New “watch list” out for high school basketball

Posted by Andy Durham on September 21, 2009 at 11:17 am under High School | 14 Comments to Read

I received this list on Saturday and it gives us a look of what to look for as the high school basketball approaches for 2009/2010.

Here are a few of the local kids on the list that we should be watching out for:

Class of 2011….
SG P.J. Hairston-Dudley HS 6’6”
SG Deuce Bello-Westchester Academy 6’3”
C Deng Leek-Wesleyan Christian Academy 6’11”
PF Jacob Lawson-Oak Ridge Military Academy 6’8″
*****Other names of interest:C Marshall Plumee-Christ School 6’11″*****

Class of 2012…..
PG Corbin Collins-High Point Andrews
PG Tyler Lewis-Forsyth Country Day
SG Reggie Dillard-Dudley
SF Adam Coble-Northwest Guilford

We will have more to add to this list in comming weeks……..

  • Basketball FAn said,

    No Class of 2010? I def think John Frye should be added and Jay Canty. Is there a list for the girls?

  • Andy said,

    The only two area girls that I remember being on the list were Miranda Jenkins of Eastern Guilford and Megan Buckland at Bishop McGuinness…..

    This is more of an list of younger players, excluding seniors and Frye will always be on everybody’s list as long as he is still in high school and Canty is also on the list of top-returning area players. Frye will be at Northern and he was leaning toward Drake(he had a visit scheduled a couple of weeks ago), and Canty is headed toward Xavier in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Jordan Weethe who would have been a senior at Page until he blew out his ACL this past summer will re-class and be at High Point Christian for his senior year in 2010/2011….

    Jackson Kent, the son of Robert Kent, head coach at Page, has been growing like a weed and this kid will end up relatively tall and lean. Jackson will be in the Class of 2011/2012…..He is a soph this year and should be a big part of what Page has to do without Weethe and Mitchell Oates there.

    Brennan Wyatt should be a senior or at least a junior at Dudley this year and he has been leaning toward Harvard as a future college PG prospect. He can stretch out a defense.

    Reggie Perkins at Western Guilford has a shot at DI if he has a solid senior season in 2009/2010. Reggie is a great kid and he works hard and he has visited Ivy League schools too……

    On the boys side add Lee Sweeney from Grimsley plus Jordan Robertson and Christian Pulliam(both Greensboro Day) to your list………Another young man I just remembered is the tall kid Quayshad Williams 6’9″ at Eastern Guilford. He could make some noise if he’s ready to work…….

    We have some other kids out there too, so add them in and we’ll keep our eyes open on the girls side there’s still Drayton at Dudley, Coffer and Tessitore at Northern, Bennett and McIntosh at NWG, Tate is back at High Point Central, Smalls at EG and at least two or more prospects in the backcourt at Page.(One that I remember is Brittany Drew.) I think the Jordan Lanham kid at Grimsley should also get attention if she keeps improving and stays healthy. Let’s not forget Kamille Horne at Southern Guilford who had a steady offensive year last season and with her off-season defensive work, she will be back as much more well-rounded player in 2009/2010 for the SG Storm…..

    There is always something going on basketball-wise in Guilford County.

    ORMA with Michael Neal and Asad Lamont will be others to watch out for…….

    Caldwell Academy has two young men that if they work real hard, they can also find their names on this list……I met them last year. One was a shooting guard/PG and the other young man was a SF that could rebound…….

  • mr.wonderwhy said,

    I heard dudley was offer two games but didn’t call anyone back and confirm those games.

  • Dontforget said,

    Kamille Horne Southern Guilford and I also hear Sylvia Bass is attending SG.

  • reggie perkins said,

    thanks for the love once again will be interesting to see how everything pans out this year in boys basketball…

  • BasketballFan1 said,

    The boys list is fairly accurate but the girls list is lacking many of the most talented players in area. The list should include CHEYENNE PARKER a 6’3″ Center (Southwest Guilford and the Lady Phoenix) is the area’s premier back to the basket post player who can score and defend the paint with her great shot blocking ability. She has been receiving interest from several Division 1 schools. ASHLYE DUBOSE (Smith) one of if not the best pure point guard in Greensboro, with her superior ball handling, passing, and ability to get by any defender or number of defender she’s as exciting of a girls basketball player as you’re going to see in this area. Lastly LAKENDRA WILKERSON of Smith. She has been dominating girls basketball in this area for the last two years earning All Conference, All Area, and Pizza Hut Little 4 All tournament honors. At 5’11” her ability to finish inside against double teams, knock down midrange jumpers, and put it on the floor make her a matchup nightmare. She’s received interest from more than 10 division 1 programs and with the shooting and ball handling skills she’s been working on in the offseason I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 10-20 more programs interested in her services by the season’s end.

  • Cant wait said,

    I think the girls basketball will have great competition. Not only the ones that BasketballFan1 mentioned, but you also have Breonna Patterson -Dudley, last years 2nd MVP to the State Champs and well as top rebounder Desiree Drayton. Page has Little 4 Touranment honor and all conference Chevena Pickard. Samantha Coffer, Kelly Tessitore, Molly Tamseub, Vontreece Hayes from Northern Guilford. I think NG and SWG girls will be phenomenal this year.

  • Sports Fan said,

    Has Breonna Patterson from Dudley signed with anyone yet? Isn’t this her senior year? I heard Helen Terry is at Charleston Southern.

  • Dudley FAN said,

    I believe that Brendan Wyatt at Dudley is the best pure guard in the City. Since he left Western Guilford his game has been elevated to new heights under Coach Price directions and system.

  • WG Fan said,

    Reggie Perkins is just a junior this year…He will graduate in 2010-2011…

  • reggie perkins said,

    Congrats to Brennan Wyatt on his scholarship offer to the Naval Academy ! !

  • CL said,

    Quayshad Williams is not 6’9″, he is more like 6’5″-6’6″ but he could be a very good player if he applies himself and works hard. He is no longer at Eastern though, he transferred to Greensboro Day.

  • j said,

    adam coble is not a small forward and he is terrible cant finish a layup only reason he is getting looks is cuz of his height

  • hoopscout54 said,

    I have been watching Adam Coble for several years and have seen him develop into quite a player. I am a scout
    for a division 1 college team and I can say that he is one of my top picks from the class of 2012.
    The comment posted by “j” is obviously from someone who is jealous of Coble’s talent. I usually wouldn’t
    respond to these kinds of comments but Adam Coble is a great kid on and off the court. I know for a fact that
    he is going places and is gaining looks from Carolina, Duke, NC State, Wake Forest as well as several other
    D-1 schools. His height does make him a D-1 contender, but it takes skill to make the ESPN top 100 list!