Is that Hansbrough in that AT&T commercial?

Posted by Andy Durham on November 1, 2009 at 4:12 pm under College, Professional | 5 Comments to Read

The little girl lost her dog and guess who found the dog?

It looks just like Tyler Hansbrough sitting on the front steps holding the lost dog, as the little girl comes running up and claims the previously missing canine.

The man is wearing a Carolina Blue shirt and he saw the missing dog on his AT&T cell phone with his friends and they were able to re-unite the little girl with her dog.

Hansbrough is never mentioned by name in the commercial and he doesn’t even have his name on his Carolina Blue shirt, but that has to him.

The first time I saw this, I didn’t know what was going on, I just thought, there’s Tyler Hansbrough.

That is him isn’t it?????

Let’s take a PTP. Not a Part-Pime Player, but a “Pyscho T Poll”…….

  • jonathan said,

    it is Tyler Hansbrough. Look at it again and you will see and assure yourself that it is him.

  • HENDU said,

    YES, THAT IS Hans”boy” .

    AT &T wants you to guess so you will remember the Commercial

    Look for Chris Paul to be the next AT & T “man” . A Deacon is a man. A Tarheel is a boy..

  • jonathan said,

    The timing of the Deacon-Tar Heel comment is absolutely horrible. As far as men and boys are concerned, everyone will see who the men are when they clash in Chapel Hill. And yes, I am a Tar Heel ’13.

  • topfin29 said,

    Duh? How could you not know it was him. He can read your mind with those eyes. Look close……he’s not the only Tarheel Basketball player in the comercial.

  • Andy said,

    Are the other players former Heel players off of last year’s team?????

    Any current Tar Heels in that commercial?

    Marcus Ginyard seems to be everywhere these days………