High School Football Tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on October 9, 2009 at 12:03 pm under High School | 13 Comments to Read

We will have the Page-Grimsley game for you LIVE on AM950 this evening beginning with the pre-game at 7pm and the kickoff hits at right around 7:30pm. We will also have updates on Ragsdale at Southwest Guilford, High Point Central at Northwest, Smith at Western Guilford and Eastern at Northern…….

If you have scores we would love to get them on the air and on the site. Don has laid out the drill in an earlier post today, so let’s see how many games we can cover this evening…..

Here’s the slate:

Ragsdale(7-0) at Southwest Guilford(3-3) RAGSDALE

Dudley(6-1) Bye

High Point Central(5-1) at NWG(5-2) HIGH POINT CENTRAL

Page(5-1) to host Grimsley(1-6) at Jamieson Stadium PAGE

Eastern Guilford(1-5) at Northern Guilford(5-1) NORTHERN

Smith(4-3) at Western Guilford(3-4) WESTERN

Northeast Guilford(3-3) at Asheboro(2-4) NORTHEAST

WS Atkins(0-6) at High Point Andrews(3-3) HIGH POINT ANDREWS

Southern Guilford(3-3) at Southwestern Randolph(3-3) SOUTHERN

Southern Alamance(0-5-1) at Southeast Guilford(2-5) SOUTHEAST

  • HPC vs NWG said,

    I think this HPC vs NWG might be one of the best games in the State tonight!

  • NWG said,

    High Point Central(5-1) at NWG(5-2) NORTHWEST

  • sean pless said,

    NWG is going to win. sean pless and chris kennedy shut them out last year

  • da pirates said,

    Grimsley shouldn’t bother showing up tonight. It’s going to be a slaughter. Page wins 52-7.

  • joe said,

    That was last year. Unsure how NWG offense will do on HPC Defense and if HPC defense is disciplined enough for NWG mis-direction. Should be a good game though.

  • Shari Lewis said,

    What is the admittance cost to go to the game?

  • Mr.NCAA said,

    I’m ready for the Eastern Guilford and Nortern Guilford game also known as Josh Morehead vs Keenan Allen this will tell who is better Morehead or Allen let’s see what happens!

  • GrimsleyWhirlie89 said,

    Da Pirate wasn’t that the score of the playoff game betwee yall and Indy LOL.

  • Coach Turk said,

    The Western Alamance @ Eastern Alamance game looks like fun

  • Coach Turk said,

    Northeast Guilford 7
    Asheboro 0

    Ragsdale 7
    SW Guilford 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    E.Alamance 7
    W. Alamance 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    Western Guilford 9
    Smith 0

  • John said,

    Grimsley got off lucky tonight. Page could have easily gone up 21-0 in the first quarter, but they coughed up the ball deep in Whirlie territory and Grimsley returned close to 90 yards to tie it up. Page scored soon after to make it 14-7 and scored with :4 left in the half to go up 21-7. But Grimsley hung in there in the first half and forced Page into a couple of 3 and outs and stopped them on 4th down. Grimsley got the ball with good field position in the second half but could not move the ball. Neither could Page and then things got interesting when Grimsley threw for a huge gain out of the Wildcat formation to set up their only offensive touchdown. After that score, Page just murdered them. They scored within a minute of Grimsley’s TD, then ran off huge amounts of clock and just hammered Grimsley with their power running game. By the start of the fourth quarter it was 35-14 Page and they never looked back. Grimsley tried to hang tough but was clearly overmatched. 42-14 Page and it looks as though the pendulum is swinging back to Pirate domination against Grimsley. Congrats to Coach Gillespie for sticking with his gameplan to wear down the Whirlies defense with the run game, then switching to the pass for the kill.