JV Football action from Thursday night

Posted by Andy Durham on September 25, 2009 at 9:35 am under High School | 10 Comments to Read

Northwest Guilford 30
Glenn 14

Dudley 14
Smith 6

Southeast Guilford 52
Grimlsey 0

Page 49(5-0)
Wetern Guilford 0

Ragsdale 13
WS Parkland 8

East Forsyth 22
High Point Central 12

*****Any word on how the Dudley at Smith game turned out and the Page-SEG JV game is shaping up to be a dandy, based on what we have been seeing here on the board over the past few weeks…..******

  • whyyyyyyyy said,

    why is grimsley so bad at everything?

  • Andy said,

    To get the full story you’ll have to go all the way down to the Middle School level and check out Kiser.

    Kiser is the main feeder school for Grimsley football and at that level the kids are starving for football instruction.

    The kids don’t know football when they get to the high school level and the same can be said for many sports going that way on the Middle School level these days.

    You’re lucky if you have a good Middle School program on a consistant basis these days.

  • mike said,

    Grimsley used to be the school to go to for academics (or at least one of the best). Not so much the case now. Still a good school but there are other good public school options out there. Principal turnover didn’t help matters and Grimsley has their share of fights/distractions like other schools. It’s just not the special place that it was. Losing Shuping and Coach O hurt also. I have no first hand knowledge of the AD situation.

  • ross said,

    Dudley Panthers Jv 14
    Smith Eagles Jv 6

  • NWG GLENN said,

    Northwest Guilford JV 30
    Glenn JV 14

  • The truth said,

    The A.D situation is the big problem at grimsley. He has mess up all The athletic program at grimsley.

  • rob j said,

    Northern defeated Burlington Williams 28-21

  • truth said,

    To be honest Grimsley is still the bast public school option out there and my daughter goes to page. they are on track to being back, and not every team is bad cause the basketball team will be good. Grimsley hit its glory days in the mid 2000s and fell off for a few years, but the future is bight on westover terrace

  • ross said,

    Dudley Jv has some talent at the skill position’s on offense
    Thier defense has been solid
    Maybe it was just me , but was expecting a larger crowd over on Holden Road

    Dudley Jv had a nice drive to take a 1st quarter lead. On the kickoff Dudley special team force a fumble and score.
    Them Eagles are a srappy bunch . They got a 4th quarter score on our 2nd unit and Dudley needed a pick on the last play to seal the win.

  • ol'bawl coach said,

    To Whyyyyyyyyyyyy, feeder programs make a BIG difference when you move up to high school level football.Those young men will be fine in the future ,they have the right attitude and they work hard. Patience is a virtue,something you may or may not understand. Just be patient my friend,just be patient. Rome wasn’t built in A DAY AND CREATION TOOK SEVEN DAYS. tHE SKY IS THE LIMIT FOR THOSE KIDS AS LONG AS THEY BELIEVINGIN THEMSELVES.