Smith at Dudley: GO NOW!

Posted by Andy Durham on September 23, 2009 at 2:36 pm under High School | 26 Comments to Read

Dudley is ranked #9 in the State 4-A polls with only one loss on their record at (4-1) and Smith is one point away from being the same, but the Golden Eagles go at (3-2) with that one-point loss, 15-14 to NWG, being the only thing that seperates them from the Dudley Panthers……

Dudley came within a hair of being (3-2) after that tough 30-23 win over Durham Hillside last Friday night at the Tarp. Smith is on the ‘bound and they meet a two-time defending State Champion this week in both teams’ first Metro 4-A game of the season.

Smith is back and Dudley says they haven’t gone any place, they are just working and waiting for Smith to come driving up on Lincoln Street this Friday, or maybe the Eagles will come in the back way off of Florida Street or off of East Lee and around the corner.

I can still remember when both of these teams were Triad 3-A squads and when Coach Tony McKee was still living and Smith was beating Dudley over at the N.C. A&T Aggies’ Stadium with over 18,000 screaming fans in attendance. That’s back when “The Bus” was running tailback for the Golden Eagles and things were a bit different back in those days.

Coach Ferguson was running the show for Dudley then, and lately since Coach Davis followed Coach Victor Floyd, the Panthers have owned the series…..

Coach Brewington and his men at Smith, say this year will be different. Smith needs to play Dudley close, say within at least 2TD’s to verify that this series is back. You can’t have a three to four touchdown blowout and still say it is back. Smith wants a win, but they don’t have to get a win, just to prove that they are back in the real hunt. Smith needs to keep it close and be very competitive and then they can say, “We Are Back”.

Let’s just say for now, Friday night is coming and the HYPE IS ON!!!!!

  • Ol Bawl Coach jr. said,

    Smith just needs to shut their mouths and play football. I hope they can back up the smack talk they have been doing lately. I say a reality check comes to the eagles on Friday and that may just be the best thing to happen to their program in turning things around.

  • PAnthers said,

    Dudley will will by 21

  • EagleFan said,

    Well, Ol Bawl Coach, if nobody admit to it, I’m certainlly going to say that the program is turning since Coach Brewington and his staff has been in place. You MUST not know what this man, and his staff walked into. 0-32? Who would want to take on that kind of baggage, KNOWINGLY? You say you a Coach, but you obviously don’t have his job. So chill out dude, because it takes a STRONG man, and a group of STRONG men to walk into the situation that Rodney Brewington and his staff walked into. I take my hat off to him and ALL his staff, and you should to, because from reading your post, you couldn’t do what this man has done, and is doing. His staff works EXTREMELY hard with their kids, and it’s showing. These boys play fast, and anybody who has already watched them play, know that are good. Smith goes into this game 3-2, when realistically, they should be 4-1. They are playing good ball, and the thing that ALL of you all are missing is that EVERYBODY returns back next year. But um, the word around town is that Dudley are the one’s running their mouth. So as a Smith fan, we’re cool with everybody sleeping on us. I told you all the other night, that those boys are going to be HIGHLY prepared by Coach Brewington, Coach Mac, Coach Reid, Coach Davis, and the entire staff. So we’ll just wait and play ball come Friday night, and see how the chips may fall. One thing I want you to remember though Ol Bawl Coach, David slew Golliath!!

  • ol' bawl coach said,

    I beg your pardon,and LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT,that’s comin from ol’ bawl coach,jr . . .NOT ol’ bawl coach. I have no opinion on this game since I have been on both sides. It should be quite interestng to say the least. The team with least amount of turnovers will prevail as in most games.

  • stopit said,

    Smith students have been running there mouth and forwarding texts about the game, I am looking forward to a great game and you adults need to chill out so that your kids will stop it. Dudley has been on the receiving end every week. I don’t see any comment bashing anyone so you need to stop it. Looks like Dudley is just proving people wrong by showing up every week and they should be 5-0.

  • HITMAN25 said,

    Dudley has earned the right to have bragging rights against Smith in recent years. EagleFan no one is saying Smith is not an improved team this year. Heck they have already won more games this year than they have in what the last three season combined. While although this years verision of Dudley team is not as stong as the last few years this team is still a good team. I can remember some folks on here saying Dudley could be 2-3 heading into conference play we could very easily be 5-0 heading into conference play. But the fact is we are 4-1 and Smith is 3-2 and the score will be settled on the field tomorrow night. As a Dudley Alum i’m actually glad to see Smith improving because it makes for a better rivalry. These are kids anyway we are talking about.

  • ol' bawl coach said,

    Enuff said !!!!!!!!!

  • Its jsut a game said,

    I like competitive games. I like great rivalries. I look forward to seeing a good game on Friday.

    There were Smith kids at the Dudley game on Friday..instigating. Why would you come sit right in the middle of Dudley fans and taunt. After the game they were still antagonizing. The police actually had to get them off campus.

    Are they coming to play football or start a riot? I liked the game better at A&T that way both sides stayed separate

  • HITMAN25 said,

    That is crossing the line. Someone needs to sit these young men down and teach them how to conduct themsevles. Trash talking is one thing but when it becomes antangonizing and the police have to escort you off campus that is a big issue. Please young men if your reading this blog conduct yourselves as “YOUNG MEN” on and off the field. To many of our young folks get caught up trying to portray an image. One mistake could cost your freedom or worst your life. Rivalries are meant to be played out on the field and not carry over through out the city. I remember being on the side line my Sophomore year at Dudley back in 1992 during the Dudley / Smith game and a shooting disrupted the game in the 3rd quarter. Had to be one of the most scariest and chaotic scenes i had been a part of. I know having to be escorted by police off campus is far from a shooting but some of these kids of today takes things way to far.

  • dave said,

    We probably don’t have all the facts on what happened but my question is another. Since when was it ever appropriate to talk smack and taunt? Sure it happens, but when did it become accepted behavior. Hitman says trash talking is one thing, taunting another. I think they are both unacceptable. And it’s not just with Smith kids. Been around a lot of Dudley kids that talked, Page kids that talked, Ragsdale kids that talked. I don’t see any level as acceptable. Whatever happened to showing proper respect to your opponent? Be gracious and humble whether in defeat or victory.

  • Just a game said,

    Hi Dave,

    Facts are just what I said. They sat very very close to me. I want to say they were football players. They had on Smith attire. I mean talking is one thing, but you acutally came to an opponents game????

    I am ok with talking up your team. Talking up your team- to me- is different than taunting and antagonizing. -Just my opinion and we all have one.

    I am sure there is probably taunting on both sides. I can only speak to what I experienced.

    I for one am glad Smith is progressing. Those kids should know what it feels like to win. Not only on the field but in life as well. However there is a responsiblity that comes with winning. Thankfulness and Humbleness…..Easy come Easy go

    I do agree with you….We should all be gracious and humble in both victory and defeat.

  • Wisdom said,

    To Eagle Fan,

    Yes David slew Goliath…..Also


  • Emily said,

    Were talking about 15,16,17, and possibly 18 year olds. They are gonna talk. Sure, it’s not acceptable but on one level or another they are going to run their mouths when a game like this is coming up. When Page/Grimsley becomes closer it’s going to happen then too. Unless you set an ultimatum for these kid’s it’s going to continue to happen. During Page Grimsley week you are not allowed to go onto the other schools campus unless it is for a sporting event with your whole team and coaches. If you are caught you well be charged with trespassing. That is how things have played out in years past don’t know if that is still the case. Maybe during Dudley/Smith week now that this may be a more evenly matched rivalry an ultimatum needs to be placed about going to the other schools campus.

  • EagleFan said,

    Bawl Coach..Come on dude. You straight disrespected the entire Smith program. But it’s cool. To Stopit and It’s Just a Game…Let’s NOT put it all on Smith kids as far as the talking. Dudley’s kids have been talking as well, and from what I heard, Dudley’s kids came out of the locker room talking trash. True, I believe in being humble, but in humility you won’t boast, and clearly Dudley has been boasting and bragging. I believe everything starts with the head, and flows down. I’ve seen Coach Steve Davis and several of his staff members at SEVERAL Smith games, thus far this year, boasting silently. So, therefore, that simply shows where the players get it from. Back in my day, when I played, we didn’t do all that talking. We simply handled it on the field. The game of football is simply a game that has to be played hard, physical, and fast. I know that Dudley and Smith both do that well. I think that these two teams match up evenly against each other, but being a Smith fan, I KNOW that they are prepared, and that they are going to play hard. All we need is for some people to just believe in us, and not all be against us. Can they have just a little respect? I think Smith, especially their coaching staff has certainly earned it, and deserve it. Give those kids a break. They are going to ball out come Friday.

  • Just a game said,

    Eagle Fan,

    Think about what you wrote…..

    How do boast silently? The players get what from there coaches scouting opponents? It was the coaches at the game not players. Coaches scout other teams. Nothing wrong with that.

    In essence they are giving you guys respect. In recent years there would be no need to attend a Smith game to scout.

    Emily, I definitly like your idea…it should include sports events if their school is not playing.

  • EagleFan said,

    Just a Game
    I saw what I wrote dude, and I’m standing behind it. Like I said, kids are going to be kids, but Dudley’s staff all came across arrogant ALL the times I saw them at Smith games, sitting on the homeside all boastful. Is that NOT arrogance and boasting? In my book it is. Now, I saw Smith coaches at Dudley’s game this past Friday when they played Hillside, but Smith coaches were respectful enough to sit on the visiting side. Come on dude, so really think about it. Like I said, just a little respect is asked. They’ve earned it, and they really deserve it.

  • stopit said,

    Smith coaches and team deserve respect and with that said let it be known that people should be respected. I found it hard to believe that Dudley’s coaching staff was there for any other reason besides scouting-that is what good coaches do especially when like you said Smith is a bettter team this year.

  • EagleFan said,

    Thank you for giving those men respect. I do belive in scouting, but MORE THAN ONE TIME? Dudley’s coaching staff came to SEVERAL Smith games, but its’ cool. Like I been saying, Smith will be prepared, and coached well by a GREAT group of men. Hats off to Coach Brewington, Coach Mac, Coach Reid, Coach Davis, Coach Ross, Coach Everhart, Coach Smith, and Coach Milsap.

  • stopit said,

    EagleFan,Have you stop to think that Dudley coaches and fans want to see Smith succeed, I for one do. I’m pullling for the Panthers Friday but all other games I go for Smith. Most of the kids are friends and this is competive sports. Lets not make more out of this than that. I hate that our children are targeted as being willing to fight each other because we all are better than that and we should be raising our children to handle situations in a positive manner. With all that said lets play ball and tell both sides to leave all that negative stuff at home.

  • HITMAN25 said,

    EAGLEFAN I think you should read this article!!!!!!!

    Dudley coach wins sportsmanship award
    Tuesday, September 8, 2009
    Staff Reports

    CHAPEL HILL — Dudley football coach Steven Davis is one of eight statewide winners of the N.C. High School Athletic Association’s coaching sportsmanship award.

    Davis will receive the Homer Thompson Memorial Eight Who Make a Difference award at an upcoming NCHSAA regional meeting.

    The award is named in honor of the late Homer Thompson, a longtime coach at Parkland High School in Winston-Salem and a member of the NCHSAA Hall of Fame.

  • ol' bawl coach said,

    Eaglefan,make sure which bawl coach you refer too . . . . . .please (that is, ol’ bawl coach or Ol Bawl Coach,jr) totally two different individuals . Thanks !

  • just a fan said,

    As a fan of high school football i’ve attended several games in Guildford County over the last few years. I have no one team or any attachments i just like to watch the games. With that being said I think some people in the area of Guilford County are jealous of the success that Dudley has had in the class room and athletics. Seems like everything Dudley does folks try and shoot it down. I’ve met Coach Steven Davis and he was a real class act and stand up guy. You guys instead of throwing stones at Dudley give them their due for what they have been able to accomplish. Coach Davis has guieded his young men to three state title games and going 2-1 in those games in a span of 6 year I believe. What not be proud of Dudley and these young men.

  • HITMAN25 said,


    I agree I said the exact same thing in one of my post that as an Dudley Alum and former player that it was good for the rivalry when SMITH is good as well. I think EAGLEFAN is screaming for folks to respect SMITH. I respect the program and as I stated earlier you guys have already won 3 games this year more than the last 3 years combined. Even if Smith does not win another game this year the season and program has improved from what it has been in the last 5 years or so. Now with that been said Good Luck Smith High School on the rest of the season. I hope you guys continue to improve and win games just not against Dudley tomorrow night.

  • Andy said,

    Coach Davis received the NCHSAA Sportsmanship Award today(9/24). I believe it was at the Greensboro Coliseum.

  • Just a Game said,

    Eagle Fan,

    One I am not a dude and two you said two totally different things. First you said silently boasting and then you said boasting.

    Which one was it?

    You say several games????

    Are you sure they weren’t scouting as well as supporting? They could only have attended two games you guys played on Thursday..they have their own games to Coach.

    If you read my posts you will see that I gave and give Smith credit and look forward to a good game. It almost appears that you are reading what you want into some of these posts.

    We should be ashamed.

    As always the man doesn’t have to come between history is proven will divide ourselves. Catch my drift.

    Good luck boys….Panthers and Eagles

  • EagleFan said,

    Smith is a good team, and they are WELL coached. Let’s JUST PLAY BALL!!