Gabe King moves on over to Oregon

Posted by Andy Durham on September 22, 2009 at 10:29 am under College, High School | 14 Comments to Read

According to Robert Bell and today’s News and Record, Gabe King has decided to leave our South Elm-Eugene area and head out to South Eugene Oregon.

Gabe was the top-rated high school football player in the state of North Carolina by Stan Olson and the Charlotte Observer and we wish him well as he moves out West.

This brings and end to an interesting chapter surrounding Guilford County high school football and it seems now, that much of the drama is over.

I still want to see what college Keenan Allen chooses, because I still think he is the best player in the entire state. The kid has tons of talent, be it offense or defense and it will be very exciting and interesting to see where he decides to attend school for the next four years….

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  • Get Real said,

    Keenan is going to Alabama and I had hope that he would go to UNC because I would go to some of those games.

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    I know this is an outside shot, but how about the University of Miami?? Randy Shannon would make a good foit for him.
    They are re-building and Keenan would probably fit well at this point.

  • hmmmmmm said,

    This is interesting,
    From Northern to Oregon

    McCain- Oregon
    Allen-????? Possibly Oregon

    Makes you say hmmmmmmm!!!!

  • Andy said,

    Keenan Allen to Miami would be huge. He would be teaming up with Jacory Harris, the soph QB from Miami Northwestern High School. Harris is one of the most exciting college players in the nation this year.

    For Oregon, big win last Saturday against Utah 31-24, and this week it’s #6 Cal(3-0) at Oregon(2-1).

  • Unfortunate said,

    This is not good for all people involved. NCHSAA, Guilford County, and Guilford County High Schools. They took his senior year. Only kids were punished no coaches at all. I don’t think its fair, but the it is what it is. The Private school sector will now run Guilford county sports. Good Luck to Gabe and God Bless his family.

  • mike said,

    BS! Nobody took his sr. year.

    One coach is no longer at Northern. He’s now at ORMA. Nobody knows what the Page coaches knew. But the kid and the parents knew where he lived. The King’s falsified an address. When are people going to learn you must be at a little bit accountable for your own actions.

  • Andy said,

    When opportunity comes knocking/calling, it’s time to start Ducking.

    We’re all moving on and let’s hope all the kids get the chance to excel and do their best.

  • Emily said,

    In a recent interview it sounds like King himself has taken some responsibility but his parents keep pointing fingers and placing blame.

    It’s a shame when an 18 year old can accept some responsibility but his parents can’t….

  • Leon said,

    Emily the head coach and 2 assistant coaches knew he was living out of district. Gabe has to take responsibility yes and the coaches should to . The Coaches at Page are lying point blank.

  • mike said,

    Leon, maybe the Page coaches are lying. But we don’t know that for a fact. What we do know is the Kings falsified an address.

    I’m surprised Page walked on this situation also. Sounds like they just did not have any facts to prove anything against Page.

  • topfin29 said,

    They “walked” because after an extensive investigation they were shown to have done nothing wrong. Best of luck to Gabe in the future, but I’m willing to help his mom move so Robert Bell will stop printing her lies.

  • baseballfan said,

    This is comical! If people spent has much time worrying about education and not how much money this kid will make (which he will not) then interscholastic athletics would be a much better place. Coaches and parents fight hard for that piece of “imaginary” pie. It’ll taste real bitter when your kid has NOTHING to fall back on. Guilford County needs to go back to making kids go to their neighborhood school, or maybe they and the parents just love the drama way too much. In ten years, who will give a s–t! As a teacher/coach in GCS I am at a loss for all of this crap. But hey I am posting a message so I am just as much at fault. But when kids are affected I have to stand up and say something.

  • Just Me said,

    Topfin, I find it surprising that the NCHSAA gets a report on King only days after he says on rivals.comn that he is transfering to Northern. I’ve seen Rusty Lee’s report. It’s filled with (his words) “informal conversations” with his principal and coaching staff indicating the investigation began in Nov. Informal conversations is a nice way of not sending internal e-mails that would have documented when the investigation took place. Coaches spend too much time around their players not to know where they live and with whom they are living. The assistant coach even had the boy over to his house for a weekend. Shouldn’t that a be a red flag? Gabe King did something wrong and is paying the price. Page’s coaches allowed him to do it and are walking away free.

  • Andy said,

    It is time everybody stopped talking trash and got back to playing football.

    Decisions have been made and it is time to move on…..