If Panthers go (0-3) is it time to call Cowher?

Posted by Andy Durham on September 22, 2009 at 10:59 am under Professional | 5 Comments to Read

Terry Bradshaw has got this ball rolling and it seems to be creating a bit of a stir in and around the Carolinas.

If the Carolina Panthers go (0-3) to start the season then should they begin to look closely at coaches that might be readily available and among those there would be current Raleigh resident Bill Cowher.

Does Cowher get the call or is it too soon to be spreading aound inuendo such as this?????

Cowher is on the payroll at CBS, but the word is, he has the itch to coach again, and with his successful track record with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he might be the man that can turn things around down at the Panthers’ Stadium.

The (0-3) appears to be within striking distance, as the Panthers will travel the distance and head into “Big D” Dallas for a Monday nighter with the Cowboys in Mr. Jones new cathederal.

After the Cowboys, will it be time to call Cowher?????

We will know more in about seven days……..

  • Roch101 said,

    I do not really know enough about football to say with any authority if the problem is with the coaching or Delhome.

    But, when I see the Panthers behind, in possession of the ball and letting the clock expire for the half without even trying to run another play or two; when I see the Panthers punting when their only chance is to get back in the game is to convert a fourth down; when I see run plays on what should be passing downs, when I see those things, and I see them a lot, my amatuer mind thinks there is something wrong with the coaching. And I’ve thought that for several years now.

    I think Fox is the problem.

  • notjimmelvin said,


  • Andy said,

    Jon Beason says, blame me.

    Beason, the Carolina Panthers top LB, spoke to an appreciative crowd of several hundred folks at the Charlotte Touchdown Club, on Tuesday afternoon. Beason, as usual, was great in front of that crowd – he’s among the most personable and genuine players the Panther have ever had.

    But right now, Beason is also very upset about the way the Panthers’ season is going. With Carolina at 0-2, Beason is ready to blame somebody.


    Read on from Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer when you Click Here.

  • dave said,

    Wow! Someone taking responsibility.

  • Roger said,

    What about Joe Gibbs. He won more Super Bowls