Pauls Pigskin Prognostications week 3

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Last week a solid 10-6, 22-10 for the season.

Washington @ Detroit: The Lions lasted for a half last week against the Vikings before reality set in, The Skins stumbled and staggered to a less than impressive win over the Rams. do not be surprised if this is the week the Lions snap their streak of infamy, but on paper the Skins still are the better team and NO ONE wants to be the one to lose against the Lions, especially considereing how Washington has owned them historically. Skins do just enough to get it done. Washington 20 Detorit 17

Green Bay @ St. Louis: Speaking of streaks, the Rams have lost a dozen in a row themselves. The question is which Packer team will show up, the one that impressively took down the Bears on opening night, or the one that stubbed their toe on the Bengals. Packers just have too many weapons and the Rams not near enough responses. Interesting side note: the Rams are 2-14 at home over the last two years. Green Bay 24 St.Louis 17

San Francisco @ Minnesota: The first test for the Vikes. And I think it will be quite a test, the Niners seem to have a swagger about them and Mike Singletary has quickly established himself as one of the best motivators in the game. Both teams have outstanding defenses, but I have a feeling that the Niners have the better overall matchups.
49ers 26 Minnesota 21

Atlanta @ New England: The Falons continue to improve, the Pats are real lucky not to be 0-2. So the Falcons in a upset special right? In the words of Lee Corso…not so fast my friend. These are two teams passing each other like ships in the night, but I think for at least one more week the Pats avoid taking on anymore water. Pats 28 Falcons 24

Tennnessee @ NY Jets: Mark Sanchez may not be Broadway Joe just yet, but then again I don’t think Namath ever had as nasty of a defense then the Jets have right now. Tennessee is well coached Jeff Fisher is one of the best, but last season struck me as a flash in the pan and the Titans are not sneaking up on anybody right now. So the Jets continue their sudden climb…no. Titans circle the wagons. Titans 16 Jets 13

KC @ Philadelphia: Eagles are going to be angry after last weeks beatdown by the Saints. The Chiefs are just bad. Philly 31 KC 10

Giants @ Bucs: Too much Eli… too much defense. Giants 28 Bucs 17

Browns @ Ravens: See above, replace Manning with Flacco, add a little Willis McGahee and a homefield advantage. Ravens 37 Browns 14

Jaguars @ Texans: Houston should handle this one without too much difficulty. Texans 31 Jags 20

Bears @ Seahawks; Hasselbeck has a little magic left and the Bears are apt to suffer a letdown after that emotional win over the Steelers. Plus Seattle is a really tough place to play. Should be quite the physical contest. Seattle 17 Chicago 16

New Orleans @ Buffalo: No one has come even close to slowing down the Saints express, it’s enough to take your Brees away, ok bad pun, but a good team. The Bills should offer better resistance, and TO should have a huge afternoon. Bills 31 Saints 28

Steelers @ Bengals: The Bengals should be pumped, and the effect of the loss of Polamalu was palitable last week as Jay Cutler picked on his replacement for both of the Bears scores. Look for Chad Ochocinco to have a huge day, but look for the suspect Bengals defense to do them in, road games in the NFL are never easy, and this will not be an ecception, but the Steelers squeak by. Steelers34 Bengals 27

Broncos @ Raiders: Oakland is getting better, and the Broncos may not be as bad as everyone thought. But neither team is going to be any sort of playoff contender. Pride and poise in a game that really is a coinflipper. Denver 23 Oakland 20

Dolphins @ Chargers: Miami had Indy dead to rights Monday night but let it go…traveling cross country on a short week to face Phillip Rivers and Co is not the tonic for what ails the Dolphins. San Diego 31 Miami 21

Colts @ Cardinals: The scheduling committee knows how to pick ’em don’t they? This is what the Sunday night showcase game is supposed to be about! Look for the scoreboard to be lit up like a Christmas tree and for the Cards to claim a win. Cards 35 Colts 31

Panthers @ Cowboys: We will all be able to turn in early Monday night because the Panthers just stink and Dallas will be out for blood considering just how much they piddled one away last Sunday night. Cowboys 45 Panthers 24

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