. Watch out because with a 0-4 team that is as hungry and dangerous as Grimsley, a lot of teams will get caught of gaurd and will fall victim to this strong football team. Hang in there Samek! Your doing one hell of a job with those kids and i can’t wait to see you in chapel hill (state championships)

  • Paul Lambeth said,

    I think that is what too many people who support the Whirlies are afraid of…Samek being another Jeff Smouse…things were fun for a while there in the late 80’s but it was quite evident by the early 90’s that week end week out Smouse had the least prepared teams in the Triad. Sad to say..but it looks as if Grimsley is back to being light years from contention as the last two years have squandered every bit of the momentum built during the Shuping era.

  • Paul said,

    poor late night spelling week IN (not end)

  • AnotherSeasonGoing DownHill said,

    Samek will never be Smouse,i played under Smouse both my Jr and Sr year. How can you be a head coach and not play your play makers.I would have made a change when the kid from Andrews ran one back 3rd game of the season.Then friday you didn’t make a change and the kid took a punt and kick off back for six.After the 2nd punt for a TD then you make a change,it’s not that hard to figure out.The offense is one dimensional pound Lay Lay 30 plus carries,this is the worst coaching at any level. The wideouts are slow, i hate going to the games on friday.

    No Matter How You Look At IT Grimsley Coaching Staff Suck Fire All Of Them Get Samek Out Of Grimsley ASAP And take Newman With Him And Dont Forget the No Calling OC He’s The Main One That Needs To Go Today.

  • Bruce Mitchell said,

    Congratulations to the Falcons, my alma mater.


  • PutUpOrShutUp said,

    2009 4-A Metro Standings
    Grimsley 0-4 and has only put up 27 points in four games, and allowed 88 points what does that tell you?People stop fooling yourself Samek will not take us to a State Championship,he may not even take us into the playoffs.Grimsley has three kids that played well on Varsity as Sophmores last year Brown,Patterson and Davidson.Only one is seeing good minutes on offense this year Brown. From what i’m told the Patterson kid is in the 4.4 range in the forty Davidson and Brown 4.5 or 4.6 forty time.Please tell me how you don’t build your offense around these three kids,they are your future for the next few years.Samek must think he can’t be touched or he’s doesn’t want to win,if those kids were on any other team in the city they would be used. They have a kid with 4.4 speed and he don’t see offense until 30 seconds left in the game and they want him to run a fly route.People just don’t understand what’s going on over at Grimsley and i tell them everyday,we are being out coached.Samek you need to make changes or get out,we don’t have time for your kind.NEWMAN SHOULD HAVE GIVEN THE JOB TO A PROVEN HEAD COACH,WE NEED A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER.I THINK SAMEK IS SCARED TO TAKE CONTROL OF HIS TEAM I SEE US WINNING MAYBE 2 GAMES AT THE MOST.

    DUDLEY PANTHERS 3-1 62 52 0-0 0 0
    PAGE PIRATES 3-1 172 97 0-0 0 0
    SMITH, BEN L. GOLDERN EAGLES 2-2 112 52 0-0 0 0
    SOUTHEAST GUILFORD FALCONS 2-2 90 90 0-0 0 0
    WESTERN GUILFORD HORNETS 1-3 105 130 0-0 0 0
    GRIMSLEY WHIRLIES 0-4 27 88 0-0 0 0
    SOUTHERN ALAMANCE PATRIOTS 0-4 80 104 0-0 0 0

  • FireSamekASAP said,

    The way Grimsley is playing or should i say being coached,they may not win a game. I watched the game on friday,how do you line a kid up in the slot send him in motion and hand him the ball on the short side of the field? That’s the kind of play calling the OC is calling.We have no screen plays no reverses,why not line your fastest kid up at wideout and throw quick dump passes to him for a quick 4 to 5 yards.They got rid of Coach Shuping and Saunders to hire Samek who just let talented kids stand on the sidelines WHAT A WASTE. Their are a lot of unhappy parents at Grimsley but what can they do,so much talent and not enough coaches who know what there doing.Fridays look like a circus on the sidelines,those coaches look lost.


  • TheyAreSoRight said,

    I was at Grimsley for a soccer game today so i decided to watch the football team before the game. I’m not a parent of a kid from Grimsley but i visit this site on the regular,so i wanted to see what the hype was all about from the post on this board.Starting with the running backs i think they called him LaLa wore number 1 kid is fast and strong great vision could play on saturdays without a doubt.Number 31 heard them call him Cruz kid runs the ball standing straight up,he would not be starting on any other team in Guilford County maybe he needs to run track.Number 10 has good feet and strength,looks alot beeter than 31 but doesn’t get that many carries don’t know why better back than 31. Number 30 straight beast those three backs 1,10,and 30 call them the three headed monster,word is they don’t even use those three.Wideouts number 9 and 12 kids are slow look like they should be playing JV ball that’s on the real,i was shocked that they were starters on Varsity.Number 3 kid had good size and speed some parents were saying this kid is the fastest on the team and don’t get any burn on offense.Me being someone not from Grimsley seeing this with my own eye’s i can say they really are lost the Coaches.Any FOOL would line up number 2,3 as your starters and rotate 12 and 9.Why keep putting your star running back in the slot when 3 is the fastest kid.HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF RUNNING SCREENS OR REVERSES.IF MY KID WAS AT GRIMSLEY I WOULD PULL HIM FROM THAT HORROR OVER THERE AT GRIMSLEY.ALL THESE POST ABOVE ARE RIGHT THE OC SUCKS WHY KEEP HIM,SAMEK WATCH OUT HE MAYBE TRYING TO SET YOU UP TO FAIL SO HE CAN TRY AND GET YOUR JOB.I COULDN’T WAIT TO GET HOME AND POST WHAT I SAW TODAY.NO WONDER THEY ARE 0-4 AND HAVE GIVEN UP 88 POINTS LOL.ONE MORE THING SAMEK YOU STINK AND THAT OC YOU HIRED IF YOU KEEP HIM THE REST OF THE YEAR AND NEXT YEAR YOU’LL BE ON A LOSING STREAK LIKE SMITH.

  • onewhoknows said,

    So let me get this right, last year Grimsley was 3-8 with all the talent they have this year and several kids who transfered out plus kids they lost to graduation and from what I can see a pretty tough schedule so far(teams are 11-5 combined) and a 0-4 start is tough no doubt but heads need to roll already?? WOW. From what I have heard the last two games Grimsley has outplayed both Andrews and Jordan and improved greatly on offense outgaining the opposition 564-276, the defense has only given up 17 points in the past two games. Sameck may or may not be the guy but I think a little more time needs to go by before his job should be in question, just a thought

  • TwoWhoKnows said,

    Samek is the HC and a new coaching staff but two coaches came with him.One thing Saunders did do right was use the best 11 that gave him a chance to win.Don’t forget Grimsley starting QB Patterson went out 3rd game of the season and missed the next 5 weeks.Only two kids transfered out and we only had 6 SR last year.Most of our scoring came from our Sophmores Patterson had 4 TD and Brown had 6.Onewhoknows have you even been to any games or practices this year? Like TheyAreSoRight stated above the talent is there put the ball in your playmaker hands.Brown,Davidson,Ray should get most of the carries at running back,not to talk about any kid but all three played a big roll on offense last year.Number 31 Cruz played JV ball you do the math,he’s a good kid but do you think he would start on any other team in Guilford County NO kid runs to high like they shot him out of the starting blocks in track.Patterson maybe one of the fastest kids in the city hands down,but you don’t even try and get the ball in his hands.If Patterson was on any other team in Guilford County that kid would play both ways easy.Other teams would try diffrent ways to get this kid the ball.Then the last two games proves that the Coaching Staff Suck,you don’t put no speed on punt and kick off teams.Andrews takes one to house don’t make any changes then T.J.Thrope the next week takes two to the house. So i guess that’s good coaching right Onewhoknows.One thing we did have last year and that was a coach who new talent and offense schemes,i would take Saunders back anyday atleast he didn’t lay down and let his most talented kids waste away.I guarantee anybody on this board a lot of those top notch kids either transfer out or want play for Samek next season.

  • onewhoknows said,

    I am not trying to defend anyone, I have been to one game, last week and it looked like Grimsley was in a position to win the game, and according to the news and record stats Grimsley outplayed both Jordan and Andrews. Like I said Sameck may or may not be the guy but 4 games does not a coaching career make. And I guess I should ask where do you coaching at right now???

  • TwoWhoKnows said,

    Onewhoknows i do coach on a middle school level just to let you know.I have watched a lot of these kids come up from rec ball then on to Middle School.I have been following Grimsley way before Samek,Saunders and Shuping in fact i graduated from Grimsley in 85. Any smart coach that knows anything about the game wouldn’t continue to run a kid to the short side of the field time and time and time again.A good coach would know to put speed on kick off and punt teams.They teach that in Rec ball this is high School they shouldn’t make those type mistakes correct.A good coach would put his best 11 on the field at all times right or wrong. Let’s be real the head coach has the say so on who plays and everthing that goes on on the football team.,Samek needs to step up and tell his coaches that these are the guys that hands need to touch the pigskin right or wrong.I went to ever game last year didn’t miss one game Brown,Patterson,Ray,Davidson,Reader,Jordan Patterson,Terrell,Oliver,Travis these guys can be All Conference easy.Travis,Scales and Patterson were the best recievers we had last year. And you are starting number 9 and twelve,if that OC or Samek can tell this board that 9 and 12 are better recievers and gives Grimsley a better chance to win every friday night i’ll buy him dinner. Four games into the season calling for his job your right that’s to early but when you have a one dimensional offense that hasn’t put up nothing but 27points in 4 games what does that tell you.It doesn’t get any easier Page,Dudley,Western Guilford,Smith these teams are putting up some good numbers.With our offense we can be held scoreless atleast three out of the remainining seven games.Put 8 men in the box stop the run what other playmakers do you have,Andrews or that team from Durham was not that good,we were out coached plain and simple.

  • TwoWhoKnows said,

    Found this write up on National Underclassmen Combine website.These are not my words about the Patterson kid but the people who run the combine.This kid won King Of Combine with over 100 plus atheletes attending from schools all over North Carolina. Type in the link below and read what they had to say about Torian Patterson .I copied and pasted it below but you can read it yourself from there website.I guess Grimsley don’t see the kind of talent they have standing around on the sidelines,that’s one reason myself and other parents and fans don’t think so highly of Coach Samek.I’m thru with this post i think everyone who posted has made their point about the new coaching staff at Greensboro Grimsley.Bottom line is the OC Stinks.


    NUC Durham/Chapel Hill, NC Sophomore Top Athlete Write-ups

    Torian Patterson

    Grimsley HS, NC


    CB #145
    I think we should get used to calling Torian “King Patterson”, as his new moniker truly tells his abilities as a football player. Patterson, 5’9 169, was named Combine King after wowing coaches with his 32 inch vertical, 9’2 broad jump, 9’2 broad jump, 4.38, and 4.55 40. An athlete like this can make major noise on any team

  • TwoWhoKnows said,

    Found this on National Underclassmen Combine about Torian Patterson.This kid won King Of Combine with over 100 plus athelets from all over NC High Schools.This is why a lot of parents,fans and alumni are so upset at the coaching staff because they don’t use the talent they have.I’m thru on this post,i think everyone who posted above hit it dead on the head about the coaching staff at Grimsley.Fire the OC and hire a proven OC and watch this team finish the season strong.


    NUC Durham/Chapel Hill, NC Sophomore Top Athlete Write-ups Torian Patterson

    Grimsley HS, NC


    CB #145
    I think we should get used to calling Torian “King Patterson”, as his new moniker truly tells his abilities as a football player. Patterson, 5’9 169, was named Combine King after wowing coaches with his 32 inch vertical, 9’2 broad jump, 9’2 broad jump, 4.38, and 4.55 40. An athlete like this can make major noise on any

  • Damon Coiro said,

    I am a coach at Grimsley High School…

    I can tell you that I appreciate all of your feedback, and as coaches, we need to understand that there will be both positive and negative feedback. Your posts are for the most part well-written, and thought out.

    These seniors have been through staff changes throughout their tenure at Grimsley High School. Give them the opportunity to buy into the philosophies of Coach Samek and his Staff. I challenge you all to spend time getting to know Grimsley Football. I read above about a Three Headed Monster, that many of you think we need to have, to be successful….I will tell you of another Three Headed Monster that Grimsley High School needs to have to be successful…The Team(players/coaches/parents), The School(administrators/students/teachers), and The Community(everyone else). I need you to know, that The School and The Team have bought into the NEW Grimsley Football Program. Nothing would be better than The Community buying in 100%. Without all of these Three Monsters coming together, GHS football will never be as successful as it should be…

    What I do not appreciate is the distractions that you are creating by posting negative comments about the team and the staff. Any transition from one head coach to another will never be seemless. Are there things that maybe we could have done different thus far, yes, but that is life…Learn from your mistakes, pick up the pieces, and move forward…Did Charlie Weis lose the game for Notre Dame last weekend? Many of you would probably say yes. But **** happens. The Coaching Staff there has to reflect, pick up the pieces and move on…What needs to be understood is that we are all learning together right now.

    All of the coaches that are working with the Whirlie Football proagram come from very different backgrounds and various levels of coaching. I can tell you that, alothough we are very different, we all come to practice with one common goal, and that is to put your children/the players involved in Whirlie Football in a position to win, not only on the football field, but in a much GREATER game, and that is the game of life…

    Once again, I do appreciate the feedback that you have all posted on this site concerning Whirlie Football. Keep it coming. I ask that you please think about the players whom are reading these postings before you write. These are young, impressionable boys, boys that deserve the chance to become men under people whom reall care about them. Are we struggling now, YES. Do we come to practice every day with the intention to get better, YES. Are we all sick of losing, YES. Do we need all of your support, YES.

    With Regards,

    Damon Coiro


  • TwoWhoKnows said,

    Coach Coiro after this i wish Grimsley a good remaining season.Grimsley will never be successful if they continue to lose.This is High School Football,you can only win with your best 11 on the field point blank. Charlie Weis and ND may have lost the game but i guarantee you he had his best 11 on the field fighting for every down and TD.His job is on the chopping blocks as i write this if he don’t win this season.You look up in those stands on friday and you will see nothing but angry Parents,Fans and Alumni.I see with Grimsley it’s not about winning.Have a good season.

  • Damon Coiro said,

    WE WILL!!!

    -Damon Coiro

  • LeaveItAloneOverAndDoneWith said,

    A lot of the above post must have some type of truth to it if you get a coach from that team on the board defending his team. TwoWhoKnows alot of these guys are first time and maybe last time coaching on the High School Level who knows. I agree with you on put the best 11 on the field evey friday.If Grimsley goes the rest of the season and don’t make any changes it will show on fridays,but give them atleast into conference before you throw them under the bus and call for their jobs.Every High School team don’t have a coaching staff like Dudley,Ragesdale,Indy,Butler,Richmond County.I truly think they will make the correct changes and finish with a better end than they started.