More football scores of interest

Posted by Andy Durham on September 12, 2009 at 10:06 pm under College | 15 Comments to Read

N.C. A&T 17
Norfolk State 13

West Virginia 35
East Carolina 20

Elon 41
Presbyterian 7

McNeese State 40
Appalachian State 35

  • Emily said,

    I believe that makes A&T 2-0, congrats to them!

  • Andy said,

    The sports guy on WFMY TV 2, Brian Formica, said N.C. A&T was actually the only (3-0) in the country.

    Emily, I like you, thought that the Aggies were (2-0), but Brian said that A&T had picked up a forfeit from Deleware State or someone and that the Aggies were (3-0)…

    Anyone know for sure what the deal is? N.C. A&T(2-0) or (3-0) as Mr. Formica informed us on Saturday evening………

  • Emily said,

    I recently made the move to Charlotte so I don’t get to watch those news channels anymore and of course they won’t mention A&T down here in the Queen City. I was able to find the video where they mentioned Delaware State’s forfeit and that the Aggies had the best record in all of college football at 3-0. I can’t seem to find any other explanation.

    Whether it’s 2-0 or 3-0, that is a great start for the Aggie’s they haven’t seen that in a long long time.

  • Emily said,

    Looking at A&Ts athletic website their stats are showing a record of 2-0.

  • Emily said,

    I also don’t see where a Delaware State game was even played? To even have a forfeit?

  • question said,

    Emily who are you, and how did you know where McCain was commiting before his announcement?

  • reggie said,

    It has been widely believed that McCain would go to Oregon (if not there Cal.), especially with Coach O’s influence and his connection out there.

    Emily is a Page fan. I doubt he/she will tell you who they are. Only a few here use a name that tells you who they are.

  • emily said,

    McCain announced HIMSELF on ESPNU that he was going to Oregon put that hat on and everything. I didn’t know anything before it was announced to the public…..

  • Emily said,

    And to answer your Who am I question….I am Emily…as my name states. I watched ESPNU at 5:30 to find out where he was going…..

  • Emily said,

    Also….The comment times are an hour behind. So at the time I posted where he was going on that thread it was 5:53 but it states it was 4:53 maybe that’s where the confusion lies?

  • Hitman25 said,

    A&T was scheduled to play Deleware St in October but Deleware St decided back during the summer to forfeit the game because Mighigian is giving them $750,ooo to play them. Because of this A&T started this season 1-0 in the conference. It will not show on the win / loss column until midnight on October 17th. Del St paid A&T $250,000 for loss reveunue because it was a scheduled home game for A&T.

  • Hitman25 said,

    Del State forfeited because of scheduling conflicit. A&T and Del St had decided to move their game to a different date to accomodate Del St playing Michigian. But doing would have had to involed Norfolk changing their scheduled game around with Del St. Word on the street was that Norfolk gave Del St a verbal agreement to move their but decided not after Del St signed the contract with Michigian.

  • Emily said,

    That’s interesting.

  • question said,

    Thanks Emily. I meant what is your profession, not you you are personally. The time caused the confusion. Thanks Again

  • Emily said,

    I am in college and I am a pharmacy technician.