State-wide AP HS football polls

Posted by Andy Durham on September 23, 2009 at 2:03 pm under High School | 15 Comments to Read

(Ragsdale #4 and Dudley #9 in the 4-A’s and Northeast(2-3) has more votes than Northern Guilford(3-1) and NG beat NEG 26-20 in the 3-A’s. Go figure!)

Class 4-A
1. Charlotte Independence (9) (5-0) 144 1
2. Matthews Butler (6) (4-0) 137 2
3. Fayetteville Britt (5-0) 107 3
4. Jamestown Ragsdale (5-0) 99 4
5. Richmond County (4-1) 81 5
6. West Forsyth (5-0) 73 6
7. Wake Forest-Rolesville (5-0) 58 7
8. Mallard Creek (3-1) 40 8
9. Greensboro Dudley (4-1) 28 9
10. Winston-Salem Reynolds (5-0) 20 10

Others receiving votes: Southeast Raleigh 11, East Wake 7, Lake Norman 5, Raleigh Leesville Road 5, East Mecklenburg 3, Asheville Reynolds 3, Alexander Central 2, Southern Pines Pinecrest 2.

Class 3-A
1. West Rowan (15) (5-0) 150 1
2. Eastern Alamance (4-0) 127 2
3. Shelby Crest (3-0) 105 3
4. Lenoir Hibriten (4-0) 101 4
5. Hertford County (5-0) 74 8
6. Belmont South Point (4-1) 73 6
7. Asheville (2-0-1) 42 10
8. Havelock (3-1) 41 5
9. Waynesville Tuscola (2-1-1) 22
10. Rocky Mount (2-2) 14 7

Others receiving votes: Marvin Ridge 13, Southern Nash 12, R-S Central 11, Pikeville Aycock 10, Northeast Guilford 8, Northern Guilford 7, Kannapolis Brown 3, Fayetteville Byrd 3, West Carteret 3, West Craven 3, Franklin 2, Anson County 1.

To check out the rest of the polls with 2-A Reidsville #1 and the 1-A’s with Mt. Airy #1 and Bishop McGuinness #10:
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  • fbfan said,

    Page did not get any votes this week, as I said last week they are or were the most overrated team in the state, I see the voters agree.

  • Page Fan said,

    Well fbfan, hopefully now you can shut your trap…Now, Page is no longer overrated and are exactly where they should be, which is under the radar…I’m sure they don’t really care where they are ranked in the darn AP Poll…They won’t care and hopefully everyone that plays them agrees with your assessment while they are preparing for them…

  • dave said,

    I don’t think the Page players really cared. I think it mattered to a few fans. Page will be fine and will be a much better team at the end of the year.

  • baseballfan said,

    These polls are skewed! Just because some local high schools now have the enrollment size of Class 4-A doesn’t mean they can compete at the same high level they did in Class 3-A. Can provide an example if anyone would like?

  • reggie said,

    Good point bbfan. Size of school is a big factor. But for now, just let’um play and enjoy their season. As a coach I’m sure you agree.

  • bbfan said,

    Yeah no doubt, reggie! Some of the smaller schools better be glad they set up the playoffs in two divisions (i.e. 4-AA and 4-A). Because there is NO way Jamestown Ragsdale is in the same class athletically as Charlotte Independence or Matthews Butler, who is the only team to sniff Independence in the last six or seven years.

  • Yankeeclipper8 said,

    bbfan: seems you just validated the poll which you are badmouthing. The poll has Independence and Butler ranked ahead of Ragsdale. What’s your point?? Just another of your negative posts.

  • reggie said,

    Maybe you’re right bbfan. I guess the same goes for Dudley and Page, eh? Just let the boys enjoy their season. They’re playing as hard as they can. What more can they do or should we ask of them? The kids and coaches don’t control who attends their school. They just work with what they have. Sounds like they have achieved a lot so far for a school their size. But then they are not able to “attract” players like Independence.

  • baseballfan said,

    My point is to make the polls more valid, i.e. polls comparable to how the playoffs are set up. Thanks for your advice on being more positive! I appreciate it!

  • Grey said,

    Did Dudley beat Richmond Cty (State Champions) last year during the regular season?


  • mightyquake said,

    Dudley did beat Richmond County last year 19-14 at Richmond County.

  • Paul said,

    Richmond Co. did win the 4-A state championship last year.. I don’t remember who won the 4-AA championship last year. I believe it was one of the Fayetteville schools.

  • dave said,

    I think you are right Paul.

    We can talk about how these teams do changing brackets all day. Some years they will be competitive, some years they won’t. To bbfan’s point, I would look at how the schools compare against schools of similar size.

  • Page Fan said,

    Dudley did defeat Richmond County who were 4-AA champs last year…Richmond actually beat Indy in the playoffs…So, Dudley definitely could have hung with Indy and Butler last year…

    Fayetteville 71st won the 4-A championship who knocked out Page in the playoffs…

    If Ragsdale can play at the level that I seen them play against Page, then I think bbfan is sadly mistaken…I think Ragsdale could definitely hold their own against those Charlotte teams; however, it won’t matter though, because Ragsdale will be in the 4-A playoffs and will probably make a lot of noise throughout it…

  • baseballfan said,

    I have no doubt that Ragsdale is a good team, this year and for that matter every year. I only wish that the analysis of how good a team is could be held out for the postseason. But I am not dumb enough to think that is going to happen. Honestly, I hope Ragsdale goes deep or even wins the state championship. It would be great for Guilford County athletics for a program who does things the right way to win it. With 22 years of athletic experience and 5 years of coaching experience, I just know how kids read press clippings and then are somewhat set up for hurt when they do not go as far as other people think or say they would. So yes, let the season play out and let the talking be done on the field.