One-and-one Trivia: Bobcats-Hornets, one ticket for you and one for your friend Part II

Posted by Andy Durham on September 30, 2009 at 7:49 pm under Professional | 11 Comments to Read

One-and-one Trivia: Bobcats-Hornets, one ticket for you and one for your friend

The Charlotte Bobcats face the New Orleans Hornets next Thursday night at the Greensboro Coliseum. Pick up a couple of FREE tickets here when you get in with the one-and-one trivia question.

One ticket for you and one for your friend when you answer this question.

Tonight’s question involves the team back when they were still the Charlotte Hornets.

Back the day when the team used to sell out every game at 23,948 fans, the complete sell-out, the city of Charlotte went as far as to paint a mural on one of the large downtown buildings and it had the painted pictures of what three prominent Charlotte Hornet players??????

Who were the three Charlotte Hornets that had their pictures painted on the side of that Big Building for all the world to see?????

The first person in the comment box with the correct answers wins the two tickets to next Thursday’s game courtesy of the Greensboro Coliseum.

When you fill out your required info for leaving your comment/answer be sure to list your correct E-mail address so we can reach you in order to get you your tickets…..

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  • Bryan said,

    If its the one I’m thinking, it was Vlade Divac, Anthony Mason, and Glen Rice. I can’t begin to tell you how much I miss those days…it was like the way I am with the Hurricanes now.

  • bballfan said,

    alonzo mourning, larry johnson, and mugsy bogues on first union building

  • mark said,

    dang – bballfan is right.

    You sure you don’t have two sets of tickets Andy?

    I lived in Charlotte then. My daughter was five then and she loved going to games with me and she thought that mural with Muggsy was the coolest thing. He was her favorite player and sje’d make me drive down there to see it. She still remembers that.

    Those players were great but my favorite was Dell Curry. Nobody could shoot like Dell. His three point bombs could really get the crowd going.

  • Bryan said,

    Actually, there could be two answers to this question. Obviously Mourning, LJ, and Muggsy is right.

    But there was one with Divac, Mason, and Rice after all those guys left…its here…

  • Bryan said,

    This is the right answer….shows what Google does for you…

    Not disputing who gets what, but Mason, Divac, and Rice were on the building, too. Here’s the pic…

  • bryan said,

    Of course that was the right one…what through me off was these pics of Divac, Mase, and Rice on the mural after LJ and Zo left.

  • Bryan said,

    Man, that was an easier question than I thought. Obviously, the big three are gonna be on that mural.

    Yet, after they left, it seemed the three I mentioned replaced them.

  • notjimmelvin said,

    I think there were two murals. bballfan got th efirst one, the second one featured Anthony Mason, Vlade Divac, and Glen Rice

  • Andy said,

    Basketball fan is the winner with Muggsy, LJ and Zo……

    More tickets coming up today….

  • Bryan said,

    I’m sorry about multiple posts…I had issues posting last night….i hate technology sometimes.

  • Andy said,

    Not a problem. We can use the numbers. It’s sweeps month at the Blog Stations….