Charlotte Observer not asking, they’re saying: It’s time to bench Delhomme, start Moore!

Posted by Andy Durham on September 29, 2009 at 12:03 pm under Professional | 3 Comments to Read

Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer is not asking the question, he is making the statement:

It’s time to bench Delhomme, start Moore………

ARLINGTON, Texas I like Jake Delhomme. Everybody likes him. He’s honest, enthusiastic and funny. He’s won a whole lot of football games as Carolina Panthers quarterback.

But it’s time to bench him.

Matt Moore instead of Jake Delhomme? What ever happened to David Carr????? Is it time to for the Panthers to push the panic button…..How far is it to the bench and is the end in sight?

Here’s much more on Moore and Delhomme from Scott Fowler at the Charlotte Observer, Click Here.

  • Roch101 said,

    “What ever happened to David Carr?????”

    OK, I’m not cheating. No Google, my football knowledge will stand or fail on its own: Isn’t Carr backing up Eli Manning?

  • Emily said,

    Yep, Carr is 2nd string for the G-men.

  • Panther22 said,

    Moore sucks as well! If that is the future of the Panthers were in trouble. Also If you think Moore is better than Delhomme you need you head checked! Out of the 3 QB’s on the Panthers roster as bad as it sounds Delhomme give you the best chance to win. The Panthers should try and win as many games with Delhomme this year. Trade Peppers for a 1st round pick in 2010 and draft a franchise QB in the first round like Bradford, McCoy, or Tebow. With Peppers gone that will free up about 17 million in cap room. Beef up the D-line get another good corner and pick up another WR to go with Smith.