Football in Focus at Shane’s Rib Shack tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on September 24, 2009 at 11:27 am under College, High School, Professional | 10 Comments to Read

Back at it tonight with all of the Ribs, BBQ, Chicken and Vegetables that you can eat and still be able to make it out to the car. That’s Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace and boy, those vittles are good.

I watched one of the Beverly Hillbillies Shows last night and Shane’s doesn’t have all the grub that Granny was cookin’, but they have some items on that menu that will keep you coming back for more and more……Okra, Mac and Cheese, Brunswick Stew, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Greens and other great veggies to go along with the Ribs, BBQ and Chicken….

Granny was cooking up some “Golf Eggs” last night, that were actually golf balls, but with the Clampetts, you never know what you might be sinking your teeth into. We know it’s all good at Shane’s and we hope to have the Smith-Dudley crew with us tonight as we get things rolling at 6pm……

Smith-Dudley on the menu this evening and we hope to have Coach Brewington and Coach Davis in the house tonight with a few of their fine players. The “Big Game” is coming up tomorrow night at Dudley.

We have been in contact with the Central Carolina Sports Academy and we are still trying to get either Coach Dandridge or Coach Mitchell to join us on a Thursday night.

You can join us at 6pm tonight or you can watch the show back later on here at the site…….We will be talking Smith-Dudley tonight at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace.

  • Mick said,


    you been smokin some crawdads. Do they have any “billy-yard” on the menu?

  • Andy said,

    You may be on to something. All I know, is that Granny was stirring the pot last night with a 7-iron……..

  • Bob said,

    The episode where one of the banker types asks Jed Clampett if Jethro is an “Eton Boy” (Eton–the stodgy, preppy prp school) and Jed responds that indeed he is an “Eat’n boy” (the grits-lovin, Shane’s Rib Shack lovin’) is one of the funniest bits in TV history.

  • Brian said,

    Page JV wins again, 49-0 over Western Guilford. The JV Pirates are 5 and 0 on the season going into the bye week.

  • Damon said,

    Southeastern Guilford’s JV beat Grimsley 52-0. The starters never saw the field after halftime. The defense has give up 8 points in the last two games(105-8). Thunder and lightning were back at it again. Jamal Petty had 4 TDs and over 100 yards. The run of the night went to #40 who busted through the middle for a 68 yard run before being wrestled down at 22 yard line. He also had a TD earlier.

    SEG gave away the first game of the year to Asheboro earlier. They play Page the last game of the season. That could be something special!!!!

  • mike said,

    Damon, sounds like SEG’s are building something. Nice work.

    Ragsdale 13-8 over Parkland. The freshmen are learning.

  • Joe Barile said,

    That SE Guilford/Grimsley scoreline makes me smile.. but its nothing compared to the beat down Page put on Grimsley last year.. 71-6

  • dave said,

    How do you hang 71 on someone in 48 minutes without running it up? What good does it do to hang 71 on a bunch of kids that couldn’t even drive a car last year?

  • Steven said,


    Most times I would agree with you, but when Page was scoring with 2nd and 3rd stringers in, then there wasn’t much else they could do…

    It is a new year, so who really cares about the scores from last year?

  • NewYearAndSeason said,

    So true Steven this is a new year plus the majority of Grimsley’s Fr and Soph kids play on Varsity not JV. I could see if the Varsity beat someone like that but the JV team at Grimsley those boys are small.Look what Indy did to Page Varsity team first round of the playoffs couple years back LOL.